The Power of God’s Mercy – Bishop Wale Oke at WAFBEC 2022

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– Bishop Wale Oke at WAFBEC 2022

We are what we are because He is who He is. Apart from Him we are nothing and can do nothing but connected with Him we can do all things through Christ. He reigns! blessed be His name. Happy New Year Everyone.

– This year shall be glorious for you in every thing.
– Through out this year, you will operate under open heaven.
– The glorious hand of God will rest upon you for your protection, for your defence.
– Wherever you go this year you will carry the glory of God and distribute the blessings of God.
– Through out this year you will be far from shame, you will be far from sorrow.
– The shout of joy and celebration shall be in your tabernacle.
– You have seen the beginning of the year, you will see the end with joy.
– Step by step He will guide you this year. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Nahum 3:17

The joke of a prophet is a prophecy, the smile of a prophet is a prophecy. The Power of God’s mercy. One of the most profound and sensitive subject to the heart of God in the entire scripture is Mercy.

The only time the Bible said Jesus stood still was when He heard a cry for mercy. Somebody was who a nonentity in the society, blind, poor, smelling and stagnated yet he caught the attention of Jesus. Jesus heard a cry for mercy and he stopped in His tracks.

The man was touching the nerve of God when He cried for mercy. The cry of mercy when it comes from a genuine heart, God opens His ears and Heaven stands still. The very God of the very God standing still.

The one who has beginning or end stood still and that man’s life was never the same again. You know the story too well. The God who is rich in mercy.
• In this house today, mercy will find you. Grace will locate you.

God gave Joseph a word that He was going to rule, the sun, the moon and the stars are going to bow before him but everything was going contrary, Somebody here receive that word you have been waiting for.

They put his destiny on hold, he was in prison as though the word of the Lord was not going to pass.

That is the gain of the devil, getting you to doubt the word of the Lord.


The enemy knows if you cannot believe you will not be established. He knows the moment the word of God grips your heart and the word of God grips your heart, the enemy has lost.
• Over your life, the enemy has lost.
• What the enemy told you cannot happen, receive it now.

It was like the vision was not going to happen. “How can I be great and all these things happen to me, they threw me in your pit, from the pit they sold me to slavery, in slavery I was accused him of a very heinous crime that I knew nothing about. My boss came, he didn’t even ask for my own side of the story, he just believed his wife and threw me to jail. My destiny on hold, my life on hold, the prison door shut against me and I am here powerless” until His word came.

For the word of the Lord is quick and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword. The gate that has been shut against his destiny crashed. When two forces collide, the lesser one bows. Is there any door anywhere that can hold the King of glory back?
• Every door that has held you back, tonight I destroy them.
• From today you go forward, this year 2022 you will soar.
• Every ground that you have lost, you will recover all.

The word smashed the gates of the prison. The word took a hold of Joseph and put him on the throne as the Prime Minister of the most powerful nation then on earth. Way beyond his imagination, the word of God is higher and stronger than your imagination. Only believe and you will see the glory of God.

• This year you will be far from sorrow. 2022 will be full of laughter.

His word changed his story permanently, up until the time the word came. His story was negative. In the pit, to slavery, serving at Potiphar’s house, lied against, throw to jail. Everything was negative. If that has been your case, take heart.

You are not the first, it happened to Joseph. But when the word of God came, everything changed in quick succession. He got an appointment he never applied for. Declare I am the man for lifting, for promotion, for exaltation this year.
• Many of you when you go back home tonight, you will meet miracles waiting for you. The letter of joy you have been waiting for will be waiting for you in the office tomorrow.
• One phone call that will change your status for life will come to you.
• The kind of bank alert you have never experienced, bringing heavy money will happen to you. You will rejoice, you will celebrate.

You can just go on and narrate, from the time His word came until the time he breathed his last nothing negative was recorded again about Joseph. The word that came terminated the negative and opened the door for the positive.
• I terminate the negative in your life.
• I terminate the oppression, the failure, the near success syndrome, I open the door of breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

The King said bring my chariot. This man has been put on hold for thirteen years, its time for speed. It’s time to overtake. You can’t be walking on foot, trekking and you are overtaking.
• I announce your chariot from heaven.
• I speed into your life, what is taking other people several years to accomplish in a matter of weeks. It will be done. Receive speed in the name of Jesus.

The King took his ring, the signet of his authority and put it on Joseph and said “I will not rule without this man. By his word I shall rule Egypt”. What kind of authority is that? He was talking about a Jew. In those days Jews are discriminated against. The Jews are considered less than the dogs of the Egyptians.

If you are an Egyptian and you are found eating with a Jew they will arrest you. He was a slave, he was a prisoner. That was big enough to stop anybody in the track of progress. When your word comes, who cares about your pedigree? Who cares about the colour of your skin? Who cares about your wardrobe or lack of it? Who cares?
• Through out this year, you will walk in uncommon favour, unusual favour, great favour in the name of Jesus.

Judges 11:11

Declare ‘my season for celebration has come’. I don’t know what you are going to be celebrating. Follow the life of Joseph, all his brothers that sold him into slavery and said it will never happen, when the time came for the vision to be accomplished, they were bowing down before him in a hurry. They didn’t recognize him anymore. Joseph’s status had changed but they were still on the same spot where they used to be. People left you or abandoned you, move on. Let them come to check you and they don’t find you where they left you. Don’t waste your time mourning an ex, move on. They fired you at work, move on.

They have missed a gem. They are the losers for not having a carrier of the covenant in their place of employment. Go and read scriptures, the Lord blessed the house of Laban because of Jacob. Maybe you have stayed there too long, it’s time for you to start your business and God put it in their heart to kick you out. Don’t stay there mourning, move on. Joseph had moved on so when his brothers came they didn’t recognize Him anymore.

• From tonight, the negatives are terminated. The negatives are over. Whatever is causing the negative, I cut it off from the root. Higher and higher you will rise, brighter and brighter you will shine.

Ephesians 2:1-7

When we are talking about the mercy of God, it is about we human beings. The animals didn’t rebel against Him and it is the people that are in rebellion that need mercy. We were dead in sin by birth and by nature, right from the time of Adam. No single human exempted. When David was repenting before the Lord in Psalm 51, He said “in sin did my mother conceive me. I was born in iniquity”.

Nobody was born righteous, nobody born holy, not one person. When we talk about the righteousness of God, a human being trying to be righteous by his own work has missed it all together. The righteousness of God is as far as heaven is from earth. Not only were we born in sin, we walked in sin. The only exception is the man Jesus who did not partake of the Adamic sin and who walked on the face of this earth without committing one sin.

Because he was sent as the lamb of God to bring us redemption. You are either under the Lordship of Jesus or under the control of the devil, there is no sitting on the fence. Even if you are saved, that area you have not yielded to Christ is under the control of the devil.

That’s why Peter could speak to Jesus and Jesus said “get thee behind me Satan”. If you are not born again, you are under the full dominion of the devil. All of us have been in that situation. We were not only in sin, we walked and practiced in sin. That is why before people get born again we are to break the hold of the devil over their lives unless their eyes cannot be open to see the Messiah. There is a power of the air that controlled us, the evil spirit moving us to work in disobedience.

Ephesians 2:4

This is one of the most profound scripture you can ever read. That God is not just merciful, He is rich in mercy. Every facet of our needs, the mercy of God addresses them all. The mercy of God settles every account. A woman’s daughter was afflicted by the devil and she came to Jesus, ” have mercy on me” He reached out and her life changed. A leper, an outcast in the society came to Jesus to have mercy and He drew near and touched the untouchable.

The leper was not supposed to be touched. God is rich in mercy, there is no aspect of your need that the mercy of God does not cover. There is no situation in life that you find yourself that the mercy of God can not come through for.

Many years ago, my graphics artist was doing a design for me and he came to me. I saw he was looking sorrowful and I don’t like people to look sorrowful around me. When you are sorrowful, you make me and I want to lift that burden off you. How many of you observed that when you smile at people, they smile back at you. I said “Akin, what is the issue”. He said nothing and I said there is something, I know you. Put the design on the table, sit down and tell me. His parents had been separated for 25 years. He was a young man of 27 years, he was about 2 when the parents parted ways.

The father is a pastor, the mother is a pastor. They didn’t divorce, they just didn’t want to hear anything from each other. So I said what do you want? ” He said “Sir, I want my parents to come back together”. After twenty five years? I was still a young minister at that time but I believed in the mercy of God. Lift your right hand and say to God “Father I believe in your mercy. Have mercy on me in every area of my life”.

I prayed for Akin, he left and then the Spirit of God came on Akin and he wrote his father a letter. He said “thank you for being my father, thank you for sending me to school, thank you for everything but if you are not going to reconcile with my Mummy, forget that you ever had a son called Akin. Alive or dead, I will not set my eyes on you.

This is not a threat, this is what I am going to do. So help me God”. He delivered the letter to his father and he wrote exactly the same letter to his mother. His mother said his father was at fault and he said I don’t want to know who is at fault, if you cannot reconcile then forget me. By Christmas that year, the family was together after 25 years of broken marriage. Is there anything that the mercy of God cannot do? Nothing.

At the heart of our redemption is the mercy of God. Everything we are believing God for is very tiny compared to redemption. The forgiveness of sin, the gift of eternal life, there is no amount of money that can buy it.

Romans 8:32

Jesus did not just die, Jesus was not just killed. God delivered his only son to be crucified. They couldn’t have killed him, they couldn’t have arrested him. But because of His mercy towards us, He knew that if Jesus didn’t go through what He went through, we would rot in hell forever. He gave Him up. Isaiah 53:10 (NLT). God crushed His own son, the son was in great agony, the Father delivered Him up. It was excruciating pain, Jesus cried “my God, my God why have you forsaken me”.

It was a pain in the heart of the father too. A stroke of the cane on the back of your child is a stroke of cane on the heart of the parent too. But the mercy of God made Him give Him up. How expensive our redemption is. How great our salvation is. Everything else are fringe benefits, redemption covers everything. A redemption that leaves you poor and broken is not redemption.

Galatians 3:13-14

All those blessings are available but the heart of it is redemption. We have an N.G.O. that caters for the poor, the needy. Last year they went to the prison and gave them clothes and I told them ” Listen, don’t cloth them to hell. Cloth them but make sure you give them the gospel.

Don’t feed them and their stomach is full and they perish”. Materials things don’t compare in any way to the eternal blessings we received in redemption.

Ephesians 2:6-7

God reached out to our past, full of sin and iniquity and brought us out. He took us into a glorious tomorrow. Mercy, love, grace, kindness, all of it flowed out of the heart of the father that we may be saved. That we may be His jewel in eternal glory. That you may be His showpiece of His eternal glory. The mercy of God is the foundation of our redemption. He gave up His son, crushed Him, allowed Him to be crucified because if His blood didn’t flow, there will be no mercy for us. All of us have different needs but our needs are covered in God’s mercy. Just reach out like Bartimaeus and say “Jesus have mercy on me” and He will reach out to that area of your life.

The mercy of God covers every spectrum of our human needs. There is nothing the devil has done in your life that the mercy of God cannot deal with. There is nothing, all you need to do is to cry out and He will have mercy on you.

Lift your two hands and thank Him for His mercy. Give Him glory.

Now begin to ask, whatever you want the Lord to do for you. His mercy covers it. Healing? Covered. Job? Covered. Husband? Covered. Breakthroughs? Covered. Promotions? Covered. Just ask Him simply, ask Him sincerely.


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