• Bishop David Oyedepo at Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 2

Lift up your hands everyone and let’s appreciate Jesus tonight for the privilege to be a partaker of this second day of this Spiritual Week of Emphasis. Lift up those two hands everyone and give God thanks, give Him praise, give Him glory.

Thank You Heavenly Father.
Would you ask Him to speak to you tonight everyone. Lift up your two hands, “Jesus I want to hear from You tonight”. “Jesus I desire to hear from You tonight”. Speak to me Lord in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

God is so close and yet people still miss Him. God is so near and yet we can’t find Him. Please listen, you can only find God with your heart, you can’t find Him with Your head. Your head and my head is too small to find God. God is so near yet we can’t find Him. He’s so close yet we can’t touch Him, because we can only find God with our hearts.
God is so close yet we’re looking for Him.

  • Somebody’s story must change this time.
    You can’t find God and ever want to miss Him. You can’t find God and not pursue after Him. You can’t find God and treat His Word with levity. My God.

John 4:24
Lift up your two hands, Lord engrace me to seek for You, search for You with my heart from henceforth, I don’t want to be part of that religious company of people that don’t have any proof of having found God. Lord help me to find You, engrace my heart to keep panting after You. Lord help me, let this month be another major turning point in my spiritual experience in the precious name of Jesus Christ we have prayed.

Heavenly Father, we’re here again at Your feet, we know You’re in our midst and You’re just by us here. Let no one miss a genuine lasting encounter with You tonight in the name of Jesus Christ. Holy Ghost reveal Your person to us once again. Manifest yourself to each one of us in a new way tonight. Come down as fire in our bones tonight in Jesus precious name. Thank You Father.

The Holy Spirit is our God ordained helper in a helpless world where we live. The Word Comforter means helper. He’s our God sent helper in a world that’s over charged with mostly helpless issues and He is the free gift of God to all His children. He’s our welcome gift into the Kingdom after we’re saved. No qualification required.

Get saved and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Only two things can stand as a barrier, either repentance is not genuine or you’re a victim of ignorance. Do I need the Holy Ghost? He’s a welcome gift to the Kingdom.
Acts 19
Many are ignorant. They’re saved but they’re so helplessly helpless because the helper is absent.
One of the most humbling testimonies of our publishing ministry was a young man that got a copy of the book “The Miracle Seed”. This is a raw product of the Holy Ghost. I wrote this book in five days. Written, edited, packaged in five days.

Now this was a Catholic boy, he got hold of this book and was driven by the Holy Ghost to go to a mountain nearby where he lived to read.


He sat under a tree, in chapter 1 he gave his life to Christ by himself. He chapter 3 he got filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues. He’s the founder of a ministry today.

The ministry has branches now over a number of states in Nigeria. He got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost reading this book. His heart was right and God was more than ready. He knew he was Born again.

The name of his ministry is “Miracle Seed Ministry”.
This is so near and yet you’re not even sure if you’re baptized or not. You’re just under membership covering. The Holy Ghost is the one that qualifies us to access our inheritance in Christ. Can I hear your amen?

  • Now for anyone that is not baptized in the Holy Ghost, this night is your night. Amen.
    He’s the automatic gift of the Father. He’s a welcome package for everyone that is Born again into the Kingdom. No qualifications required. He’s our qualifier. We can’t access what qualifies us without Him.
    I’ve many things to say to you and they’re all written here but you can’t understand them now until the Holy Ghost comes. If your heart is panting, you’ll be filled in the course of this message. It’s so close. No one laid hands on me to be filled with the Holy Ghost. No one laid hands on this Joseph to be filled with the Holy Ghost but a ready heart is all you need to take your portion.
  • Somebody’s story is changing.

After writing the book with a lot of faith, the Holy Ghost told me, he said “That’s not where to begin”. I found myself in a realm, five days finished, edited and has not been reedited. Not one chapter has been removed, not one sentence has been removed.

  • I know that from this time on, your life will never remain the same again.

It’s very easy to go and sleep without fire at work in you.

The Holy Ghost is now fire because when He’s in your bones, you’re just in a revival, you’re permanently there.

  • Therefore I decree that everyone here yet to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and everyone under the sound of my voice across our various centers with a ready heart, it’s your turn finally tonight.
    Thank You Jesus.
    Now let’s go to His mission.
    John 15:26
    We don’t know nothing. I had an experience one time in Akure. The fire that fell in that day, the temperature was more than ten times. He shall bring to your remembrance all things.
    No mortal man has the memory of the Holy Ghost. No mortal man under Heaven sir. I don’t care what area of profession you belong to. When the Holy Ghost is at work in you, you’re just as smart as an angel of God. I once shared with you a testimony, how that I saw myself in a coffin many years ago.

Stop guessing. You need this ministry of the Holy Ghost to make the most of an adventure in life. He shall teach you all things. He’s the custodian of all mysteries: science, technology, Commerce, Industry, whatever; He shall teach you all things.

Remember God has given us all things. We can only realize them through the access of knowledge who has called us to glory and virtue. He has given us all things but we can’t access them without the revelation of those things. Praise the Lord.


Now He does not only unveil the mystery of the Kingdom, He brings them back to us whenever they’re needed in battle or in transactions. Praise God.

Lord You said 1,2,3 and you’re saying that on the encounter of revelation. You don’t need any Greek or Hebrew. I’ve been walking by the raw revelation of the Holy Ghost all these years, you don’t have to know Greek to walk in the light.

  • Somebody’s story is changing.
    October 1st 1983, I was in camp on a personal worship session with Jesus and I sat down, got my Bible (Speaking in Tongues) I opened the Bible to Isaiah 48:17.
  • Somebody’s story must change here. Thank You Jesus.
    He searches out the deep things of life.
    Acts 5:20
    The Holy Ghost searches out the deep deep things of life that puts you in supernatural command on the issues of life. No guess work. No trial and error.
    1st Corinthians 2:9
    Now I can tell you that I was sure of a hitch free marriage without having been married before and had no experience before from what He unveiled. I was sure that I was heading for a great time in ministry.

The deeper insight into the Word we have, the higher our level of spiritual authority.
Look at Paul the Apostle, A man of abundance of revelation.

2nd Corinthians 12:7
Ephesians 3:1-5

There are things we have out here that is never known. See the depth that God has granted us in the ministry of the Word. See how we have messed up the devil globally through the mystery of the oil. Now that’s not the end.

  • The generation coming will see more.
  • The one coming after them if Jesus tarries will see much more and it will be more and more.
    Don’t get angry with new things. It’s the order of the day in the Kingdom. The things I learnt about cells from the 20th of June till date, I have never read it in books in my life. I sat in His presence and He was educating me in the place of the cell system in the end times. Those things will never stop so traditionalists are the greatest losers.

See how the light of prosperity has decorated the body of Christ. Every minister in the world now wants to come to Nigeria to minister.

God has opened up the ministry of his people that was under the siege of ignorance. Light came and darkness fled. Now there are more than 60 private universities built by the Church in Nigeria. Amen.
The deeper our insights in the Word, the higher our level of spiritual authority.

Ephesians 3:8
You can’t get to the end of it sir. What is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the world has been hid in God who created all things by Jesus Christ?

There is no other platform under Heaven where any man can maximize God’s agenda for his life than in the Church. There is none. All those things you see outside, most of them are fake. They’re not real. – Your case is different. Please face your God.

When Daniel came forth with light from Heaven, He was ahead of magicians. He was ahead of all occultic owners, principalities and powers bowing. The mystery of Heaven: Light.
The Holy Ghost enlightens believers in the Word because we live in a world of darkness and so darkness bows naturally.

One young Muslim got saved in Abuja and then pasted a sticker on the door of his room and they began to fight him and one of the people now took a screwdriver and scratching it, he was trying to tear off the sticker but the gum was thick, the eyes of the prophet were on it and his eyes was getting dimmer the same day and he got blind. Power.

That’s the kind of power you can access if you’re truly panting for it. I met a woman and she said “They’re chasing me”. I said “Have you ever seen when darkness is chasing light?

Access to light in the Holy Ghost. That’s what you and I need. You need light to escape from wickedness of darkness. We all need light to escape and He’s our light.

Can I hear your loudest amen?

Now, for instance to feed 5,000 men, you know the story very well in John 6.
Your level of spiritual authority is rooted in your knowledge of the truth regarding any subject matter. Jesus was operating in the realm of Psalms 67.

The bread multiplied and came down, well packaged in baskets and takeaway packages. They gathered the leftovers; 12 baskets full.
God is a decent God, He wasn’t dropping the food on the floor. Praise God.
Father I thank You. He knew what He would do Himself.

It’s a mystery. You just need to see it.
Having revelation of what to do from the Word puts a believer supernaturally in command of the affairs of life. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. You’re just in command. You’re not guessing.
However, the hotter our love for God, the greater our access to the deep things of life as contained in Scriptures.
John 15:15
Unlimited access to revelations demands a heart for God.
2nd Samuel 14:20
A heart for God is a requirement for unlimited access to realms of revelation. So the hotter your love for God, the greater you hear from God, the greater your access to revelation. The Holy Ghost will reveal to you to the level of your love for God and one way to prove your love for God is to love what He loves most, His kingdom.

So every Kingdom advancement priority ruled believer enjoys unlimited access to revelations. He will use it to access His kingdom.
Can I hear your amen.

That’s why many of us are flying in the Kingdom today over what others are struggling with. You can say to sickness get off and it goes because you know what to do. Hallelujah.

  • Somebody’s story is changing.

John 14:21
It’s a master key. Seeking the advancement of His Kingdom is a master key for flowing in the realm of fearful favour. All these things shall be added to you.

That’s why God is decorating many people in this Church and you’re the next in line for the next level of decoration. I call it the jackpot of life. The end of all struggles.

Matthew 6:33
In the name of Jesus that’s your new realm. So we should all believe God tonight for the Holy Ghost to fire the love of God into our hearts thereby keeping us in love with God for life in season and out of season.

That gives substance to your hope. It secures your future. Everyone that is genuinely in love with God has a future: an enviable future, an unstoppable future. Your choice and my choice is what makes all the difference.

Lift up Your right hand everybody and thank God for light tonight if you caught anything on what has been said. Thank God for light. Thank God for showing you that the Holy Ghost is an automatic gift for any believer.

Thank God for showing you the mission of the Holy Ghost in opening the deep things of God to you. Thank You Lord for light tonight and blessed be Your name in Jesus precious name.

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