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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘THE PROFITABILITY OF EXCELLENCE.’
1st Service, Glory Dome.
Lift your hands and worship God everywhere you are; honour Him, adore Him, magnify Him, glorify Him. Father we love You, we honour You and we adore You.
Lift your hands and let’s honour Him and adore Him and worship Him. Father, we give You the praise.
His presence, His power, His anointing is heavy; it’s an atmosphere of encounters and an atmosphere of creation. We worship Him.
Thank You Master, thank You Adonai, we praise You, we honour You and we adore You. Blessed be Your name, in Jesus precious name.

Wave your hands and give Him the praise; give Him the praise. In His presence is fullness of joy, at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. It is the day the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it. The Bible says the Lord is gone up with a shout, so go ahead and give Him a shout of victory.

Whether the devil likes it or not, it is the day the Lord has made, you shall rejoice and be glad. The spirit of depression cannot attack you, the spirit of discouragement cannot attack you, the spirit of delay cannot attack you. Defeat is not your portion; failure is not your portion. On Mount Zion there is deliverance, there is holiness and the sons of Jacob shall possess their possessions.

Go ahead and give Him a clap and a shout of victory!!!

The best place to be is in the Presence of the Lord and you are welcome to that Presence now. Give Him a bigger clap of hand as you take your seat in the presence of the Lord.
Anybody excited to be here this morning, we bring you greetings from Chicago. We saw the great move of God; the whole of North America, South America, Latin America are ready for fire invasion. I’m sure they will show us the clip at the right time. Somebody excited again, say a loud Amen!
Proverbs 22:29

The subject is:

Our objective this morning is just like the topic or the title;
Understanding what it profits to function in excellence
On Wednesday, we looked at the adventure of excellence and we saw that excellence is an adventure, not a destination.

The meaning is, you don’t arrive where excellence is concerned; you keep going and we saw seven factors that would facilitates our adventure in excellence:

  1. The decision for excellence.
  2. Association with the excellent.
  3. Attention to details.
  4. Intolerance of mediocrity.
  5. Continuity of improvement.
  6. Value for knowledge.
  7. The diligence of labour.
    Going further today, what is Excellence all about, even as we attempt to look at the profitability of excellence.

Excellence is about:

a). Being the very best you can be and doing the very best you can do in every facet of life. In my career, my academic work, in my calling, is this the very best I can be, is this the very best I can do?

That is what excellence is about. If you are able to ask yourself that question; is this my very best, is this the very best I can do? Then you are face to face confronting the issues of excellence.

We are going to look at three things in the Service this morning and we are going to look at one per Service.

  1. Excellence brings opportunity. “Seest thou a man that is diligent in his business? He will be given the opportunity to stand in palaces of power. He will not fraternize with ordinary people” (Proverbs 22:29; 18:16)
  • Somebody is going before greatness!

Scriptural examples of people that got opportunity by excellence:

a). Joseph: You know the story of Joseph; the gift of Joseph, the excellence of Joseph gave him the opportunity of standing before Pharaoh and offering generational solution to Egypt.

The excellence of Joseph gave him an opportunity that nothing else could have given him. In Genesis 41, after the magicians of Egypt and all of the people couldn’t offer what Joseph could offer, Joseph was brought before Pharaoh from the prison to the palace (Genesis 41:14).

Joseph was in a position where nothing could have brought him close to Pharaoh; he was a rough prisoner with rough bears, dirty stinking clothes but he excelled in a realm and that excellence gave him a platform to meet with Pharaoh, whom his boss in the prison couldn’t have met.

That was Joseph who got the opportunity of meeting Pharaoh.

b). David: the gift of David gave him the opportunity of standing before and ministering to King Saul. The gift, the excellence of David in 1 Samuel 16:17-19 “and Saul said unto his servants, provide me now a man that can play well and bring him to me”.
As good as prayer is, it was not prayer that opened the door of the palace to David. As good as fasting is, it was not fasting that opened the door of the palace to David. As good as worship was; well, partly worship – there are things spirituality will do for you but there are things quality will do that only spirituality couldn’t do. That is, you have high spirituality plus high mediocrity, then you have limited destiny.

You can pray, you can fast, you can study the Bible but you don’t do it well; you don’t know how to do anything well, you are almost a literally generational liability; everything they asked you to do, you did them poorly – that is a destiny limited.

God is saying; “I will like to help but you have limited Me with the quality you present. I would love to change your story; I would love to place you on top in your world but you have limited Me”. It wasn’t fasting that took David to the palace, it was excellence.

c). Daniel: the gift of Daniel gave him the opportunity to minister before all the kings that lived in his time – all the kings. In Daniel 5:11-14, Daniel was so excellent that his news spread. Daniel became notorious for good by virtue of the display of excellence. All of you herbalists, native doctors – all of you, do your practice – this man is higher than you; he can see and hear more than you. He can decree and it will come to pass. That was how Daniel was.

  • There is someone seated here, in your community and in your generation, they will refer to you as that person; that lawyer, that doctor, that consultant in Jesus’ name.

If you go through life, we have plenty examples where excellence brought opportunity. You know that there are various scholarships that are awarded at various levels where people write the exam to qualify for certain scholarships and the opportunities of these scholarships are offered to the most excellent.

My wife and I, in our Destiny Christian Academy School here, we have a personal scholarship; not from the Church but from us, for the most outstanding student in the Junior Secondary School who excelled, “we will pay your school fees this coming session, you don’t need to pay”. We did a graduation not too long ago and one of the students who excelled, the parent could pay but we are committed because he excelled, he got the opportunity.

Some time, I was made a member of the Board of Regents of the Covenant University and then during one of the graduations, I observed something, the outstanding students, you know in our own days of university, it’s like one person will get a first-class in the whole University and that is news.

In this place, like thirty something people with first-class from one department and so on. On the graduation day, the Chancellor will like to shake hands with all the students that are graduands, just to give them a handshake; congratulations and released them into the world to go and succeed. But because of the number of people, he would like to shake the first-class graduates on the behalf of the rest. That is a life changing destiny impartation from such a massive vessel.

A generational mantle carrier said, “I want to shake you before you hit the world but you are so many, so let me shake the first-class people on your behalf”. Is impartation received on behalf of others?

Except if the person who received the handshake will come and shake after he received it but that wasn’t done. So, I am receiving this impartation on the frequency of distinction. Those are the kinds of things we are talking about.

There are doors that open naturally because you excel. In some of the Countries in Europe and other places like that, there is a visa they called “highly exemptional and skilled worker visa”. That is, “this guy is outstanding in his field, come and live in our country”. While they are bouncing others, we need you, we need what you do. One of our guys testified on Wednesday Mid-week Service, a Neurosurgeon, that is” you, you need visa; we suspect you; you are here to be a problem.” “You, please come and live in our country; we need your skill, your brain, your excellence” – that is naturally.

Now I am saying that and I am not saying that; living anywhere in the world has an advantage to another place, it’s a matter of where God wants you to be. If God wants you to be in Nigeria, the best place for you is Nigeria. If you carry me to any part of the world, there is nothing that you will give to me that will make me stay there. We travelled to America, we left here on Wednesday and arrived there on Thursday.

We returned from there on Friday, arrived here on Saturday to be in Church on Sunday and I’m very normal. When we stepped in here yesterday, I said “there is nowhere like home” and there are those who will die to live anywhere in the world. If God placed you there, why not? But green card does not mean green light. It’s just a matter of where God wants you to be. Am I communicating?

So in case you are exceptional and you are skilled, even if God does not want you to go out, opportunity to go out does not necessarily mean “go”. Is there a balance in what I’m saying? But the truth is the opportunity exists. There are people here today, God is about to open something for you that will shock you and amaze those who know you!
Excellence will bring opportunity but what you do with the opportunity is what will determine your impact in life. Joseph excelled and that excellence brought him the opportunity to meet with Pharaoh but meeting with Pharaoh was the means to an end, it wasn’t an end.

What you do with opportunity determines what the future will do with you. If Joseph had mismanaged that opportunity, he would have return back to the prison and this is where I want the message to really be: you produce excellence, excellence brings you opportunity. What will you do with the opportunity?

There are many things you can do with the opportunity God brings your way. The opportunity that excellence will bring to you way; if you do it well and live well, what will you do with opportunity?

i). Opportunity is to be used to offer generational answers and solutions. You use the opportunity to make a mark that cannot be erased.

Remember Joseph, he used the opportunity in such a way that the people will say, “this is a child of God that answers our question and changed the situation in this land”.
ii). Opportunity is to be used to saturate your world with Kingdom principles, showing the world how to do things the Kingdom way and bring glory to God.

This is how we do things; you literally use this opportunity to disciple your world, to demonstrate Kingdom principles; this is what I did to get here. Daniel literally saturated Babylon with the principles of God until the king said, let everybody worship the God of Daniel.
Joseph almost taught Egypt how to tithe. He said, when your ground produces the harvests, set so and so percentage apart, use this and so percentage.

iii). Opportunity is to be used to bring many unto salvation. That is, God has given you the platform to meet with who you wouldn’t have otherwise met. You use that opportunity to talk to him about his soul. When you excel, people want to listen to you and if they want to listen to you, then you tell them what matters to life.

When you are doing it well, whatever you say carries weight. There are those who speaks and people hear. There are those, even their silence is weighty. So when God gives you the opportunity by excellence and gives you the platform, use it to lead many to Christ.

I heard of a footballer, Ricardo Kaka, who played so much and he wore a T-shirt or something: “I belong to Jesus” and then after scoring a goal, he would just remove the jersey so that you can know that “I belong to Jesus, I am in a football field that is filled with people who came only to be entertained but if you like what I am doing and you value me and you are happy with me and you are my fan, I want to introduce you to who I belong; I belong to Jesus”.

Only eternity will reveal how many people belong to Jesus because we live in a generation where everybody thinks that what a celebrity does is right. If he’s wearing half short-nicker, it is right. If he’s doing this, he is right but we need to do the things that are right in the right direction. He belongs to Jesus.

The opportunity that your excellence is going to provide, the opportunity that your quality is going to produce, the opportunity that your distinction is going to produce, that opportunity is to be utilized to bring multitude to Jesus.

That is why it is important to go up, you must refuse to be down because the number of people who will hear you when you are up are more than those who will hear you if you are down. The number of people who will be convinced, imparted, influenced, challenged and changed if you succeed and if you are up there, they are more than the number of those who will hear you if you are down.

  • That will never be your portion!
    Lift your right hand and say;
    “I am going up. No devil can keep me down; no power can keep me down, no force of hell can keep me down. I am going up.
    I am going to succeed, I am going to excel, I am going to be successful, very, very, very (Say that very seven times) successful. I am going to excel. I am already succeeding, I am already excelling because I must impart my world. I must change my generation. I must touch lives for God. So, I must do well”
    There is nothing that drives pursuit like purpose; the sense of purpose drives pursuit. If you want to succeed only because you want to be like other people, that is a very little agenda. But if you want to be successful because you want people to know God; you want to mark your generation, you want to speak and be heard, you want lives to be changed by your life, that is a purpose of heart that will drive your pursuit. In the world today, we have the best of them and the rest of them. You want to be excited that so and so person is in our midst and the rest of you, you are all welcome. That’s not your portion! That’s the same reason for conquering resources, not just to have cars or houses, but to use these resources to punish the devil and to rescue lives and destinies and change the stories of many around the world
    Lift up your hands today and just give him the praise.
  1. Excellence brings authority.
  2. Excellence brings prosperity.
    Lift up your hands, your voices and let us worship Him. Appreciate Him for His word to you and appreciate Him for He is about to launch you into the world of excellence.

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