In the olden days before Christianity came to Africa, our forefathers had their own doctors. We call them herbalists, some people prefer to give them the name ‘witch doctors’ but they are doctors, traditional doctors.

Some of them are very genuine and in those days long ago, if someone is desperately sick when he is at the very point of death and they go to one of these ‘learned’ traditional doctors, they would ask the relatives to go and bring an animal, some dresses belonging to the fellow and then an effigy of the man, usually they make it with banana tree.

They do what they do, put the dress on the effigy and take it to the very center of the town, the crossroad were anybody walking at night will surely pass.

Usually that fellow who didn’t stay at his house at night, walking about will pass by, see this effigy with the dress and everything at the center of the road and whether you believe it or not, that night crawler will die and the sick fellow will live.

The elders will say, they have substituted the life of that fellow who came out at night to see what he shouldn’t see. For the life of the fellow who should have died.

You will want to ask where did they learn this method? Believe it or not, one way or the other I think they learnt it from God…..

I had this daughter in the United States of America who had this demon in her. The demon talks with the voice of a man, always blaspheming God, saying horrible things about Jesus Christ. She didn’t know how it got there, she didn’t know how to get rid of it. She came to the Convention in America, praying hard and anytime she is trying to pray, the demon will want to take over her voice to say horrible things about God.


Then it was Holy Communion time and she heard me say ‘when you eat the bread which is the body of Christ, you will be healed. When you drink the wine, you get victory over the devil’. The demon in her screamed “don’t you dare drink that wine”. She began to rejoice “Ah! Your secret is out”.

She took the bread, the demon said “if you dare go forward for the wine, you will see what I will do to you”. She rejoiced because the devil is the father of lies. The moment she took the wine, the demon screamed and left and never came back.

Tonight you are not coming for an ordinary meal, you are coming for a miracle meal.

– Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG February Holy Communion Service.


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