THE POWER TO GET WEALTH’ (Part 2 A) – Apostle Joshua Selman

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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE POWER TO GET WEALTH’ (Part 2 A)
Give Jesus a big clap. The Bible says; now thanks be to God which causeth us always; not sometimes, not other times but always to triumph. Hallelujah.
Let’s celebrate our wonderful worship team, God bless you!
Wave your hands to Jesus and declare your gratitude for His faithfulness over your life; His faithfulness over Koinonia, His faithfulness over your family. Father we thank You; thank You for the miracles, for the signs and the wonders. No man can do this except God be with him. For Your abiding presence, we thank You, in the name of Jesus Christ.
One of the keys that opens us to a new dimension is thanksgiving; where we become thoughtful enough to say thank You Jesus.

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  • Father, transform my life tonight by the power of Your Word
    I just sensed in my heart before we sit to just speak a word of encouragement to someone. You are here and you are wondering; “can God make a table in the wilderness?” You are here and you are wondering; “how will I attend to the bills and the issues?”

Just when the door is about to be opened, the devil can lie to you and say; “Is this what the faithfulness of God looks like?”. Let me encourage you by the Spirit, you know the way the realm of the Spirit works; five minutes to your breakthrough, it will still not look like it.

Every time you feel discouraged, forget about yourself and focus on Him. I’ve taught you here that you can fail by yourself but you cannot fail with God. Alone you can fail for sure, but you cannot fail with God.
-Bless our hearts tonight oh God, in the name of Jesus.
God bless you, please be seated in God’s glorious presence.
It’s always a joy to have us around. We bless our global family, thank you for connecting with us.

Last week, we began to discuss the subject of the economy system of the Kingdom. It was an attempt to help believers understand God’s ways of bringing financial abundance to His people.

We serve a God who is very whole in His dealings with men; He does not only want you us to prosper spiritually, He wants us to prosper all wise. Speaking by the Spirit, He says, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Part 1, we looked at some few things, I may just take a minute or two to recap that: it is God’s will for us to prosper and you must come to terms with this one and for all that God is glorified in our prosperity.
Deuteronomy 8:11-14, 17; Psalm 35:27

  • The Lord is bringing an end to captivity for your family!

So we began to discuss a few things that it is God’s will for us to prosper.

We identified a few imbalances that when the subject of prosperity is isolated from love and passion for Jesus and for the Kingdom and the emphasis is just the satisfaction and the gratification of the flesh, then that becomes destructive.

But when the subject of prosperity is incorporated as part of the overall counsel of God, the love for Jesus and passion for Him, being exalted above it, then it now becomes proper and it now becomes a blessing to all who learn the ways of God as touching prosperity and all who handled that reality and we said that there are few things we need to know as believers if we want to prosper in the Kingdom:

a). All blessings come from God and belong to Him. The idea of stewardship; that in this Kingdom, we are not owners; owners are rebels. We do not own anything, we are only given stewardship and the Bible says, moreover, it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful (1 Corinthians 4:1-2).

b). All blessings come from God, through men to men. Nothing comes from God directly to a man; it comes from God, through men to men. Even Jesus came from God through a human, Mary to men. Salvation came through the man Jesus to men.

That means, it takes God in partnership with men for the blessings and the resources of Heaven to reach you.

If God says yes and the conduit, the man who should be used by God to make that yes a reality in your life, if that individual says no, that yes will only remain in the realm of the spirit. It takes the Spirit and the bride to say come. When the Spirit says yes, there must be a bride on earth who will echo yes.

When God says be blessed, there must be a man, a vessel who will convey that blessing to you.

c). Wealth and abundance in this Kingdom is not an achievement. For the believer, when God blesses you and prospers you, it is not an achievement; it is a trust.

Very fundamental but powerful principle and then we contrasted the idea of wealth from the standpoint of men of God; the spiritual laws and then business men, the natural laws or the physical laws that for a very long time, they had been this division; some men of God generally will say; “all it takes to prosper is just to obey the spiritual laws” and then business men will say; “don’t mind the men of God, just follow the business law and you will prosper” and we agreed last week that both of them have a very correct perspective but both of them are incomplete. There is a place for spiritual laws and there is a place for natural laws. In synergy, they will produce a dimension of wealth and prosperity that can be perpetuated.

We considered the spiritual laws:
i). The law of absolute or complete surrender. When you want to do business with God, it is more than a money issue. The narrative that has been given in the Church, that when it has to do with prosperity, it is all about money. It may not be a very accurate narrative. When you want to prosper God’s way, it starts with all of you. God is not looking for your wallet or your ATM, He’s looking for all of you.

ii). The law of tithe. Ten per cent of the increase of God upon your life.
iii). The law of giving; seed time and harvest (Genesis 8:22, Luke 6:38).
We spoke about different kinds of giving; worship offering, prophet offering, vows, seed faith, sacrifices and so on. We also dealt with the Return Channels.

When you engaged these spiritual laws of wealth and abundance, there are return channels:

i). Favour with God and men. Favour is the ability or the grace of God upon a man that will cause other people to participate in your success.
ii). Wisdom: there are two dimensions of wisdom required for wealth and prosperity:
Divine direction, divine strategies and the blessing activated upon the life of that individual.

We also learnt that the assignment of the spiritual laws of wealth and abundance, they are primarily responsible for the arrival of financial resources. When you engage spiritual laws, they will cause that substance and financial resources to come to you.

But just knowing the spiritual laws alone, you will not be able to perpetuate wealth because for you to truly walk in Kingdom wealth; you must know how to attract financial resources, you must know how to manage the financial resources, you must know how to multiply the financial resources. That’s where many people stopped but there is on
e more; you must know how to preserve the financial resources.

There are people who succeeded in attracting it, managing it, multiplying it and then lost everything. So you must know how to attract wealth, manage wealth, multiply your financial resources and then preserve it. This will not be the only series, it is line upon line; precept upon precept but I want to share with you a few things today and I pray in the name of Jesus, that it will add to accelerating your journey to the wealthy place.

It will help you to be able to get to a point where you are truly an expression of the blessing of the Lord and please do not allow anyone manipulate you into believing that you do not need financial resources in your life. Settle it once and for all, that the absence of financial resources in your life will punish you and will impede the quality of your living, the advancement of the Kingdom and your potential for being a blessing. You need financial resources.

It is not money that destroyed men, it is a heart that is not inclined towards the things of God. Once your heart is wrong, money is like a gun; if an armed robber holds that gun, it is dangerous for you.

If a military man holds the same gun, it is good for you. The gun does not shoot itself; it assumes the character of the holder. So if you are a wicked person, money will helps strengthen that wickedness. If you are a kind person who loves Jesus and loves people, financial resources will help you.

The rich will always rule over the poor and the borrower will be a slave to the lender. There is a relationship between wealth and influence. You cannot attain a position of influence when you are poor.

Say, “In the name of Jesus, I reject poverty, I reject lack, and I reject insufficiency.”
Tonight, God wants to clear many, many things. As always, this is a deliverance service; deliverance through transformation. So open up your heart and let the fire of God’s word come and break those gates of bars and even cut those bars of iron in sunder in Jesus’ name.

Let’s define financial freedom. For many people, they may not be comfortable using the language “rich or wealthy” because it is misused by so many people.

The idea of rich for many people suggests a life of extravagance because the pictures that have been associated with the word rich may not be the kind of picture that a Kingdom person may want to be associated with. Most times when we use the word rich, when you go online, you will find out that it just suggests lazy people who are not doing anything, wasting their time, lives and so, once people hear the word rich, they feel guilty, especially people who love Jesus.

So I will like to use the word, “financial independence”.
What is financial freedom or financial independence?

Just because you have financial resources at your disposal does not mean you are financially independent or financially free. Financial freedom has to do with the availability of financial resources plus the time to be blessed by it and to use it for the Kingdom, plus peace of mind.

These three things must coexist for it to be said in the Kingdom to be financially free. That means financial freedom has to do with the presence of abundant financial resources plus time. If you have money without time, life cheated you. Remember that the assignment of money to you is time redemption and efficiency.

There are many wealthy people who do not have peace of mind.

They suspect everyone, they cannot sleep, their health is deteriorated, they don’t have peace, it looks like the way Satan grants people wealth in the world system is that; the higher you rise financially, the more other aspects of your life are shredded into pieces and destabilized.

Very wealthy people but at the expense of their joy, family, spiritual convictions and almost everything; they lose their health, peace but may people have committed suicide as millionaires.

They thought that these money can fill the void that only Jesus can fill and in the presence of cars, houses, estates, money flying left, right and centre, they still found out that, that void can not be fill with material things.

We live in a social media world and a world where media seems to have such power to paint any narrative they want us to believe. So we see people who are wealthy without Jesus Christ and they seem to look very comfortable, happy, it looks like all their lives are put together. It is not true.

There is a void that is so large, only the size of Jesus can fill in a man; nothing else sustains that ability.

There is no point in the equation of your attaining wealth that you throw Jesus out. No! Whatever requires that you throw Jesus out to prosper is demonic. You can prosper with the dignity of the Kingdom integrity and yet your heart is not inclined to those things. Most believers have not even tasted the dimension of wealth that God has in store for the Church.

Most of the wealth that we have tasted in the Church, believe me; it’s only a test of faithfulness. Before Jesus comes, there will be such an avalanche of the blessings of the Lord upon individuals but the shocking part is, they will never be connected to those things.

Their hearts and their allegiance belong to Jesus and to Jesus only. You must become that person who loves Jesus with all your heart in the midst of the estates, billions, influence, financial rest round about, you can sing this song with your children and say; “even so, You remain Lord”.

My highest definition of success is peace, more than progress. You can have progress, if you do not have peace, you are poor. I have prayed for you here in Koinonia and even in this series, it is my prayer for you again, that may you never be so poor that all you have is money.

If you have only finance and you lose Jesus, your mind, your health and relationship but you have money, you are poor. It is when your relationship with Jesus is intact, you sustain superior belief systems, your body is healthy, you have financial resources, you have rich destiny relationships; you are wealthy indeed. May that be your portion in Jesus’ name.


I taught you that both the spiritual laws of wealth and abundance and the physical laws of wealth and abundance are all called Kingdom laws. It is the same power of God that is backing their results.

That means, when you engage with spiritual laws or the physical laws, the power that makes the law works is the power of God. It is just the dynamics of their operations that is different. What I’m about to teach you now, the reason why it works is because the power of God is backing it.

The first physical law that governs wealth and abundance is called the LAW OF MENTAL TRANSFORMATION. You want to access the blessings and the wealth of the Kingdom, last week we learnt absolute surrender, your tithing, your giving, now you want to learn how to manage, to multiply and to preserve wealth; the law of mental transformation. That your thoughts will eventually translate to your physical reality.

For a long time, people in church have not been taught that their belief system and their thinking has a relationship with their financial levels and also their destinies.

Proverbs 23:7
Most people who desire to prosper, financially speaking would not care about their mental state and most people feel that all it takes to prosper is capital plus a business idea. That is not true. Your thoughts, your mental state has a lot to do with your prosperity.

As it is in your mind, so it will manifest in your life – that is the truth. The realities that are captured in your thoughts and in your belief system will eventually find physical expression within your life. Your reality is a product of your most dominant thought – this is true.

Genesis 11:1-6
The fact that the Lord came down meant He saw something real. “The Lord came down to see the City and the tower which the children of men builded”, that means it was finished already. They are yet to start the building physically, they were communicating that idea and yet in the realm of the spirit, a building was rising.

God had to come and say, who is building? The power of thought, that everything in life is built twice; first in your mind and then physically. If you ever try to build anything physically that is not yet built in your mind, you will lose it.

Everything in this Kingdom is built twice; first in your mind and then in your physical reality.
The name of that thing that was building in the realm of the spirit is called “imagination” (Genesis 11:6). Their minds were architects building their possibilities and yet physically, there was no physical building.

You don’t have to move to a physical location to prosper. Right where you are, in that one room, you are constrained physically but let your mind start building tomorrow. Let your mind work with the Word of God and start building the next season.

Your mind is an extraordinarily fertile garden. It will grow any seeds (ideas – failure, limitations, success, victory) that are planted and watered and it will give you abundant harvest of the same. Your mind doesn’t have the ability on its own to reject seeds, you just drop it there and it begins to grow. You must pay attention to what you drop in your mind.
Proverbs 4:23

Your prosperity will be in greater measure of the product of your paradigm and philosophy more than a product of the economy. When you measure poverty from and economy standpoint, you are speaking territorially, the GDP and all of that.

But at an individual level the economy is not the reason why an individual is poor, it is largely your philosophy, your ideas. You prosper largely from your paradigm and your philosophies more than the economy.

If you attempt to change your life (physical reality) without first changing your mind, your mindset will compel behaviours that will force your life to return back to reflect your level of thinking. If there is a programming that says you should never have more than hundred thousand, if for any reason someone blesses you with one million, while you are dancing, your mind interprets it as a mistake because based on that mindset, it’s illegal to be holding that amount.

I am saying that your body will start creating behaviours; this is a law that will make you waste that money back to the level where your mindset says, now you are proper. This is why you see people, no matter what money comes, the keep recycling back to a range. It is not just demons; it is a law of mental transformation.

Your mindset has the assignment of making sure your physical reality is consistent with your level of thinking. Anytime your physical reality is more that your level of thinking, your mindset will fight that result until it brings you back.

The same way, if your mindset is higher than your physical reality, your mindset will start compiling behaviours that will move you out of that realm to the realm that is consistent with your thinking.

Your mindset is the authorized escort that leads you to where you want to go to. Your mindset has to go to that realm and verify, then come and pick your body to that realm. Because the power of God is backing that law, that whoever gets transformed should not remain at the level that is less than his transformation. It is a spiritual law even though the law is physical in manifestation but there is a spiritual power that backs it.

The same power that raises a crippled from a wheelchair in a crusade ground is the same power that is backing that activity.

Don’t try to live a fake life; we are getting there to destroy and damage this fake living; you don’t have to fake what can be real. The power of God in partnership with your mindset will create scenarios that will push you out of the place you are to a level that becomes consistent with your thinking. Don’t start wasting your time asking where am I going to?

Leave that one to the intelligence of a power that is greater than you.

We live in a world that interpret your prosperity based on the physical things you are wearing; how expensive is your material, what kind of watch are you wearing; “this is five million”. Wow! Five million, that means you are rich!

Can I tell you, even if you give somebody a watch and a cloth of five million naira and his mindset is fifty thousand, activities will happen around his life, satan is looking for those kinds of people because on legal basis, he can now cooperate with the law.

Satan does not just have power on his own, his power is based on the loopholes in our obedience. So he will cash in. He becomes a destructive force that make that laws work. He will come and partner with that law to make sure you retrogress down to a point where you now fit your mindset.

It is the same thing that happens to children in school.

So, a child grows and the parents keep telling him; “you are dull, you are a stupid child, you will not amount to anything, we are poor. Make sure that when you see other people, know that you are not part of them”. Let me tell you what you are doing?

You are programming something in that child. When that child gets to school, the mindset will interpret anything he does correctly as a mistake.

When that child fails and bring back a poor result, that result is now consistent with his mindset. What most parents would do is that, in anger for wasting your school fees, you will fight and burst and beat that child. Out of fear, he will go back and write one exam and gets 60/70. His mindset would say; “this is wrong”. That 60/70 is not consistent with the kind of thinking and sooner or later, he would return back.

The real way to grow is to change. The moment you find yourself looking for money, you have missed the law. You will never find money, money is not missing, don’t look for it . It is attracted by who you are becoming more that what you do. Becoming is greater than doing.

Your evolution and your transformation are greater than what you do.
You will prosper largely because of who you have become, more than what you do.
“But the people that do know their God (knowledge), they shall be (become), then they shall do exploits. It starts with knowledge, transformation and then action.
You can do thirty things and get the same result if it is the same mindset doing them.

It is not the business that is failing, it is the mindset that is doing the business that is making it to fail.

That is why the wealthy are not wealthy because of the business that prospers them; but because of their mindset that makes the business they are doing to prosper. Every business that you are failing at, someone is succeeding at it.

The difference is not the business, it is the mindset.
When you have a car and you drive that car to a ditch, don’t blame the car. The car was supposed to obey every direction you gave to the car.

So if your incompetence as a learner tells the car to go to the left, it will obey you. When you see that car is hitting the tree, police will not arrest the car, they will arrest you because the problem is not the car. The problem is the driver.

That driver is your mindset.
This body you see, is only an instrument of execution. This body does not have a will of his own.

Anything you see the body do that translates to the result of your destiny, it’s only obedient to your mindset. If I take my hand and I slap this man, the hand is innocent. It is the mindset that told the hand to slap. If I take a gun and kill, the gun is innocent.

The mindset instructed the body to hold the gun till it kills because it believes it cannot prosper by dignity.

So your body is only a slave to your thinking. When a man slaps his wife and beats the wife, there is a mindset that teaches you that if you beat the living day out of your wife, she will respect you. Maybe it came from culture, so your body becomes a slave to that thinking.

When you want to change men, what do you really change? So why have you been focusing on changing cloths and changing cars and jobs. It looks like the obvious problem but it is not the right one. You have changed every other thing except the real thing that needs change. When everybody is wrong, it is proof that the problem is your lens of sight – your mindset.

So, when the Holy Spirit comes to build you, He will not give you capitals for business. You see some of the prayers we are praying, it is the mercy of God that is making those prayers not to be answered because God does not want you to waste money. “God, if you can just give me five million in this Abuja, I promise You, You don’t even need to come and help me again.

You just give me five million and I will use the brain God gave me”. In God’s mind, all you are saying is “Lord mercy, I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m confused but I need help”. And He comes to you, He gives you a book and a message; “go and meet somebody who is struggling financially and give him a teaching and say can you listen to this?”. You said, No! You are wasting my time. All I need is money and you are telling him, I want to help you.

I shared it last week, this man can remove this beautiful attire he’s wearing, (not to insult, we pray that God transform them). But you go to the outskirts of the City where you meet all these rough boys, you know what is rough about them right? It is not the body; always remember this has always been obedient.

It is the mindset that told the body to smoke, to sleep under a bridge, look for where there is something to smoke – the body is innocent. Remove this same cloth and give those boys to wear, in a week, their mindsets will tell on the cloth.

This cloth is clean, it did not iron itself, the body did not make it happen; it is the mindset that told the body to be sure that it’s neatly dressed. So all of the confusion around our lives, we blame our bodies; it is our refusal to be transformed. This is not just for your finance, it’s for your life.

If you are yet to get a job, thank God because you have the time to change quickly. So that by the time that job comes, it is the enlightened version of you that is admitted there. Most people complain and waste time and sit from morning till night blaming God, parents, wealthy people and blaming serious people for their conditions.

This is why I have a problem with the imbalance teaching that, just give and your life will change. It’s not true! Because there are many people who, as they are putting their hands to give, the realm of the spirit is ready to give you the favour but the level of the mental transformation that can take that favour and translate it to a blessing is not there.

So spiritual blessings keep coming in a bag that is full of holes. Listen to me, it was not oil and a vessel that was equal to profit. It was oil and plenty vessels.

When the prophet diagnosed her situation, he said the problem is not the oil. The oil will always assume the shape of the vessel carrying it. If the vessel is small, the oil will look small. He said; “Madam, go and borrow vessels.

Enlarge your capacity”. It is not your tithe that is not working, it is not your giving that is not working. It is the vessel through which the answer is coming. Even if rain falls from morning to night and it’s only a cup you have outside, if we are to use the rain based on the size of your cup, we will say it only drizzle whereas, it was an avalanche. It’s just your cup that made it look like it is not raining.

When I found this principle, I began to rejoice; I made up my mind that I won’t fake anything. Brothers and sisters, drink your garri with honour; don’t rush the season in your life now because you will miss it. You will look for it and not find it again. It will take a telescope to look back and say where am I coming from? – Transformation.

That is lasting wealth that does not fail. That’s why you see wealthy people, even when they lose money or anything, it doesn’t really bother them because the moment they lose money, their mindset kicks in and say; “it’s a mistake, you shouldn’t be poor” and the Holy Spirit will start working with that mind to find a way of bringing you back.

If Baba Adeboye walks into this place right now and says; “I am hungry”. How many of you will say; “There is one restaurant here.” – Is that how you will respond?

Some of you will say thank You Jesus. You will run, leave this Koinonia as it is now and run and go somewhere and make sure you get the meal and come and knee down and say; “Please eat it in my presence and bless me”. Do you know why? Because his level of transformation does not allow that condition to exist in his life.

There is a level of transformation that if you get to, it is only millionaires that have that kind of mindset and if you have that kind of mindset and there is nothing in your hand, the law of God’s justice will force you to have the resources that match that mindset.

That means if you have the mindset of a millionaire now and you are in one room, the law, the power that backs this law will interpret it as a lie, God will raise a destiny helper, a business helper, anything to shift you. So what you do is not really the problem; it is who you are.

When I started ministry, I used to go and preach; I have never preached for money. It has never been about giving; I love Jesus with all my heart and for as long as I live, He becomes my motivational.

But when I started preaching, I used to go and minister somewhere and sometimes, it’s when I climbed my bike going back home, they will now stand as if they are bribing me and bring out 2A and just count N1,000 or N500 and say; “man of God, may the Lord honour you.

Thank you for coming for this meeting”. I’ve never felt bad because it was only my body that was in that realm. My mind was already years ahead of my body and I knew my mind will pick my body to a place where I would be blessed. I have never told anybody I am growing. The moment I focus on growing, everything, including the way they treated me as I travelled began to grow. Everything is waiting for you to grow too.

The way God programmed life is that all the things you want are needed in your destiny but to start looking for them one by one is a burden God did not give you. Most of us, when God tells you; you need influence, relationship, media ministry, finances etc.

How do you start looking for these things one by one? How old will you become before you get them?

You don’t look for money, you’ll never find it. Every realm and every level in your life has the possibilities attached to it to come. You don’t bring them by getting them, you bring them by growing.
Everything you are looking for is also looking for you; but it is not looking for this version of you.
I can use will-power and I can manipulate my way to get something, whereas, I have not grown. The laws of God’s justice system will interpret this as a lie. I will lose the thing, no matter how careful I am. Life must take me back to the real place that befits my mindset. C
This is where living a fake life; if you eat tomorrow’s bread today, you will be hungry tomorrow. If you wear tomorrow’s cloth today; if all you have today is a N500 trouser, iron it with honour. It is only your body wearing it. Your mind is already in a boutique, shopping for your next level of life, walking with the Holy Spirit.

We live in a world today where people are proud, they feel ashamed of process. If you come and meet me in a one-room with my Bible and my candle and I am praying and reading a book, usually I will be afraid and ashamed and so, I will tell my friends; “can you borrow me your house so that I will give a narrative that I am making it”. No! The Bible did not leave us in the dark as to the fact that people can rise. Can I tell you this: “Let men laugh while you rise. They will be the witnesses the day you rise”.

Make up your mind that there is no living a fake life anywhere. Don’t borrow money to go and buy clothes and this and that and debt is killing you, your mindset is cooperating with Satan to bring you back, publishing yourself in cycles. Simply because you want to give a narrative that you are successful. You can find rest God’s way.

Until you get to a point where you can give to the Kingdom without inconvenience, you’re not yet there.
This was what God told me many years ago; “Son, do not worry about these things. Focus on my principles. What you could not eat then, you will eat it tomorrow”. The first crusade that we went to, about the size of our worship team here. Can you imagine praying and fasting for weeks as if you will die only to get to the crusade ground.

We were in debt, the same ladies who were in the welfare were also in the worship team, they climbed trees to pluck firewood for us to cook before they’ll sing. But it was only our bodies that were there. Powerful crusade and I said; “Lord, someday nations and kings will come. Transformation in partnership with the Word of God will take us there and today, to Him be the glory and this is only one step out of the cave.

Do not feel embarrassed by the inconveniences that you may see right now. Stop faking it. Stop roaming around getting angry and feeling this person should have help me. The fact that they cannot remember you means you are not working by these laws. There is a level that when you get to, your helpers must remember you.

Next time you rise and someone say you’re just lucky. Tell the person, please sit down. I have a few things to tell you out of a heart of love; it is not luck. It is understanding.

  • Let this be your destiny in the name of Jesus, that by growth, everything that you are looking for today, when it comes by growth you are not afraid because everything will grow together.

Packaging without mental upgrade will only lead you to frustration. You will give a narrative; you will not have the transformation to defend it. You cannot claim you are a millionaire and then mama will ask you for N10,000 and you are talking stories.

You are not there. Simple! By faith you are there, in the spirit you are there but physically, if you are not there, be patient and walk with the dignity of Kingdom integrity. Focus more on becoming than doing. Your physical environment will gradually and eventually reflect the true state of your mindset.

How the mind is renewed:

a). You must have access to superior, Word-based ideas and information.
b). A repetition of those ideas until conviction is established.

Hearing once will not bring transformation, you must hear again and again.

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THE FORCE OF FAITH (1&2) By: Dr Paul Enenche

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