The necessity of keyword research for YouTube video creation


In blogging there’s domain authority (DA)
While on youtube DA represents number of subscribers (or your community)

Implication is…

A keyword of large search volume with high difficulty can get views and rank on a website of higher domain authority but the same keyword won’t get views talk less of ranking on a website with little or zero DA

The same way a youtube content on the topic with large search volume but high difficulty will get views on a channel with many subscribers but won’t get views on a channel with little or zero subscribers

So if you are a youtube beginner with little or zero subscribers then keyword/topic research should be your tight friend if growth is your desire.

For the fact that a particular topic or keyword is trending doesn’t mean you must waste time, energy and data creating contents about it

But first RESEARCHING to know the difficulty level of such topic should rather be your next move

There are thousands of trending keywords out there with millions monthly search volume but as a beginner you don’t need to near them if you don’t want to end up blaming your village people for following you to youtube


Following the difficulty of such keywords since you are yet to establish a community (subscribers) which in turn burst your channel audacity

As a beginner your focus should be basically on keywords with lower competition or difficulty

normally such keywords are overlooked by those channels owners with large audience base (subscribers) where you pick them up and create contents to get views and subscribers gradually

If you know your contents are SEO friendly and still not having views, then CONSISTENCY should be your next goal and I promise you, there will be a particular content you will drop and the youtube algorithm will favour you and then use it to settle your life (youtube breakthrough)

Hope someone finds a little value…

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