The Power of Food!

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Cooking has always been my passion. I started cooking for my entire family of 7 at the age of 10. That was my own family chore.

So while in Poland – Cooking came naturally and handy. I cooked many of our dishes to raise funds for my scholarship recipients.

The highest amount someone paid for my dish was about 1500 USD for a meal!
In 2012 I hosted the Polish Prime minister and his wife in my home.
I prepared jollof rice, mutton stew, fried plantain and yam, moi moi, yam pepper soup etc. I also served a 10 year old Dom Perignon Champaign that I received in 2010 on my 40th birthday.

They enjoyed it. It was there I convinced him to pay a state visit to Nigeria. In April 2013 – he visited Nigeria.
And of course the first thing the entire entourage of over 70 people did on arrival was to seek out a good Nigerian restaurant to try our delicacies. They loved it!!

Don’t undermine the power of food. Some have received blessings because of food while others have lost their birth rite because of food!

Each time you eat – Thank God and appreciate the gift of food!

Never take your ability to enjoy food for granted.

Bon appetite!!
Hon Dr John Abraham Godson
1st Black Senator in Poland
PS: Due to popular request for me to faint I have added a picture of me taking a nap after eating. 😅


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