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Prayer Bank
I was on the way, going to pick my children from school, then I began to think about living right, living a life of righteousness, and I said to myself in my thought, living right always is a choice, it’s more about one’s desire, and decision; it doesn’t just happen, people who live right make the decision to live right irrespective of age, society, and the surrounding influence.

As I continued to think this thought, a thought came up about children who live right and shun evil from their young age, and I began to think more in that line, then suddenly I heard a voice said to my heart, “do you think it just happen like that, children living right from childhood?” He said to me, “it doesn’t just happen. When you see children living right from childhood and refused to be influenced wrong, it is always because of what had been done ahead of time, sometimes before they were born, and sometimes, early in their lives.” He said to me, “when you see children like that, it is because their parents or guardians had interceded for them early, it is the prayers they’ve prayed ahead for them that is now guiding, and ordering their steps in the right path.”

I heard this and understanding came to me, and immediately remember how I’ve also been praying for my children, so I was moved to pray more for the children to know the Lord from their childhood, and to walk in righteousness.

As I got home, I began to think about these words, and I immediately began to see most prayers we pray now going into a place that look like a store room, and coming into work at the right time, so, I called the place ‘a prayer bank.’

There are prayers we pray now which we don’t see their results now, and sometimes we think that may be God has not answered, the truth is this, when as a child of God you pray according to the will of God, He hears you the very first time you prayed, but some of these prayers are really not for now, they are for the future. Personally, the Holy Spirit has moved me many times to pray for things that are not for now, but for the future. He moves us several times to prophesy into the future, because if we don’t prophesy now, things might be in a mess when the time for them come. When the time comes for the prayers you pray now to go to work, they would be called for from the prayer bank.

This understanding helped me to see the need to always pray and pray well now, not just for the things I want to see happen now, but also for the things I want to see happen in the future, and to put things in perfect order now before their time come. I see the need to intercede more for my children now, to pray about their lives now and their future so that when they arrive in the future, and at different stages of their lives, they won’t have to struggle, everything would just be a work over for them.

Jesus said to the disciples in Luke 22:40, “… “Keep on praying that you may not be tempted.” Is not that the temptation had come, but He wants the disciples to pray ahead, so that when the temptations come, they won’t have to fall into them but overcome them, and remain victorious.

If Jesus wants His disciples to pray now for the temptations that would be coming their ways later, what is that teaching us? It’s teaching us that the prayers they would pray now not to enter into temptations before the temptations come would go into the prayer bank where they would be called for or remembered whenever the temptations come their way.

This scripture helped me to see that parents can intercede for their children now and everyday so that as the children grow up, the won’t become wayward; when things want to happen to cause the children to go the wrong way, there would always be supernatural intervention that would put the children in the right way always. I saw that, parents can pray for their children to know the Lord from their young age. To me, this is an answer to one of my questions. Since I came to know Jesus and started walking with Him, I’ve always admired the testimonies of those who gave their hearts to the Lord at a very young age, some at the age of 5, some 6, some 8, and many before they weree 18; I love to hear their stories of their early encounter with Jesus and I always wish I knew Jesus early too. But I came to understand that, many of them, their parents interceded for them before they were born, and some of them, when they were babies, so, at the appointed time, the prayers of their parents began to work, causing them to be open to the Lord and confessed Him as their Lord and Saviour, and continued to walk with Him all their days.


As a parent, what are you doing for your children now? What are you doing about their future? Are you praying, decreeing blessings, success, prosperity, advancement, victories, right living, and fulfillment into their future or you are cursing them and storing up failures, defeat, poverty, and struggles for them? Pray right now for your children that they may turn out great children in the future.

This doesn’t apply to only your children, it applies to every area, and every aspect of your life. Don’t wait until there is a need to pray, pray for everything now before you need the prayers, and when the need arise, you won’t have to sweat at all, you would just see things working as you desire them to.
The future you don’t pray for now might come with lots of pains and struggles. Jesus said, “Keep on praying that you may not be tempted.” In The Amplified Bible, the verse says, When He arrived at the place [called Gethsemane], He said to them, “Pray continually that you may not fall into temptation” (Luke 22:40 AMP). It is from this very moment you keep praying so that you do not fall into temptation. We can paraphrase this verse to say, “…pray continually that you may not struggle in life;” “… pray continually that your plans, vision, business, and career would not fail;” “… pray continually that your children know the Lord, and serve Him alone in truth;” “… pray continually that you do not struggle to find your spouse or have delay in marriage;” “… pray continually that you do not have delay in having your own children;” you can paraphrase the verse to cover your own personal need or concern.
With this, I see no reason to worry about the future, be it my own future, the future of the ministry God had given me, my children and their future, the future of my wife, and my children in the faith. If only I would pray continually from this very moment about everything, my prayers for all of them would go into the prayer bank where they would be recalled when they are needed, to go to work.

The prayers you pray now can take care of the uncertainties about your future and bring clarity into your present life and future. Don’t wait for time to come to pray about things and about the future because the time might not come, pray now when there seems to be no time and your prayers now would bring the time you need to manifest, and actualize your plans, and fulfill your dreams.

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