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One thing that still baffles me about the life of David was his humility.

The man with charming character and charisma may appeal to everyone but the one with humility is God’s favourite.

This man had some of the greatest conquest story,had the best army and even testimonies, non of these got into his head to rebel against God.

Most of us don’t know pride is rebellion against God.

To me David was the greatest King Israel had and by extension in world history.

One attribute of a man that fears God is his humility.

One example that endears me to his person was the day his men broke through warfront to bring him water from the well in Bethlehem.
He wouldn’t drink it rather it became a sacrifice.

A man like me would have been happy that I have loyal men who can do anything to show their loyalty but his humility made him grateful to God instead.

One thing humility does is to make a man grateful at all times.

An humble man is always grateful no matter where and what happened. He is extravagant with gratitude.

An humble man is teachable and reachable.

When Nathan gave David prophetic uppercut, this man still accepted the verdict of heaven.

He pleaded for mercy.

Humble people are men of great faith like David.

No wonder Jesus was called the son of David to depict his greatness and humility.

It takes humility to accept God’s stance, he was told Mr Man, despite your wealth and greatness you can’t build for me a house.

David didn’t argue, he agreed and made provision for the next man that would be king.

It takes all humility not to jeopardise the reign of others.

Do you know he didn’t try to make a case for himself whenever God rebuked him.

Real king are humble just as real Christian will be humble because 1 Pet 1:9.

Compare David to Solomon, Solomon appeared humble at the beginning but falter at the end.

It takes humility to stay with God forever.

All of the wealth Solomon spent marrying strange wives and erecting demonic altars were the blessing he unearth from the reign of David.

An humble man abounds in all good things.

Humility is one of the principle of faith.

No matter how high God takes a man of faith, he will still be humble.

Papa Oyedepo still go out to evangelize in the street like a small boy in the ministry like me.

David was dancing almost naked before the ark of God, the wide Micah was so angry that she aired her opinion.

David replies showed how humble the man is.

Lord help me to be an humble servant of your purpose.

Some of us are quick to graduate from the school of humility as soon as fame and money comes.

There are too many graduates from the school of God out there that’s the reason we are finding discipleship difficult.

Lack of humility is the reason we are finding it hard to walk together.

David will not go to war without asking for God’s permission despite the fact he had the best military strategists in the world then.

That’s the reason he never lost a battle.

Humility makes us rely more on God(the supply of the spirit) even in ministry.

That God called you doesn’t make you the alpha and omega of the ministry, HE IS STILL IN CHARGE.

The day Saul lost his throne was the day he lost humility in obedience.

Another day he couldn’t wait for God, he made himself the priest, he got cursed the second time.

Where Saul failed, David prospered because of HUMILITY.

After praying be humble.
After Fasting be humble.
After meditating be humble.
After long study be humble.
After spending 1000 days on the mountain be humble.

God is humble.
Jesus is humble.
Holyspirit is humble.
You must also be humble brethren

No man can walk with God without humility.

I chase out that spirit telling you no one is as good as you in the name of Jesus.

Your spirit is quickened to be humble in the name of Jesus.

A.T Joel.

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