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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ‘ THE NAME OF THE LORD. ‘, Glory Dome.

Give the Lord a shout and a big clap of hand. Give Him a bigger shout and a louder shout of praise as you take your seat in the Presence of the Lord.
I welcome everyone here in Jesus Precious Name.

Proverbs 18:10.

Every time we come into the place of prayer, we literally came to hang on to the Name of the Lord.
We came to take advantage of the Name of the Lord.


1. The Name of the Lord is our tower of strength: we step into the Name of the Lord at the place of prayer to connect strength.

2. The Name of the Lord is the place to run to: we run to for help, rest, direction.

3. The Name of the Lord is our place of refuge: it is where we take cover.

4. The Name of the Lord is our place of defence: we are not just safe, we are defended. That is He fights on our behalf. Psalm 20:1-2.
The Name of the Lord does not only give us refuge or shelter, the Name of the defends us actively in the fight.
Someone here is going to get strength. Someone in need of direction is going to get direction. Someone in need of safety is going to get safety and somebody in need of vengeance will get vengeance from the Lord. The requirement is righteousness.
Righteousness means having the right to stand in the Presence of the Lord.
Stand up on your feet lift up your hands and let’s begin to appreciate God.


1. Psalm 118:24.
Father, thank You for this beautiful day You have made. Thank You Lord because we shall rejoice and be glad.

2. Psalm 136:1-4
Father, thank You for the possibilities of today. Thank You for the Blessings and mercies available in today. To You alone be all the praise Lord in Jesus Name.

3. Acts 10:38.
Father, we ask for the manifestation of Your healing and deliverance Presence today like never before at the Healing and Deliverance service in Jesus’ Name. Save the Lost, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed Lord in Jesus’ Name.

4. Mark 10:27.
Father, we pray for the Lagos Mega Healing and Deliverance Crusade. We ask that You will do what only You can do Lord in Jesus’ Name. Father, we ask that You will get maximum Glory in the salvation of souls, the healing of the lost and deliverance of the captives Lord in Jesus’ Name.

5. Ephesians 3:20
Father, we pray for the 25th anniversary program holding this Sunday. We ask that You will do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to Your power that works in us Lord in Jesus’ Name.

6. Isaiah 54:17.
Father, we take authority over every agitation, frustration and confrontation of the enemy in this season. We render their devices and agenda thanks and void and of no effect in Jesus’ Name.

7. Father, I have come to You as my tower of strength. I connect strength for my life. We connect strength as a Church, as a people, as a nation. Father, we receive fresh strength, energy, Power Now in the Name of Jesus.

8. Father, I run to You today for direction, solution, needed help. I receive solution, direction, help from Your Presence in the Name of Jesus.

9. Father, I have come for safety, refuge, shelter in Your Presence today Lord in the Name of Jesus.

10. Father, I ask that the Name of the God of Jacob will defend my life and fight my battles, will defend my family and fight our battles, will defend the Church, Dunamis and fight our battles in the Name of Jesus.

FIREFULL declarations.

1. Every arrow of destruction fired at you returns back to hell in Jesus Name.

2. You shall fulfill your days in Jesus Name.

3. Everything that has put your life under pressure for the last twenty, thirty, forty years today is the end of it forever in Jesus Name.

4. I prophesy to you today the chain is broken. Whatever has been a torment on your life, family, children and your mother, your father, your loved ones, bothering someone connected, related and associated to you, today the concern is broken, the yoke is broken. Your testimony is released in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

5. Today, your strength is released. You will see solution, direction, rest, rescue. You will see God fight on your behalf in the Name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Ghost.


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