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-Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo at Morning Glow, KICC on ‘THE MIGHTY HAND
Praise the Lord!
This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Welcome to morning glow, welcome to another time in the presence of
the Lord. It’s going to be a great day and a great weekend.
This month is going to end with the blasts of testimonies, open doors,
favours and uncommon grace. But we must return all the glory, all the
praise, all the honour and all the adoration to the One who loved us
and gave His life for us.
Jesus we magnify You this morning. We give glory and praise to Your
name. We thank You because You are God from beginning to the end.

We celebrate Your faithfulness, we honour You, we lift
You up. Bless Your people this morning. Touch lives, let Your
outstretched hand do awesome wonders in the lives of Your people to
the glory of Your name in the name Jesus.
Praise the Lord.
Welcome everybody. I trust the Lord to bless you and to minister to
you in a very special way this morning in the name of Jesus.
I will like to celebrate everyone who is on this platform this
morning. I am so blessed praying the hand of God and I tell you that I
am just prophesying into your lives and I am prophesying into my life.

Seeing the hand of God doing some awesome terrible things in recent
times. I want you to know that what we do on this morning glow
platform is beyond the immediate thing you face; it is having to do
with the whole of your destiny and the rest of your life.

Not just your life, generations to come will harvest the seed you are
sowing at this morning glow. Glory to God.
Like you’ve heard me say, I can never, never forget; I am forever
grateful to the Pastor who whose Church God sent me to and I got born
again. He taught me how to pray. My pastor was just too much. We did
six days all night and I had no choice because I stayed in the Church
parsonage as a Bible school student.
When I came, I can’t stay in the room when some guys are really
praying. So from 10:00pm to 1 or 2am, every day. And those guys we
pray together, come 7:00am, they are off to work and some of them were
just painters, bricklayers and there are some who are professionals
but God lifts them up. Praise God.
– May you be lifted and may you be favoured.
This morning we will continue to pray the hand of God in our lives.
Remember all that we’ve shared concerning the hand of God. Incase you
have just joined us, we say first of all that the hand of the Lord is
mighty. Joshua 4:20-24. God demonstrated the hand.

Bible says “that all the people of the earth might know the hand of
the Lord, that it is mighty, that you might fear the Lord your God.”
The hand of the Lord is mighty. We also see that in Job 7:7-10 and we
see it in Proverbs 21:1. And then in 1 Peter 5:6-7, we see the hand of
God. Glory to God.
– May you experience the hand of God in this season of your life. May
you experience His blessings and favour in Jesus name.
The hand of God was so mighty; I am sure you remember the story in 1
Samuel 5:1-7. They carried the Ark of the Lord and thought it was an
ordinary box to ridicule Jehovah, they went and put it in front of a
wood they have carved in the form of a fish head, called Dagon. The
presence of the Lord broke their god to pieces and put all kinds of
disease on their bodies.
– The hand of the Lord is mighty, is awesome and that hand will bring
you testimony, will bring you healing in the name of Jesus.
The hand of the Lord, we also said, empowers the people against the
enemy’s hand (1 Kings 18:44-46). The hand of the Lord is dangerous and
deadly against His enemies. It empowers His servants against his

We see this in 1 Kings 18:44-46. When the hand
of the Lord was upon Elijah. Humbled the Belial and all those who
worshipped Belial and then prove mighty by giving Elijah supernatural
power to outrun the chariots of Ahab.
Then the hand of the Lord is awesome for disciplining His own sons and
daughters. We see that in Scriptures. God brings the hand of
discipline on our lives so we can walk in His counsel, walk in His
will, walk in His purpose, live a life that honours Him; a life of
righteousness, a life that glorifies God. Because we have a new
testament reality of the fact that there is now no condemnation, does
not mean that you do not perfect your own holiness.
You perfect your holiness with the fear of God. That’s what the
Scripture says; perfecting holiness with the fear of God.

And so God sometimes brings discipline into the life of His people.
David said thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. One for direction,
one for correction; staff directs, rods corrects.
The staff directs and the rod correct. I just bless the Lord for many
of us, we were raised in the atmosphere of the rod of God’s
correction. Who know what we would have been? Praise the Lord. At the
time of correction, we saw those people as evil; I just thought my dad
was made of being a sadist (laughs).
My dad will never flog you until your cup is overflowing and the day
your cups overflows, you shall reap a full harvest with the soldier’s
belt. Yeah, the soldier’s belt in the days when I was a little boy was
the same as the British army’s.

It was made of trampoline
sown, sown, sown until it is as thick as my finger in its thickness
and they put this brass around it. And also use something we called
Blanco to prepare that belt. We didn’t know we are preparing for our
own judgement.
The hand of the Lord is also not only for the discipline of His
people, it is also to help His people. Glory to God. The hand of the
Lord that disciplines is the hand of the Lord that blesses His people
and helps them. My mother used to say the same teeth with which a dog
uses to play with its little puppy is the teeth with which he bites
the puppy when it is time for discipline.
So the hand of the Lord disciplines, directs but also helps. This
morning, we are going to cry to the God of help. Ezra was helped by
the hand of the Lord (Ezra 7:6-9).

You need to know how
the Bible flows, Ezra, Esther, Nehemiah were all in the same Babylon
and so you can see a correlation. Ezra was a Scribe, was more like
leading a group of people at that time and capturing what was
happening when they were in captivity.
This Ezra went up from Babylon and he was a Scribe in the law of Moses
(Ezra 7:6-9). I love this verse 6. He wanted somethings to go rebuild
Jerusalem, he prayed, he went to the king of Babylon and the hand of
the Lord was on Ezra and the king just granted him everything. Get
– People are going to favour you in this season in a way that is
unbelievable beyond imagination.
– In the name that is above all names, the good hand of the Lord will
awesomely direct you, will help you in the name of Jesus.
David also said my hand was made strong by the hand of the Almighty.
In the same Ezra 7:26-28. He repeated same thing about the hand of

Ezra really understood the power of the hand of God.
The hand of the Lord will surely help His people and everyone here
this morning, get ready, the hand of the Lord will help you.
– The hand of the Lord will open that door, will make great what
you’ve been trusting the Lord for.

I want you to see His outstretched hand and He will give you victory.
The hand of the Lord can enter the corners that you cannot reach, it
can reach the farthest places. Listen; this is an antro-morpic
language. When they say the hand of the Lord, I don’t want you to see
a short hand. The Bible uses human language to describe a supernatural
God. His hand cannot be shortening that He cannot reach that corner.
Glory to God.
God will reach the corners you are imagining. If you are in London and
what you need is in New Yoke; it is too close, the hand of the Lord
will reach there.

If you are in Australia and you need
the hand of the Lord to touch something in South Africa; it is too
close, the hand of the Lord will do it. You will testify.
Psalm 37:23-24
Oh glory, Oh glory. Get ready, the hand of the Lord will help you,
will help you, will help you.
– In this season of your life, I declare again that the hand of the
Lord will help you.
– God will fill your mouth with testimony, fill your life with celebration.
– The hand of the Lord will help you.
– You will testify of the goodness of Jehovah in this season in the
mighty name of Jesus and you will see that hand at work in Jesus name.
– Father we give glory; we give You praise. we thank You, Your hand
helps. Your hand set free. You are the One who is the helper of
Israel; You stretched Your hand in the days of Jehoshaphat, in the
days of Ezra and You helped him by touching the heart of kings to
favour him. We bless You for the past, we thank You for the present,
we give glory to Your name for the future,
We thank You for the outstretched hand by which You have delivered us,
the outstretched hand by which You have saved us. It was Your hand
that brought our salvation. You were nailed to the cross and as the
blood fell and touch the ground, creations were set free, we too were
set free.
You delivered us. You washed us with the washing of salvation. Thank
You. We bless You name. We celebrate Your goodness this morning. We
rejoice at Your faithfulness. We thank You. We thank You. We thank
We thank You because Your hand hath wrought victory for us in the
past. When the enemy came to eat us up, You the Lord became our

You became the One who fought for us. You
silence the enemy. You shut the mouth of devils. You gave us
victories. You blessed us beyond our imaginations.
We thank You for Your hand that brought provision. When it seems as if
we have reached the end of the earth and there is no future for us,
when people would have mocked us and say where is their God? You the
Lord showed up and prove Yourself too much.
You took our pain and turned it to praise. You took our tests and
turned it into testimony. You took our challenges, you turned it into
championship. You took every mess, You turned it into a miracle. Lord
take the glory, praise, honour and adoration in the name of Jesus.
We thank You for all that You have done.

Your word made it clear that
You are our help in ages past and You are our hope for the ones to
come. We magnify You, we celebrate You because You are the very
present Help in the time of need; therefore, we will not be moved.
Let the mountain be shifted and thrown into the sea, there is a river
that made glad the people of God, God is in the midst of it.

Therefore, we will not be ashamed. Therefore, we will not be
moved. Therefore, we will not be disappointed. Take the glory, take
the praise.
There is somebody on this platform today, they feel lonely, they feel
how am I going to carry this load alone? How am I going to carry this
challenge alone, how am I going to go through this alone? This
morning, the Lord want me to let you know that His hand is behind you
and you are never alone. That He is going to strengthen you, He will
prove Himself strong in your life. You are not alone and He is going
to glorify His name in your life and He is going to strengthen you.
– Lord we give You praise. We thank You because even those who are
afflicted have been set free by You. The afflicted have been healed by

The pained have been healed by You. Take the praise,
take the glory, take the honour and the adoration. We magnify You
today, we celebrate You today in the name of Jesus.
And so Father we approach You this morning; You are our help, we have
no other one. So we declare and decree the outstretching of Your hands
into situations. Situations, challenges, troubles will bow to Your
hand in the name of Jesus.
– Men and women in the tightest place will find Your deliverance. Men
and women in the most difficult places will find Your deliverance in
the name of Jesus.
– (Psalm 108:6) Lord stretch Your hand and deliver the person in a
tight corner right now, bring them out of the issues, out of the
trouble in Jesus name. Arise oh God, let Your enemies be scattered in
the name of Jesus.
– By Your right hand oh God, answer Your people in Jesus name.
– I speak into Your life today that the right hand of the Lord will
save you, will deliver you, will bring you out of the corner, out of
every situation in the name of Jesus.
– You are coming out of that situation with testimony. The hand of the
Lord will stretch out to deliver you and bring you out of the
situation in the name of Jesus.
– (Psalm 77:10) From this day the right hand of the Lord shall help
you. It shall bring you out of the situation in the name of Jesus.
– Somebody in challenging situations; emotionally, spiritually, I
speak a deliverance by the hand of the mighty God from today in the
name of Jesus.
– (Psalm 144:7-8) The Lord will stretch forth His hand from on high,
He will rescue you and He will deliver you out of great waters in the
name of Jesus name.
We bring this morning glow to an end in the name of Jesus. I believe
you were blessed. Make sure you serve the Lord with your tithe, your
seed, your offerings, your pledges. Make sure your give to the Lord
and worship God.
Praise the Lord.

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