The Pain of losing Sylvester in Boarding School and Lessons for Parents

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He was born to make a difference,
His star was beginning to shine,
His future was looking colorful,
His bright smile was highly infectious,
He was only about 12 when we lost Him,
He cried of pain with blood stained teeth until he finally died😭😭😭
How could playing football lead to such a painful and tragic end, how many footballers ever died like that?
Where is the referee that officiated the match to give us more details?
What intervention measures did the school take to prevent this from happening?
Where are the children alleged to have inflicted this pain on Sylvester?

Although he is gone, there must be #justiceforsylvester…Anyone involved in this investigation who receives bribe to cover up the truth, mislead the public or judge wrongly shall have the door of misfortune opened to feed and flood his or her family for years to come.
Sylvester’s father called his son’s death “a sacrifice” for other Nigerian children therefore, no one should attempt to play games with this case like #endsars.

I extend my deepest condolences to the Oromoni’s family and pray for the grace to bear this irreplaceable loss. A moment of silence and prayer will be observed during our early morning prayer for the deceased and our children.

Finally, I challenge busy parents to pause and begin to rethink our commitment to parenting otherwise, we will be raising dysfunctional children who will give us no rest in the future. Our first responsibility is to raise our children well. I also want encourage school owners to revisit their school’s management system in order to identify, isolate and eliminate (where necessary) toxic and potential violent children before we start having shootings in our schools.

God bless our children!

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