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-Pastor Paul Enenche at 2022 Overflowing Grace and Glory Fast, Dunamis International Gospel Centre,
Day One

– Whether the devil likes it or not, whether the witches in your family and in your village like it or not, your life is changed completely!
– This is the fast that will change your life’s story and situation!

Thank You Master, in Jesus precious name.
I’m going to quickly give us a sharp marching order for this fast. I decided to keep it till now so that those who maybe by reason of work did not come when the Word was meant to come will be here and then they can receive an instruction; a marching order for this year’s fast, so that we can maximize the result of the fast.

Isaiah 58:6 and 8, Isaiah 40:31, Matthew 17:21
Speaking quickly on the subject:


Our objective is: Understanding what it takes to fast purposefully and profitably. Like we know, fasting is an age long practice of mankind.

Humanity had fasted through generations for one reason or the other. I’ll like to quickly enumerate four reasons why people fast:
1. Religious – to fulfill a religious obligation or duty. In this case, results are not necessarily expected and as we are, even in this service today, there may be those who are doing the fast religiously because every year, all churches declare fasting in January, so let’s do it.

2. Emotional Trauma – at times, food loses both taste and appeal. When somebody just get confronted, for example in Acts 9, when Paul the Apostle was confronted on the road to Damascus with a very drastic lightning in the middle of the day, he became blind on the spot (Acts 9:9).

Food disappeared from his mouth, he was there, three days without sight, neither did he eat nor drink because of the confrontation.
Acts 27:33
There are people who have had relationship failure, some even bereavement and so on and for that purpose, they could lose food
– I declare today, no form of trauma shall come your way that will cause food to lose appeal this year!

3. Circumstantial reason – people are literally force to fast, maybe because there are no options (2 Corinthians 11:27).

4. Spiritual and purposeful. This is where the fast is declared in desperation with clearly defined and stated objectives like the fast we on right now.

You remember when Esther declared a fast (Esther 4:16); go ahead and fast for me. Don’t eat, don’t drink. I’ll also fast likewise.

There are three things you must understand about purpose; purpose for anything:
a). Purpose is key to power. Anywhere somebody must see power, there must be a sense of purpose. It is key to power. Nothing is powerful until someone is purposeful (Genesis 32:24-28).

b). Purpose is key to pursuit. People are able to pursue an objective when there is a stated purpose. You pursue a fast to a tangible conclusion when there is a sense of purpose.

There are those who take a fast and they don’t drink or eat for some days and I can tell you that, in that kind of fasting, the things that drives you is the purpose; why am I on this assignment? This and that must be achieved. So, purpose is key to pursuit (Habakkuk 2:2). When the purpose is clear, the pursuit is easy.

c). Purpose establishes possession. Where purpose is defined, possession is confirmed. If you can purpose it, you can possess it (Habakkuk 2:3).

1. Prayer-fire intensification for drastic divine intervention. The fast causes prayer fire to be intensified so that Jehovah can intervene drastic (Esther 4:16).
I believe there is someone here today that shall have immediate divine intervention before this fast is over.

2. Spiritual authority boost for victory over enemy forces. When you fast, you boost your spiritual authority; you shift levels (Matthew 17:21). If you want to move your authority to another level, to be able to deal with this kind of demons, you must understand how to fast.
– Somebody here, within the period of this fast, you are about to shift your authority level to another level!

3. Spiritual capacity enlargement and enhancement for destiny fulfilment. That is, you just enlarge your capacity. In the course of a fast, it is like you were functioning like a Rolls Royce before and all of a sudden, you took off in the air and became a challenger aircraft.
– I see somebody shifting in spiritual capacity!
Matthew 17:21

4. Spiritual strength buildup or increase (Isaiah 40:31). What defeated you yesterday can’t defeat you today because your strength is increased.

5. Physical vitalization and health renewal and restoration. By the time you fast like God wants you to fast, then your health will spring forth (Isaiah 58:8).

There are diabetics, hypertension, moving objects, diseases and things that my father in Heaven hasn’t planted in your body that will disappear in the course of this fast.

6. Spiritual yoke and bondage destruction. Somebody battling with a habit of smoking, drinking, masturbation, spirit wife molestation, serpentine spirit, in the course of this fast, they shall all find their road back to hell in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 58:6).

7. Spiritual sensitivity servicing and sharpening. That is the period of fast, a person is meant to be sharper, to hear sharply, to see sharply, to know sharply (Isaiah 58:8, Acts 13:1-2).
A lot of dullness that people have most times is because of too much food. There is something called postprandial in medicine, that is the sleepiness of fullness.

Whenever you get full, you will start filling sleepy. As the food makes you drowsy physically, it also makes you drowsy spiritually.
– I speak to someone here today, before this fast is over, God will open your eyes and ears and understanding to see, to know something you need to know!


1. Pray abundantly. If possible, pray abundantly in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18). It is fasting and praying; in fact, it is praying and fasting (Matthew 17:21, Daniel 9:3). So, the emphasis is prayer and then, the fasting came to amplify the prayer. Of what use is gun without bullet? It is really useless. That is how a fast is when prayer does not push out the desire. I decided to learn to pray under all circumstances; in the midst of the crowd, in the midst of the people. I was sharing with my daughter the other day and she said, just sharing some tips. So, you pray abundantly.

2. Load up with Word. Don’t let your spirit be empty (John 15:7). Let the Word abide in you. Technology has made it easy to load up with Word. You can be driving on your way to office and the Bible on the cassette is playing while it’s entering your ears. Between now and the National Stadium, you can finish up to five chapters of the book.

Before you get to your office, you can finish 15 minutes of a very loaded message. The kind of message you hear in this place, 15 minutes of it will set you on fire on the spot, even under 5 minutes, you have heard too much. Something is been loaded up in your spirit and as you are abiding and His word is abiding in you, He promised you that you shall ask what you will whether at the place of prayer or fast and it will be done to you.

The Bible gives us answer to everything, so there are those who pray; no word, no prayer. They are just moving about waiting for time to finish – no Word, no listening to any message, no book, nothing, no prayer.

3. Bear fruit that abide. I’m sure no one has told you about this in any period of fasting before but, in fasting we came to pray, to ask God (John 15:16).

There are things that make prayer and fasting to answer quick. One of them is bear fruits that remain. You can take it upon yourself, 21 days fasting is 3 weeks. Every week, one soul (minimum) that will follow you and be established in church, using the program platform as an opportunity. We cannot expect God to be interested in what interests us without being interested in what interests God. The souls of people interest God and doing this is making the fasting period to be a true spiritually intense period. That is a period of complete spirituality. You are not just empty of food but you are spiritually aggressive, doing everything that is needed to make sure that no devil denies you.

Now, you have fasted many years in January, what will be the difference between this fast and the other ones? When you do what you haven’t done before, you get results you haven’t gotten before. Hit the road in evangelism and soul winning, in addition with the fast.

You can do that in weekends if your week is too busy, Saturday for example and we have 5 Sundays of Grace and Glory as an opportunity to reap the harvest. When you do that, you are maximizing your fast.

4. Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). How do you seek the Kingdom of God? Pray revival prayers, pray prayer that enhance the Kingdom. Put the Kingdom first in your service, finances and giving and energy. Seek first the Kingdom in all ramifications and you will not beg God for anything.

5. Intercede for others. In the course of this fast, in addition to the prayers you are praying for yourself, pick somebody maybe that have a similar challenge like you or that have any other challenge at all and make him a prayer focus during this fast. Job captivity turned when he prayed for his friends (Job 42:10).
– God is going to turn somebody’s captivity here!

6. Be in expectation of direction, revelation and manifestation (Habakkuk 2:1). The place of prayer is a place of watching. So you are standing and you are watching. Is there anything God is saying, is there anything God is showing or revealing?

Another word is; be in the spirit. Be sensitive to divine signals; sleep with expectation, a prophetic dream could interrupt your sleep, a night vision could interrupt your night. Study with expectation, looking at scripture and asking God questions. If you are not in expectation, it is easy to miss what is yours.

7. Approach God in faith (Hebrews 11:6). Realize that you are not wasting your time. Don’t let any devil tell you that you fasted last year and this and that. No! Realize that you are not wasting your time. Realize that this is a different season and this time it must work!

I decided to take the time to do this. When we come tomorrow and for the rest of the 21 days, the charge will be about 10 minutes there about and then we move into praying but we need this foundation so that, you can go through it again before you come back tomorrow and something will happen to you.

This afternoon I saw two revelations before I came that is related to you. I told you the first one already; the change of shoes – spiritual authority, honour, dignity, royalty, prosperity and I’ll like you to get ready for it.
The second one was like a parable; someone was looking for a connection, like an electrical connection, how to get a connection done to a house (a structure) – it’s a parable. All of a sudden, the Lord, as if He drew a curtain or something and the connection was already there – big, heavy like armoured cable, all the way up.

The only challenge was that, the cable was there but it was not linked – big, heavy, massive and as I watched, I received an instruction; First that, whatever you are trusting God for, is existing. There is something you are looking for; Lord, where is this thing? It exists. That’s first.

Secondly, what is in existence needs to be assisted. There is something to do about it that God will reveal but the most exciting thing to me is that what I’m looking for is there and between now and tomorrow, somebody will return back to confirm that what you are looking for all this while has been there.

The third challenge is that, there is a need for connectivity; Lord, which area am I disconnected, where am I disconnected? Connection to God, maybe connectivity to prophetic covering; where is something disconnected in my life, what is the missing link?
– Tonight, God will unveil that missing link to you!

We are hearing things today that are just very mysterious. One of our pastors in the north, Kaduna Pastor in particular said that two pastors came to him two days ago. One of them said he was going to preach in a church (I will not give you the details of all the whole thing he said, otherwise some of our minds will not be able to accommodate it) but at the gate, entering the Church. He said he saw me and I told him, don’t enter here. He said, is it a dream?
Response: not a dream.
(I will paraphrase what he said. He said, don’t go there, God is not here)

So, he told the pastor, I just saw something, I can’t even call it a vision or a revelation that I shouldn’t enter here. So the pastor followed him, the two of them came to our pastor and said; “I am sorry. Whatever it is, I need help.” He said, “I used to be connected to that Ministry some time ago, I disconnected” and maybe now, he is connected to something else.

Anything that is yours, whatever you are trusting God, that you are looking for, that you cannot find; this season, it shall be unveiled!
– Wherever, Whatever is a missing link around your life and your destiny that is the reason why something is not working how they should, today; the missing link shall be revealed to you!
– Every area of connectivity that is a challenge you are having, it is done right now!

– I prophesy today, the grace to pray in the course of the fast is released upon you right!
– The grace to pray abundantly is released upon you now!
– Passion for the Word of God, the grace to charge up with the Word and load up with the Word and revelation; the appetite to eat and drink the Word is released upon your now!
– I prophesy upon you today; the grace to bear fruit, passion for soul winning, to hit the road and bear fruit, the fruit that will abide is released upon you now!
– The grace to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is released upon you right now!
– In the name that is above every name, capacity to intercede for others, receive it right now!
– The grace to be in the spirit, to be in expectation of direction, revelation and manifestation is released upon you right now!
– The grace to approach this fasting in faith is released upon you!

Lift up your two hands:
– I speak to these hands, whatever the hands are laid upon from today, they are blessed!
The first thing I want you to lay that hand on is yourself, on your head.
– Intensification of spiritual fire is your portion right now!
– A shift in spiritual authority for victory over the forces of the enemy is your portion right now!
– Spiritual capacity enlargement is your portion in the course of this fast!
– I declare shift in your level of strength; renewal of your health, restoration of your health!
– Everything that is called a yoke or a bondage in your life, I declare them destroyed and broken right now!
– I declare a sharpening of spiritual sensitivity; capacity to hear clear, to see clear, to know clear is released upon you!
– Whatever is the missing link in your life, I command your eyes to be opened to see that missing link!
– Every area of connectivity that is disconnected in your life, I command and decree that the Lord will open you up to it right now in the name of Jesus!
– It shall not be a fast like it used to be!
– It shall be a fast with a difference!

So shall it be in Jesus precious name.


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