The Power of God’s Mercy – Apostle Arome Osayi at WAFBEC 2022










– Apostle Arome Osayi at WAFBEC 2022, Day 2.


Lord, we give you praise, we give you glory. We ask that you come amidst us and glorify yourself. We ask that you make for yourself a great name in this service and be glorified in Jesus mighty name.

We are looking at the Power of the Mercy of God. Turn your bibles to the Book of Psalm 25, we will take verse 7 as we set the coordinates for our navigation.

My responsibility is to facilitate a prayer burden so that we can gather around that burden in a moment and that burden is going to be the transport system that God is going to use to take us to the place where we need to be in order to maximize our fellowship with Him this morning.

The part (b) of the verse I read, the Psalmist shows us the mercy of God in it’s administrative activity has the capacity to occasion God’s remembrance, to draw God’s attention to several things that from our own perspective, it may seem like God is not attending to. This Psalmist is giving us a prayer burden and we are going to glide on that tangent.

Malachi 3:16-18
This scripture reveals what we call a spiritual ceremony. A spiritual ceremony is an activity that makes things go on record in the realm of the spirit.

What we do in the natural is a spiritual ceremony if it attracts the attention of God and occasions the scribes of heaven to record that activity as something that God will need to bring to remembrance in order for Him to execute His counsel in the days to come.

That is a spiritual ceremony, just like I visit your house and in the course of our discussion the Lord intercepts our discussions and the substance of our discussion are several things which He inspires us to begin to say, the purpose for which I visit you has been left aside and God has entered into communication and has given us words through inspiration to begin to say.


When we begin to speak those words, our communication creates a platform for God to administer several things that He has in mind. He was just looking for earthly permission for heavenly interference, that was why He orchestrated that arrangement. The moment we begin to operate on that level, the scribes of heaven begin to record. So there is something that is happening overhead on the account of our activity which we did not plan but stumbled upon because we yielded to the inspiration of God and a book of remembrance is opened to that effect.

On account of the spiritual ceremony, God has a platform to perform something. God had an intention that is captured within a certain day to administer an intent in his Heart. The activity that occurred among believers that day created the possibility for God to have the legitimacy to implement that which is upon his heart in the days to come.
– I pray some things we will do here today will go on record in the realm of the spirit.

I remember those days while we were still on campus, our campus was ravaged by cult activities and we began a regime of intercession to call upon the name of the Lord. We were asking heaven to come and renovate our campus, and it came to pass one of those nights that we were given a prophetic instruction and we carried out the instruction as we were led and it went on record in the realm of the spirit. If we had known that heaven will be diligent to fulfill every aspect of what we uttered in the midst of that prophetic action that we took, we would have said many more things. It went on record and when we had graduated, God began to fulfill what He said to the very latter. Church Gist. In order for God to encourage us, He fulfilled it according to the sequence of our speaking so we realize that what happened went on record. There are so many books that God makes reference to. We have the book of war, the book of covenants, and we also have the book of remembrance and in the book of remembrance, He will inspire you to do something that will go on record in the realm of the Spirit and become a platform for which He can bring fulfillment in the days to come.

Let’s take an example of what I am talking about and then we will see how it connects to the power of God’s mercy. Before we can go into that which is Genesis 18, we need to do a refresher course on the sequence of the move of God in the life of a believer.

John 8:31-32

Jesus was addressing believers to give them insight into how they can progress in their walk with God. He said “if ye continue in my word, then you will become my disciples”. We all begin as believers and those who decide to continue in the word of God to understand God’s thoughts, to understand the principles by which God operates, those ones will graduate to become disciples. Church Gist. If you continue in my word then you become a chartered disciple: a disciple that I will reckon with that indeed this one is a disciple. So there is a migration from being believers to becoming disciples. Each of these levels are ecosystems that the grace of God has created possibilities for you to be sufficient in. You can decide to remain a believer, the grace of God is sufficient to establish you in that reality.

The next level is the levels of servants: when you have understood the ways and the working of God then you are conscripted to function in God’s service. You begin to serve the will of God. If you want to serve a spirit, you need to understand what can impress a spirit. I have gone through great efforts to try and impress my wife sometimes and I didn’t meet up. What do you think can impress a spirit? For a spirit to say you actually tried. We are not just talking about any spirit, we are not talking about the water spirit. We are talking about the King of Spirits. For instance, a native doctor can send the spirit in his shrine to go accomplish a mission. Church Gist. You can’t send the Holy Ghost because He is a King spirit, He will do what He wants to do when He wants to do it. The issue here is how can you really serve such a personality and such service will be acceptable by Him. You need to be a disciple first to know His ways before you can now serve Him accurately. Hebrews 12:28-29 The texture of our service is reverence and godly fear. That last phrase there “our God is a consuming fire” is not to consume you. Remember in the last days, our works will be tried by fire, the context here is service. Every man’s service, everything we did in the name of the Lord will be subjected to the fire test. It is a quality control test in eternity and if you study your Bible in the book of Revelation 1 when Jesus made an appearance to John in the Island of Patmos, you will notice that his eyes were like a flame of fire. So the testing instrument He will use that will create the fire that will test our works is actually whether our works are within the perspective of Jesus. If your works are not within the perspective of Jesus it will burn. In order for you to work in a delicate kingdom that cannot be moved, you will need to be a disciple first before you enter into service. If you decide to remain in the disciple level, there is enough grace to accommodate you. If you want to go higher to the service level, to serve a policy from the heart of God and implement God’s will for your generation, there is also grace at that level to sustain you but it is a sensitive line of duty you will need to be equipped with an understanding of the personality that you are in league with. You need to understand the principles by which He operates. The things that are pleasing to Him.

John 15:15

In the regime of service to God, we begin to become comfortable with God’s instruction. I am talking about several things that God makes available to you that you need to accomplish and God will starve you of the understanding of why, so that you can become comfortable living by His instructions and not His explanations. Your understanding is going to be unfruitful, so that your heart can be tested. It’s not a mind thing, it’s a heart thing for which you will need to be disciples to operate that way. Many of us need to understand before we obey, that is not the kind of service we are talking about here. Church Gist. You don’t need to know the details, all you need to know is the instruction. Many times, the circumstances, situations around that kind of service delivery are not conducive. So you don’t understand why it has to be like this but your place is not to question the master, your place is to obey even when it doesn’t seem logical. That is the realm of the servant.

There is another level of friend, it is that level of friend that God brings you into the understanding, the outworkings, the intentions that He has. Abraham is a wonderful example of a man that walked in that realm. Abraham has three titles – friend of God, father of faith and father of many nations. He had so much stature that Jews, Christians and Muslims claim him to be their spiritual ancestor. I would like us to look at a scripture that captures the activity of a friend of God. It is on the strength of his currency before God as a friend that he was able to operate in that capacity. When you become a friend of God, you have an entitlement to know what God is doing.

Each and every one of us has the potential to operate with God on that level of friend. God does not have favourites, He only has intimates. Whether or not you become intimate with God is dependent on the ecosystem you are willing to operate in. The level of possibilities and experiences that abound towards you is consistent with the ecosystem you are comfortable with. Some people are striving for intimacy with God so that it will be impossible for heaven to do anything within the scope of their jurisdiction as ordained by heaven without reaching out to them to give them insight about what God wants to do. Church Gist. At this point, these individuals have become co-administrators with God in His policy directions, so He will need to come and educate them about what He wants to do because they have a role to play in the implementation thereof. There are several privileges available at that level that I want us to see before we go study Abraham who used his intimacy with God as a legal tender to occasion transactions. I would like us to see his credentials before God.

Genesis 18:17
Because He is a friend of God, God is compelled. God had intentions to hide from him but the guy had reached a level of stature in the spirit that occasioned God. These are his credentials – Genesis 18:18. Every friend of God becomes great and becomes great surely. Abraham is ordained to become a channel of blessings, because God doesn’t bless individuals. God blessed Abraham, the earth was willed to him. The extent of blessing you walk in is dependent on how related you are to Abraham. Blessing is Abraham’s commodity. Jesus was called the son of Abraham, the son of David, the son of man, the seed of the woman and the son of God. Those were the five titles that Jesus walked in, why was He called the son of Abraham? Church Gist. What we call redemption began with Abraham. There were great men that had risen upon the face of the earth before Abraham came but God never started the initiative of delivering fallen man until Abraham. If you study the book of Galatians 3 you will find out that what God started with Abraham actually gained fulfillment with Jesus. Jesus actually came on the premise of a covenant God had with Abraham which includes all the nations and families of the earth. The legal platform that authenticated what God began with Abraham and created a premise for organic salvation to find expression was all rooted in an economy of a reality that God began with that man called Abraham. When we talk about blessing, it is in the book of Galatians 3 that we understand what blessings means. It has to do with the privilege of being an entity that the Holy Ghost will come and indwell so you have access to the mind of God, access to the grace and wisdom of God. That which is in God you can access it because you have the Holy Ghost not just coming upon you to occasion an activity but dwelling in you to become a partner of the divine nature. When we talk about Abraham, we are talking about the source. If we can’t trace you to Abraham, you don’t exist in this commonwealth.

Genesis 18:19
Verse 18 talks about his ordination, how pivotal he is in his agenda for the human race. That is an ordination, he didn’t qualify for it. It was God that called Him to become that. But verse 19 is talking about Abraham’s personal credential. It means everyone under Abraham’s authority was sentenced to operate in the way of the Lord, you don’t have any choice. Whether you were bought with money, you are from Egypt and you have walked with idols, you will renounce the spirit your grandfathers served. Abraham had been a disciple of God at a certain time and he had learned the ways of God, he had studied God, experienced God, made mistakes and God had disciplined him and he had gained stature with God. His walk with God was now consistent to become a culture. Church Gist. If you are 90 years old and you want to counsel your son, what will you tell him? If you have no walk with God, you will be speaking like someone that read Sociology. Abraham was passing on heritage, the impact of encounters he had with God and it was now solid enough to become a culture in his household. So the thing that will affect all nations, before exporting it he modeled it and acknowledged that as one of the qualifications on his C.V. If someone is looking for food and he runs into Abraham’s compound. He will get the food but he will be compelled to walk in the ways of the Lord. There is access here, there are possibilities but the only requirement is that you will bow to Jehovah.

God had acknowledged that Abraham had that stature and it was on his C.V. I am just telling you that friendship level, the structure that is in it. You walk with people for fifteen years and they are still the way they used to be, you are not yet a friend of God. We are not doubting that you are a believer but what God is doing inside of you has not gotten to the level where it is contagious. Where it can influence a system and a realm. It means the move of God on your life is too minute to bring change in your context. Church Gist. So there are many things God has in mind that He will keep away from you because of your level of civilization. You are in the business world, the first thing is that you are going there as a disciple of Jesus. Many of us get to places and we lose our identity, if that is still possible, it means you were not a disciple in the first place but you are a believer. When we look at the landscape of Nigeria, we see a nation that has so many Christians but we can’t find God in government. We can’t find God in the administration of our nation. It is not because the sons of the bond woman are so powerful but because most of us have decided to be domiciled in locations that are convenient for us. If you are going to go into serving a certain policy in God, you will learn how to walk by faith. God will not explain why, He will just say ”My son, arise and move” and when you ask “how will I….?” He shuts down so your understanding is unfruitful. Church Gist. That is a venture that you will learn by applying your heart, you will know that in the economy of God and implementation of the purposes of God in the life of a man, the alignment of his heart is a big matter. If God will land in your life, the airport, the tarmac is your life and if that harmony is not there, there is little God can accomplish through your vessel.

Abraham had passed that test where he was now, Heaven has taken notice of the fact that he is well structured in alignment with the government of God and everything that comes into his space is compelled to bow down to the Lordship of the Master that He serves. That was his qualification, these were the things that made it impossible for God to hide something from Abraham because He had obtained a status that has made him a critical factor of the implementation of the plans of God on the earth. Church Gist. When you pray, you are praying with your obedience, your alignment, your consecration. What you have become in God will determine the outcome of that your interaction. Maybe there is a deaf person here and all of us are people of faith but not all of us are people who can help that person because the things you are bringing to the table to interface with are not so powerful that can move the hand of God. You pray with everything that you have become in your walk with God, that’s why the effect of your prayer is different from the effect of my prayer. Abraham came with all of that weight to negotiate for the destiny of Sodom. In Nigeria, we need men of weight if we are going to break the rod of the Assyrian we need men of weight that can negotiate, that can get God to sit at the table of negotiation.

A certain minister in my city was a friend of the late Archbishop and he wanted to invite him for a meeting, he said “I will come on Friday and rest, I will preach on Saturday. I will rest on Sunday and leave on Monday”. The minister said “Sir the people are hungry”. The Archbishop said “Pastor what I can do in one hour, a hundred pastors cannot do it in a hundred hours”. Church Gist. He was not boasting, it’s stature. You can gather the whole of Orile for a prayer meeting and what is achieved when we accumulate all of the corporate rank of that congregation is nowhere near the output of a certain man taking coffee. God can achieve more with a man sipping coffee than the whole Orile. Abraham came with all of that stature and he came to God. Let’s go to the negotiation table.

Genesis 18:23
This is how he started, I like you to see the intelligence the man had gathered in his walk with God. He knew where to punch God. This was the beginning of the negotiation “will you also destroy the righteous with the wicked”. In your walk with God what have you found that you can use and chain God and say “ where you not the one that, I am confused…”. These are applications of deep spiritual realities. Church Gist. You think you are gaining anything by remaining immature, you will be a victim of transactions taking place overhead. I want to sit at the table where matters are discussed. If God wants to visit your family, will he come to you? You are a mere victim of the real transactions that take place and if in your context the elders are more yielded to darkness than you are to light, the shape of the land will look like darkness.

We bought land and we wanted to build, it was beside the market. The drainage of the government was compromised and it was flooding our land so we had to build a drainage. We got workers and we were trying to break the old drainage and set up a new one. The workers came to me one morning and said “Oga, we no fit work again oh”. I said “have you not been paid?”. They said “no be money oh”. They found a snake there, and in the culture of the people when they want to establish a market they bring a snake there to improve sales. Church Gist. It was that snake that was living in the drainage. When it’s time for sacrifice, it won’t bother you; it knows who to collect as a sacrifice. It has its own toll gate. So the workers said ”this one na Pastor work, no be our work”. Then you will know whether you have gained enough stature. Your transaction stops at the end of your stature. Nigeria needs men of stature in this day of need. The question is are you the one that is to come or should we expect another? Abraham came with spiritual intelligence, “would you destroy the wicked and the righteous?” you caught God there.

Genesis 18:27, 30-32
He understands reverence. God was trying to avoid the possibility of informing Abraham about the matter but this guy trapped God because he understands reverence. When have you walked with God to that you operate like this, you will just wake up in the morning and “Oh Yes! All the angels I summon you”. You have not gone close enough to God that is why you are like this. “All the spirits around, I just came to say I am awake”. He said “don’t be angry, the fact that you are talking and it seems as if I am challenging you. I am just dust and ashes”. Do you know what it means if Jesus walks into your room, What will you tell him? What you will tell Him is that you have learnt as a disciple. As you are serving God, the object of the service is not the service, it’s an opportunity to know Him. Church Gist. In the kingdom, service is greatness. When you have walked in service to a certain level, it becomes strange for people to serve you. You don’t accept it because in the service you have learnt how to make obeisance, you have learnt how to be poured as a libation. All of you have gone down to the cross and the thing that lives is the opportunity to serve the will of God.

This discussion ended and God conceded that if there are ten people in Sodom because of Abraham, I will spare. When God went to take inventory, Abraham’s negotiation limit was still below the mark, it was not sufficient to administer any form of mercy and God was righteous in destroying Sodom and Gomorrah because Abraham’s limit was kept in the agreement.

Genesis 19: 27-29
Abraham went to that same conference hall where him and God negotiated. Sending Lot out was not part of the negotiation, that is called mercy. Mercy is the facility by which God can be brought to notice on a matter and be compelled to act. This activity of God was not based on the negotiation, God decided to be merciful to Lot which was not part of the agreement. Church Gist. The terminology used here is “remember” it means God put certain things on record from the book of remembrance and He was compelled to consider it that day. It was on the strength of the edge of mercy that Lot was delivered from Sodom. What God told me this morning is that “I want to remember some people in this meeting”

Maybe you have been in a condition for such a while and it is as if there is no change. We are going to pray for 10 minutes and the mercy of God will occasion a remembrance.

Lot would have died in the overthrow but God remembered Abraham and saved Lot. If it is left to Lot, the overthrow should begin from his house but God remembered Abraham.

There was a book of remembrance that was opened and God opened a clause of mercy that Abraham did not request for.

Our prayer point is “Remember me oh God according to thy mercy and show me thy goodness for thy own sake”. In the course of this conference you will remember families, individuals and our nation Nigeria. The mercy of God will compel God to look upon you and rise up in jealousy to act. Remember me! Remember me!! Remember me!!!


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