I started seeing this trend late last year. And unfortunately, it attended crossover service and crossed over to the next year.

Now, my issue is not even the woman. My own issue is seeing a group of people in her meetings sitted and focused, hearing nonsense! And even jotting down the map of hell fire.

And probably, we have graduates there. That’s just my issue!

Well, this shows how much of the Word of God is lacking in the lives of many.

Assuming those people in her meetings are Word addicts, they won’t be in such an atmosphere.

Also, those of you Christians catching cruise by reposting what she says, how does that affect people’s life? Some of you even go further by adding your own words to catch cruise.

My question for you is this: How does reposting her sayings or videos help a life out there?

Your pastor will preach in church, but you won’t share his messages. Is it that your pastor is preaching nonsense? Not at all!
You won’t share your pastor’s message because it won’t bring you the cruise you want.

But someone will just arise and start talking not just nonsense, but nonsense raised to the power of a thousand, and that’s what you like sharing. Because you want to ride in the trend also.


Hey! It is time to wake up thou Christian. Jesus didn’t die for you to be reposting nonsense and riding on stupid trends. Wake up!

Let your WhatsApp status be holy.
Let your Facebook timeline be holy.
Let every of your social handles be holy.
Let your mouth utter things that edify.

You will go to hell doesn’t edify!
I expect you as a Christian to feel irritated concerning this current trend. And not to be sharing it!

Never use the gospel to crack jokes.
Repost only edifying things. Share only things that will add value to someone’s life.

I love you.


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