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Follow my example and you will exceed me.
My father in the Lord came to stay with me in my little house in Ilesha. Way back I think in 1975 or so.

I had a little house, you know the kind of house , he came to stay with me, we prayed before we slept. At least we thought we went to bed, I went to the backyard because the house had no toilet inside before I slept and I saw the old man on his knees praying, that was around 10pm. Around 5am, I went out again, he was still on his knees praying. And God said this is the one to follow, this is the one to look up to.

Focus on your father, one Pastor years ago came to me and said when we started running together we were in the same level, now you are far ahead of us. Tell us, what are you doing? I said, my life is an open book. You all see it, nothing I am doing that is strange, you all know, I fast, I pray, I do vigil.

Another man of God, from another ministry was praying, God give 10 per cent of what you have given to Pastor Adeboye and I will be satisfied. That was some 30 years ago.

And God said to him, do what Pastor Adeboye is doing and I will give to you what Pastor Adeboye has. And he said God, what is he doing? And God said he started with 40 days and nights fasting. He said God, leave me as I am.

You are going to exceed expectations, not if you spend all the time overloading your system with pizza, imitate your father.

After Elijah left and dropped his mantle, Elisha took the mantle rolled it together like his father did, went to river Jordan like his father did, smote river Jordan like his father did and then he said, God of Elijah I have done what my father did, answer me too.

And what happened? Jordan opened.

Follow my example, that was what Paul said, he said”follow me as I follow Christ”. That is why occasionally when I have to make announcement during the Holy Ghost service , I said specifically, I am talking to my children, not to the rest of the world.


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