I will not go into detail because of our time I want us to take out time and pray, I will just be sharing this principles hallelujah.
There are three important factors that must be at work in your life for you to attend financial freedom, I love doing this teaching timelessly

You will never be financially free not according to the kingdom ways if you do not see the NEED.

That’s the first point.. there are many believers who do not see the need , there are many ministry who do no see the need, anytime they raise the subject of fiancial education, you see this spiritual atmosphere that people put and say no no , we are pressing into God there are new dimension.

There is error I have seen in the church, many believers believes that if you keep praying and then one day the heavens will be open over you..…the error is not from God.
You must see the need, what does need do to you.

A need created dissatisfaction.. you can never break through to success until you get dissatisfy, get dissatisfy with the fight that happens between you father and mother at all time because of finance, be dissatisfied with your current level of finance.

When you see the need it create a sense of responsibility, you truly begin to break in any area when you stop blaming people…
A need breaks out every limitation, how many of you have gone for lectures in the rain?.. but still didn’t stop why, when you see the need you will not see limitation.

When you have seen a need you will go for knowledge you will never become financial free by just stumbling into it, a great man say something , when you wake and find yourself rich be sure you are not sleeping…
Going for knowledge changes your mindset. Change your mindset. The difference between the rich and the poor is not money write this into your head , the difference is not naira and kobo.. the difference is mindset…


The rich accept responsibility while the poor do not accept responsibility.
The rich have master the act of delaying instant gratification, the poor they don’t , they need it sharp sharp that why we like things like get rich quick, we like things that don’t follow process.


No matter the tongues you blow God will never empower you beyond the level to which you managing resources.

The rich save and invest while the poor spend and spend…money can come through favor.. there is only one bible way of multiplication, Mathew 25:14…they went and do business.

The poor go for result the rich keep learning. we have been previledge to be with people who blessed us but we never for one day ask.. they poor demand on luck, they don’t follow process/
Sorry if I offend you tonight is necessary for us, God want us to change our mindset.

Gods economic system works on principles …am going to talk about three laws.

The law of value, you must add value to yourself and you must have value to offer otherwise you will remain poor, what do you have to offer, I see many believers who pray, but I did not see believer investing in knowledge to know the principles , how many of you have brought books on finance…

Law of investment, what many of us know About investment is open your shop, sell garri and indomie and add shampoo, I know is unfortunate our educational system is not teaching us but how many of us mad it a point of duty to go out of the box.. the only way money grow is when you invest.

Law of accumulation, simply put big is small plus small plus small… stop trying to proof a point those you are trying to proof point are not looking at you, there was a time we use to take tea in from of that ,mai shayi shop, you are spending two two thousand in mr biggs everyday to what end.

Sit down this night and throughout this week and begin to find out what you can start with your 1000.. we will stop here raise up on your feet let pray.


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