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The Rapture will Soon Take Place

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  • Reverend Joe Olaiya at RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave Of Glory’
    Holy Ghost Service
    (Evening Session, Day 5)
    ‘The New Creature’
    2 Corinthians 5:17
    May you enter a new glory tonight. New creature means new lifestyle, prospect, management, life, you will enter your new glory tonight.
    From Jericho the cursed city to Judah the place of the praise of God.

Rahab heard that the army of Israel was coming to take over the entire land of Canaan, everybody began to tremble, she knew what it meant for Israel to take over their land, she was desperate for life. She wanted a good life that she traded her body for money.

She was very sociable for her time, all the great men of the city knew her, her guest house was a center of buzzing activities. Suddenly, two spies came to the land and they easily found her guest house and they decided to lodge there, their dressing and accent gave them up and she concluded that they were spies.

According to Joshua 2:1-14, the woman received them and treated them well, the news got to the King that they were lodging in Rahab’s guest house, they dispatched security to get them and Rahab hinted at them and she hid them. When the security men came, they couldn’t find them, she told them they were there but they had gone, at this time it was getting to evening.

When they had gone, she went to where she hid them and they asked her why she had taken so much risk? She said, Joshua 2:9. Everybody is afraid because of you, the Lord your God is God in heaven and on earth and by implication, I renounce other gods that my fathers have served, I have come to recognize that the God of the Hebrews must be God.

Why have you taken all this upon yourself? She said I have shown you kindness because I want to escape hell, I don’t want to be destroyed, I and my household are my only requests, I don’t want to die, I want to live, I want to join you.

The men answered in Joshua 2:14, they said to her in verse 17, we have sworn to you that we will deal kindly with you, therefore, on the day we are coming, keep everyone you want to be saved in this house, they should not be on the streets. Keep the matter secret and the spies left.

They reported to their boss Joshua, and he said when we go, recuse her. Joshua gave the command, Joshua 6, the people were to go and Joshua said every living thing in Jericho shall die except Rahab because of her faith and because she dealt kindly to the spies.

When the battle started, the Lord supervised that battle Himself in Joshua 5, he appeared unto Joshua and gave him instructions on how to go round the city and destroy it, hell was about to go to Jericho and Rahab did not want to die.

Those of you listening to me, I want to announce to you, judgment is coming upon the nations of the world, whatever made God send Jesus to the world is about to happen. Why?

What did God see to make Him send His son through so much pain and suffering?

He must have seen trouble coming on the world and He wanted His children to escape. The people of Jericho knew what was about to happen, they knew everything Rahab knew but she was the only one that took advantage and said I don’t want to perish, tonight, you will take advantage of the grace of God and you will not perish with Jericho, you will not go to hell.

If you refuse to take advantage of the covenant of God and you allow yourself to die and face judgment, you are on your own. Rahab said, God has given you this place, I don’t want to die, I don’t want my family to perish and they told her, tie the scarlet rope on the window. The Bible says, by faith, the harlot Rahab did not perish with the people as she did as they had told her.

The day came and Rahab was waiting and when they shouted and the walls collapsed, the wall of Rahab did not collapse because there was a covenant and there was a scarlet rope. The two spies went for Rahab, the grace of God turned the shame on Rahab’s life to glory. I can assure you, Rahab was a victim of sexually transmitted diseases, the grace of God came upon her and she was healed and she became a mother. Rahab was into all the vices a prostitute can be into but the grace of God transformed her from bondage to liberty.

Her old lifestyle was replaced with a new one, it was a new Rahab with a new story. Rahab knew where destruction was coming from and she knew who to run to. When others were relaxing, she entered into a covenant. When death comes, how many houses, cars or money do you carry along?

She opted to follow the God of the Hebrews, she was ready to leave the cursed city, she gave up assets and her old life. She was wealthy but dirty, arrogant but glorious, famous but disdainful, beautiful but sickly, brilliant but lived a foolish life but when she saw the opportunity to escape, she took it. Somebody tonight will escape destruction.

Rahab became an evangelist, the Angels on assignment respected the covenant and Rahab was saved. Joshua pronounced that everything in Jericho was cursed and one brother Achan went to war and he saw fine Babylonian dresses, gold, he wrapped them, he didn’t know that God was watching, Achan took the money, he was a despiser of the Word of God, he didn’t believe that first fruit belongs to God when he was going to Jericho, Rahab was planning her trip to Israel. Achan was a child of Abraham enjoying the promises of the God of Abraham but he never believed the God of Abraham, he carried curses back to his house. Do you have Jericho in your pocket? What Rahab left, Achan was going to collect.

Rahab was destined to perish but when she exercised her faith, God brought her in as Rahab was coming into Israel, Joshua incorporated her into the Tribe of Judah, Achan’s cousin married her, she adopted everything, she did not perish but escaped.

Achan became a citizen of Jericho when he took those things. Rahab gave birth to Boaz who gave birth to Obed who gave birth to Joseph who gave birth to David who gave birth to Jesus Christ. Rahab the prostitute became the great grandmother of Jesus Christ but where is Achan?
Joshua 7
I pray for all of you, if you have any Jericho in your house, may God deliver you from Jericho.
The Lord said to Joshua somebody took Jericho to your house that is why you have suffered defeat. He found Achan, Achan was saying nobody can know, secret sin can take someone to Jericho. Achan confessed.

Do you know that it is our sin that is making the devil have the upper hand over us? They took him out and stoned him to death, it was a destiny exchange, Rahab took the place of Achan and Achan took the place of Rahab.

Do you know that Rahab’s son was the richest in the Elimelech family, do you know that faith in God is stronger than blood. Achan was a child of Abraham by blood but Rahab became the daughter of Abraham by faith. Achan perished because he went back to Jericho and Rahab became so glorified that God honoured her to become the great grandmother of Jesus Christ.

What is your key?

Do what Rahab has done to get back to glory. If Rahab could be taken out of prostitution, you will get out of all your sins tonight. What is the secret sin taking you back to Jericho?
I want to pray for you to move from darkness to light, shame to glory, unrighteousness to righteousness, sickness to health, shame to glory, defeat to glory, death to life but you will make the choice.

I want to invite those who like Rahab want to enter a new beginning and those who like Achan have been going to take the things of Jericho but they don’t want to perish like Achan, I want to invite you because God is going to do something in your life.

Before Jesus Christ left, He gave the Apostles the power to forgive sins, He said anybody’s sin you forgive is forgiven, anybody’s sin you remit shall be remitted but anybody’s sin you retain shall be retained.

Tonight I want to exercise that authority on behalf of Jesus Christ, if God can forgive Rahab and make her become one of the mothers of Jesus, you too can be forgiven because even if your sins may be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.

Tonight, everyone that wants to start a new beginning, you have the opportunity tonight, how merciful is our God?
Rahab and her entire family escaped the hell that was coming to Jericho.

You want God to forgive you and give you a new status, a new name, Rahab became a hero of faith, she had a new glory. I am making a call, come and surrender your life to Jesus, you will not go to hell, if God can accept Rahab, He will accept you too.

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