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#October2021 #EarlyWillISeekYouService #OurYearOfReleaseRecoveryAndReplication
By: Dr Paul Enenche

We serve a God Who is a Specialist Story Changer and He changes stories at the place of prayer
1. He prayed for visible blessings
2. He prayed for coastal enlargement
3. He prayed for the Hand of the Lord
4. He prayed for deliverance from evil traps
5. He prayed for deliverance from sorrow, grief and pain
– And God answered him
We serve a prayer answering God who changes stories

Father, thank You for Your goodness and kindness. Thank You Lord for a brand new day. To You alone be all the praise, Lord in Jesus Name – I Thessalonians 5:18.

Father, thank You for the Healing and Deliverance service of yesterday. Thank You Lord for souls
saved, bodies healed and lives delivered. To You be all the praise in Jesus Name – Psalm 105:1-2.

Father, we ask for the manifestation of Your Presence at the Preservation Service of today.
Let Your Presence, Power and Principles place a seal of preservation on all present today in
the name of Jesus Christ – Psalm 105:12-15.

Father, we ask for the manifestation of Your Almightiness at the Adamawa Healing and Deliverance Crusade. We ask that You go with us to open the Iron gates and make the crooked places straight. Let no affliction escape the unction Lord, in Jesus Name – Isaiah 45:1-2, Joel 2:2.

Father, we ask for the harvest of souls in this season like never before. We ask for the ministry of the reapers to bring in the harvest that Your House may overflow in the Name of Jesus Christ. We ask for a fresh passion for souls among Your people in this season, Lord, in Jesus Name – Matthew 13:39, Luke 14:23.

Father, we ask that You frustrate the tokens of liars and make diviners mad in this season. You disappoint the devices of the crafty so their hands are not able to perform their enterprise. Father, bring to nought every contender and contention against my life, family, church, Dunamis in this season, Lord in Jesus Name – Job 5:12, Isaiah 41:11,12.

Father, I make demands on visible, undeniable blessings on my life, destiny and assignment. Oh God of Jabez, bless me, bless my family, bless Dunamis church and bless our nation indeed, in this season, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask that You will enlarge my coast. Father, I decree against every limitation on my life, today I demand that they be broken. Every limitation around my life, family, destiny, and assignment, I decree BREAK NOW in Jesus’ Name.

Father, lay Your Hands on me; empower me to fulfil my life assignment, to face the future without fear, and to run the race I should run; empower me, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, deliver me from every trap of evil; every trap or snare of evil and evil people, deliver me Lord in this season; oh you trap of evil against my life, family, the church and the nation, you are scattered now, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I receive deliverance from every trace of sorrow organised and orchestrated by the enemy for me, my family, the church, Dunamis and Nigeria; oh you garment of sorrow, CATCH FIRE NOW, in Jesus’ Name.

– Blessings that are visible will be experienced in your life today!
– Complete and total enlargement is your portion!
– Every trace of limitation is set on fire from your life!
– Every trap of evil is destroyed!
– The Hand of the Lord shall be visible in your life!
– The garment of sorrow is set on fire!
– Any death organised for you, your family or loved ones returns back to the organisers in Jesus’ Name!
– You are free from premature death in Jesus’ Name!
– Your seed shall be mighty on the earth! The generation of the upright shall be blessed
– You are no permitted to have useless, concern or burdensome children!
– Anyone battling with any child, today, I declare that battle is over forever!

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