Take a look at picture one closely. That is a wife!
When I first met her, the earth was without form and boobs, to crown it all up, buttockslessness was upon the face of the deep, yet the Spirit of the Lord compelled me to hover upon her waters, because within her was an overwhelming light, waiting to be ignited.
Her shoes was one in town. I love women with good shoes like crazy, guys can relate to what this means to us. Natural men can make up their minds on a woman just by sighting her shoes. Yet the Spirit of God kept speaking to me, He will say “son, forget about those ugly shoes, for the place where she is standing is a burning bush.”
This is no joke. I’m not trying to excite you in any way, or talk fancy, I’m teaching from the place of encounters.
I love women with pronounced boobs, because the man of God also needs a soft place to lay his head. But If I were to go by what I saw, kadoshadedetete!
My wife had boobs like faith, a substance of things not seen but hoped for. Yet the Lord kept assuring me, He said “Take no thoughts to the size of her upper hemisphere, for in it is a green pasture, where you shall lay down and be merry.”
How about her backside? Arrrhh, it had no weight and occupied no space. Yet God kept comforting me, He said if he can send manna to His children in a desert, and birds for their meat, who am I that I would not be fed?”
Many people have missed out on the perfect will of God and have settled for God’s permissive will for their marital destiny because they depended more on their senses rather than leaning totally on God’s understanding.
This may not apply to everyone, because deep calls unto the deep, But for the believer who is lost in God, the first dimension of your intimacy experience with Elohim is how you will suddenly begin to die to your taste and fantasies. It is not you who lives anymore but Christ who lives in you.
This is not even the zenith of man’s intimacy with Yahweh, for some of us, it gets to the point where we loose our right to choose a spouse for ourself, we cannot even hold an opinion on the matter, physical attractive is only a cliche to us, because attraction is defined by what pleases God.
This is a mystery, an overwhelming way of allowing God become your provision.
Hold out for God’s perfect will guys. Many of you are too alive yourself that your first response to want and desire is making suggestions for God.
God told Lot to flee with his family to the mountains, but he suggested to go to a nearby village instead. In himself, he was choosing a place of refuge, he thought there was nothing for him in the mountain, but what Lot did not know was that behind the mountain is his brother Abraham, a place where there is provision to recover all that he has lost.
She may not look like it.
He may not come to you dark and handsome.
Her backside may be without form and void.
He may bring a short gentleman when all you wanted is a tall prince in shinning armour.
But can you trust God to be the provision?
If I had depended on my feelings.
If I had held out to satisfy my fantasies at all cost, this is the wife I would have missed. The perfect will of God hidden in an unlikely vessel.
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