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-Dr Linus Okorie at Koinonia School of Ministry Graduation (KSOM), Abuja Campus on Transformational Leadership.

Is there anybody in this hall today that will like to make a difference; can I just hear you say; “I”? Look at your neighbor and say; do you know who I am? If you know who I am today, you will buy me lunch tomorrow.

Let me use this opportunity to welcome and celebrate all the Leaders from all sectors of the economy; private sector, public sector that are gathered here today from all over Nigeria and the online audience, let me celebrate you for coming for this special occasion.

It will interest you to know in 2010, I had the honour and privilege of hosting the first Professor of leadership in the world (Professor John Adair) here in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton. He was speaking to over 700 leaders from all over Nigeria and he has written over 80 books.

At the moment, he is in his 80s and he said something very powerful to me; “Do you know that the greatest need for Nigeria is to groom great leaders and leaders for good?”. When he said that to me, I’ve reflected on that for many years.

The greatest task for any transformational leader is to go through the process of grooming followers into leaders.

For the past seven months in this great institution of honour, the work of grooming leadership capital has been on. Ladies and gentlemen, it will interest you to know that over 250 hours of learning was impacted on these young people graduating today. The implication of that means that it is about another 250 hours for you to be a master’s degree.

That’s what it means and when I got through the curriculum, I found leadership, I found personal transformation. On this note, can we all celebrate this servant leader, visionary leader, transformational leadership. Let’s celebrate him for making this happen.

Thank you Sir.
I will never forget that day, I’m saying this; for the past 27 years of my life, I have been in the business of building leadership capital and researching leadership and travel round the world teaching leadership and what he has done is an encouragement to the business of leadership development in the Continent.
Congratulations Sir!
For the graduating students, Congratulations! You made it.
It was Martin Luther King Jnr who said very powerfully; “men make history, not the other way round in period when there is no leadership; society stands still until men of vision, courage and skill seize the opportunity to transform things for the better.”

Which means, no business makes progress, no family can progress, no institution can step forward until leaders emerge.

The emergence of leadership capital; in fact, it will interest you to know that nations of the world that have made great progress, that have invested hugely in their leadership capital from one nation of the world to any business in the world that made progress is been tied a lot more to leadership development and that is why America as a nation will invest 180 billion dollars every year for leadership development. He said in a beautiful poetry; “what’s the making if it does not make the man”. Unbelievable thoughts.

It thrilled me in the way that it gives an opportunity for a leader. It is a theory that says the leader has certain powerful traits that can inspire followers from all over to change in themselves and then change institutions as well.

Which means transformational leadership has the power to magnet followers and cause them to hunger for personal transformation, for change and to change the status quo.
In 2012 in the City of Owerri, right there in a hall filled to the brim, I had the privilege of hosting a global leader. May honour that great leader.

The hall was filled with government officials, over 1500 key young leaders from all over and he said; “Linus, do you know there are over 5,000 definitions of leadership but the one that excites my soul is this one I like; motivate, drive a group of people towards a particular direction via inspiration and not intimidation or manipulation.

That leadership practice ladies and gentlemen, that exists currently most likely could be transactional leadership and the leadership that lays emphasis on “If you don’t do this, I will sack you” – manipulation.

In the political system, all over the system in our continent, it is time for us to move from transactional leadership to the type of transformational leadership my mentor, Dr Myles Munroe campaigned all over the world for.

It will interest you to know that in my 27 years of practice and research for leadership, I decided to create some model of leadership that can be exported to the rest of the world and that led to the human optimization model of leadership.

It is sad but it is a reality. Do you know that over 60 per cent of the people who work for organizations, who work in our cities and institutions, over 60 per cent of these individuals are not optimized?

The meaning of that is simple; that they bring no value to the table. The consequences of that impact on almost every facet of our life. When the hospitals are not working, check the leadership metrics that is available. When an organization cannot grow at a very great speed, check the leadership metrics that is available. Leadership culture within system shapes organizations.

So if you have 60 per cent of people who come to the table with no value, then it is waste of time, resources; there must be a hunger for that number to change.

35 per cent of the people who come to the table are partially optimized. What does that mean? What it means is that the individual I’m talking to you about; perception-wise they bring value to the table. That means it is not real, they fluctuate; today they bring value, tomorrow they don’t.

There is no consistency of value creation. The marketplace does not respect face or six packs but value creation. These people, they package themselves especially in their beauty, well dressed and they come to you; “I am the P. A to so and so”. But that gentleman is a P. A to the P. A to the P. A of the senator. Which means, he doesn’t even have a seat at the table.

So, this reality places a demand on us to do something. It places a demand for there to be a paradigm shift. Learning has to now be different. We have to create a new model and that model is what a great man like Aristotle said; “I know nothing”.

The man was so knowledgeable but he walks on street and said I know nothing. Which means every individual, no matter how much knowledge you’ve acquired, they must be now another thirst and hunger to grow in the leadership knowledge that is capable of transforming your life and that of your organization. You will now have to go through the optimization human refinery.

The refinery process is where you start deliberately to understand that there is a body of knowledge on even how to present yourself in public. There is a body of knowledge on every single element of the leadership capital; it is a huge thing. You submit yourself with humility; “I know nothing; I must learn, I must grow, I must stretch”.

There are certain intelligences that you will gain when you submit yourself to the leadership process:

  1. Vision Intelligence: this is an essential component of transformational leadership.
    The building process requires time. No business is built in a very unsustainable manner. Vision keeps you focused on the building process and gives you the capacity to overcome the obstacles on the path of creating something new. The pioneer class, I guess is ready to build something amazing. Everyone on his own path for building that this house will become outstanding and great as result of the vision that has been impacted in you.
    Vision change nations otherwise, why will the leaders of Dubai go to a desert and they look at a desert and they called it seaport and they said, Dubai will never have a second place; they have no desire to be number two but number one. Today, that dream is true. All of us go to Dubai and spend so much money that our money alone is building that economy and today, they are already thinking about artificial intelligence where they will create robots that will be security men.

In this Country, we must have young men and great nation. It depends on us; this nation can be great. We can be the difference in this nation and trust me, we will achieve it.

  1. Values Intelligence: value serve as guiding principles for your vision. This help protect your vision from corruption and from vision destroyers. In 2013, I was in Abuja and I got a message from the America government.

Every year, America looks into countries of the world and for people who have capacity. At the end of the day, we went to America, 27 of us and four from Africa and something shocked me.

We were on the table having dinner and a young man called Aaron from New York asked me; “Mr Linus Okorie, what do you do for a living?” I said my job is building leaders from Nigeria and Africa and the young man looked at me; “Sir, can I and my friends raise money to support your work?”

The young man sent me an email and said, I have further discussed with my friends and we have agreed to support your work, I have copied these emails to my friends”.
Every leader that is making waves that is a transformational leader, there is that core of value sense in his heart.

  1. Executive Intelligence: This is the intelligence that has a lot of pressure on accomplishing tasks. The ability of the leader to select the most intelligent; a merit system and create a system where only the best come into your space to help you accomplish your task. It is also the ability to get to a point of working with people where if you are wrong, even though you are the boss, you can look at the people and say, “I’m sorry, I am wrong. My position on this is wrong. Please, his opinion is better than mine”. Leaders make mistakes, they are human beings. This will make people to respect you the more.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Leaders who have emotional intelligence are those who have the capacity to move men to do great stuff because they care. They have a heart that cares for other people. They have the capacity to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others.

If we can understand that emotional intelligence also has a component of mind leadership, in this era where there are so many distractions in our environment, for you to even be a good Christian, your mind leadership capacity must work.

You have to take control of your mind and close your mind from external threats; gossips, small talks, fear, uncertainty and all of those things that can help you get depressed. Why don’t you throw them apart and begin to be the best that you can?

If we can hold on our minds and we understand these four emotional capacities, we can change this Country. We have to begin to give hope to this Country because leaders are dealers in hope.

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