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Only one key on the keyboard cannot produce a song or melody. If you listen enough to the wonder of God’s creation, you hear the melody in others too
Using the same key and only is called repetition.
You don’t pay for only one key on a keyboard, you buy the entire keyboard.
They key on the keyboard that goes down(pressed down)is the one that produces the sound.
Jesus said, let us fulfill all righteousness. He went down into river Jordan and a sound came from heaven: “listen to Him.”
Divers operation but The same Spirit. All the keys don’t produce the same sound, if happens, something is wrong.
There are times, more than one keys go down.
If you ask those who play piano how to differentiate a starter from professional they will say, starters use only one finger to presses one key at a time.
God is not just raising orchestra, He is raising men that will be skillful in harnessing the gifts and talents He placed in other at creation to their full capacity.
Every sound must produce harmony else it becomes noise.
You don’t want to make noise. If you make noise, people will walk away instead of walk closer.
And when you don’t know what song is in the heart of the singer, don’t just press any key.
Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together…for there The Lord command the blessing even life and forever.
Now, there are those who are so prophessional, not just on the instrument they handle but they also can flow with others as they Plat different instruments
There are diversity of gifts, operations and administration but The same Spirit.
God seek to administer Grace by bringing gifting, operations, administration to all function in alignment.
There is irresistible force that God release when God hear the sound that flows with the song and melody
You as a key on the piano should know what key should produce sound before and after you for there to be symphony and harmony.
Those who function as “only me” or “i don’t need anyone” have pride and won’t be able to produce a melody.
He or she will only produce a sound like the horn of a car. Just alert ⚠️ nothing more.
God has called the church to function in unity. Remember, any individual key you keep separately aside the entire is merely a replacement part.
God sees a keyboard or piano and not just a key.
This is the year of The saints. Until we all come in the unity of faith and the old shall not override the new.
There is a Melody in my heart for there is a song in the heart of The Father.
Jesus is Lord!

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