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Scripture: 1 Samuel 18: 14. And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the LORD was with him.

Beloved, I welcome you to another Moment of Daily Encounter! Yesterday, we did establish that behavioural wisdom is wisdom that follows your character.

Every leader with character defects cannot stand the test of time. So today, we shall continue to enumerate the reason why you need wisdom in your character/behaviour.

*Why do you need behavioural wisdom?*
1. It helps you to earn a good name; It takes a solid character to maintain a good name(Ecc.7:1)!

It is quite unfortunate that many Christians are gradually loosing their names to fame and riches!

The Bible says;

Proverbs 22: 1. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

Don’t get rich and lose your name! Every organization that outlast the founders are organizations with a good name. This good name is what organizations work hard to defend that is why we have quality control.

The same applies to individuals! Maintaining a good name takes a solid integrity. Integrity means remaining who you are no matter the circumstances.

Under some circumstances, some believers are like chameleon that changes its colour to blend with the immediate surrounding! God expects us to be men/women of quality character and this is only possible by wisdom.

You need behavioural wisdom to maintain a good name that will speak for you tomorrow. Please note that you may not make money or wealth with a good name but certainly a good name will benefit your unborn generation. Your posterity depends on your good name, live a well behaved life.

2. It helps to create trust(1Sam.29:6); David was able to displayed wisdom in his life time as he behaved before friends, families and foes, hence men could trust him with their lives! For four hundred men to trust you with their lives means you are really a man of wisdom because nobody wants to trust his life to a fool(1Sam.22:2).

The saying that until you are tested you cannot be trusted holds true for character. Your behaviour per time is actually a test on your character! If you pass the test then you can be trusted.

Do you know that the first test on your character is your words?

Men will take you at your word the first time they meet with you until they begin to watch your behaviour. Once you can’t maintain your words you are gradually loosing the trust bestowed on you. No matter what you do after losing your first test, winning the trust of men is always difficult. You need behavioural wisdom to know how to behave and build trust.

3. It protects your talent (1Sam.16:18): One of the reason why David was recommended for the job in the palace was not just skill only, but also a man of quality character!

Your talent and skill is not enough to get you the job you are looking for, you need a solid character.

Charisma may give you the job but you will need character to keep the job. There are so many persons that fail at job interview stage just because of character bankruptcy! This is why you need wisdom to know how to behave wisely.

Young lady looking for suitors please wisdom demands that you be well behaved anywhere you find yourself because you never can tell who is watching you for a recommendation for that your desired suitor. Don’t close the door God has opened with bad behaviour. May God give you understanding in Jesus name.

4. It fosters peace (PS.37:37): Your behaviour per time could earn you a name as a peacemaker or trouble maker. There are those whose presence cause pandemonium anywhere they are! But well behaved people foster peace. This is why as a leader you need wisdom to behave wisely.

Beloved, it doesn’t matter what you have lost due to lack of wisdom! Your time to be promoted is now if you can cry out to Jesus to baptized you with this wisdom. However, the release of this wisdom is on the basis of relationship, if you haven’t surrendered your life to Christ, please do it now and build a relationship with God.

Remember this : Heaven is real and hell is real! Where will you spend eternity?

Prayer points;
– Father thank you for your word to me today.
– Lord, I ask that you baptized me with wisdom of how to behave in the name of Jesus.

Prophetic Declaration:
– I declare an end has come to every shame, repeated failure and demotion in your life in the name of Jesus.
– Receive wisdom to develop character that can ring a bell of favour both for you and your for your unborn generation in the name of Jesus.

From your brother Alex
God bless you.

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