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Scripture: 1 Samuel 18: 14. And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the LORD was with him.

Beloved, in continuation of the subject behavioural wisdom! Understand that it is so important that it determine your success or failure in life.

From Our anchor scripture we observed God was with David because he behaved himself wisely;

1 Samuel 18: 14. And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the LORD was with him.

The implications of the above scripture is that God will always be with those who behave themselves wisely.

The following are the importance of behavioural wisdom.

1. It gives you recommendation (1Sam.16:18): One of the reason why David was recommended for the job in the palace was not just skill only, but also a man of quality character! Your talent and skill is not enough to get you the job you are looking for, you need a solid character. Charisma may give you the job but you will need character to keep the job. There are so many persons that fail at job interview stage just because of character bankruptcy! This is why you need wisdom to know how to behave wisely.

At graduation ceremony, you will always here this “because this graduands is worthy in character and learning, I hereby conferred on him Bachelor degree!” You will notice that character precede learning!

This is because to a large extent your success in life is directly proportional to your character. The stronger your character the stronger your chances of becoming successful.

With a good character, you can be given a contract you did not bid for! Someone can recommend you for a job and you will get the job on recommendation. However wisdom is necessary to have a solid character.

Young lady looking for suitors please wisdom demands that you be well behaved anywhere you find yourself because you never can tell who is watching you for a recommendation for that your desired suitor. Don’t close the door God has opened with bad behaviour. May God give you understanding in Jesus name.

2. It fosters peace (PS.37:37): Your behaviour per time could earn you a name as a peacemaker or trouble maker. There are those whose presence cause pandemonium anywhere they are! But well behaved people foster peace. However you need wisdom to behave wisely.

3. It shows effective representation of our God. The God we call our Father is the only wise God(1Tim1:17)! So behaving wisely means we are in touch with His wisdom! Like Father, like son! Besides, God expect us to conduct ourselves wisely in this world :

Matthew 10: 16. Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

4. It grants us access to the good things of life: Our access to the good things of life depends on our behaviour (Prov.16:20): Your behaviour before your destiny helper can either keep the door God has opened, closed or remain open.

There are relationships many have lost because of foolish behaviour! There are jobs many have lost because of bad character! Today receive wisdom for good manners in Jesus name.

Beloved, it doesn’t matter what you have lost due to lack of wisdom! Your time to be promoted is now if you can cry out to Jesus to baptized you with this wisdom.

However, the release of this wisdom is on the basis of relationship, if you haven’t surrendered your life to Christ, please do it now and build a relationship with God.

Beloved, I don’t know the areas where you have character defects! But I know a man who has the cure to evey defect in character, His name is Jesus. Come to Jesus today, for a refix of bad behavior, damaged character or wreckless life. Do you desire wisdom on how to behave, turn to Jesus the fountain of wisdom.

Remember this: Heaven is real and hell is real! The decision of where to spend eternity lies in your power. Make the right choice today.

Prayer points:
– Father thank you for your word to me today.
– Lord I received grace to behave wisely in Jesus name.

Prophetic Declaration:
– I prophesy the release of Grace for formidable character that guarantee excelling life in the name of Jesus.
– The wisdom of how to behave before your destiny helpers recieve it now in Jesus name.

From your brother Alex
God bless you.

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