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Pastor Mildred Okonkwo on ‘Kingdom Culture’

I’m really trusting God that after today’s service, nobody will ever need to cajole you to praise your king. He is a king and He is not just a king, He is the ‘The King’; and you see what I love the most about this king is the fact that He also wants us to be kings and priests.

So come on, celebrate Him this morning.
Please help me greet the person beside you and be seated in God’s wonderful presence this morning.

How many people were blessed by my brother in law last week? See what I did there; I had to famz – he’s my brother in law. Yeah. So, I watched the service and of course, I was blown away. And I just kept saying – this is how church should be. Say the word – raw word.

But I was blessed and I know you were blessed too. So this week, I want to take it a little bit further.
Uhm, the presence of God is so strong here. Pastor Jeffrey, don’t climb this pulpit today, yea. You know you shouldn’t climb abi? (Sighs) I’m literally shaking. The presence of God is so strong this morning, I don’t know what choir did over the weekend but you guys put something on this altar this morning. Such a strong presence of God here.
Okay. Let me try to do this, I have 30 minutes to do this. (Sighs)
Okay, let’s start from Genesis 1. Uhm, from verse 1 – the NLT. And of course, it’s a scripture that all of us have probably used as a memory verse at one point in time but erm, there’s so much power in this scripture. It says:
“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth”
It says: “the earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.”

Let me explain what happened here. Uhm, first of all, I need to establish something with you, and I think one of the reasons why most of us may not understand kingdom or kingdom culture because for you to have a kingdom culture, you must have kingdom consciousness.

So you must understand how the kingdom works.
First of all, a king is not elected. So the God that we serve is not elected. So He doesn’t have four years. So you can’t wait Him out, and He’s an eternal king.

So He will not die, He will not be replaced, He cannot be removed. So when you enter into this kingdom, I think one of the things that has unfortunately dulled us is the fact that we do not consider ourselves citizens of the kingdom – we call ourselves Christians.

Now the challenge with what has happened to the word ‘christianity’ is that it has been reduced to a religion. Christianity is not a religion. It is the name of a certain citizen of a kingdom. So we are Christians and citizens of the kingdom of Heaven or the kingdom of God. So the kingdom of Heaven is a place, okay?


It is where God’s kingdom is situated, where God stays, where God’s palace is. And the kingdom of God is the domain of the king, where His influence rends. So the kingdom of God is not a place.

That’s what God said…Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you. It’s not a place, it is an influence. And that is what we, as citizens of that kingdom are supposed to carry and spread about – and that is where the seven mountains come in. I don’t want to jump ahead of myself but I need you to understand the basic foundation of what a kingdom is.
Now, like I said, a king is not elected.

So it’s not…maybe because we are…most of us were born under a democracy, so I mean, the closest most of us…any of us have come to understanding kingdom in Nigeria is maybe military dictatorship. But it’s even not still the same because a president or a head of state does not own the country; he just serves as a leader over it. A king owns his kingdom.

So God did not just want to own Heaven, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, He wanted another Kingdom where He could have citizens who will worship Him of their own freewill. So what God did for us is something that He didn’t have to do because even in natural kingdoms, a king owns the kingdom and everything in it. So think about the British kingdom for instance.

The king at that time, or the French king, or France…you know French kingdom or Spanish kingdom…any of those kingdoms sha, that’s if you can think about them, you would be able to understand the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God just a little bit.

Now in those days, if He likes your wife, they will collect your wife because everything in the kingdom belongs to them and they are not asking you for permission. They will just say, “bring Tolu. She’s very pretty and she looks intelligent. Bring her”. And if you talk too much, they kill you.

So what you will just do, you will say, “take sir, your king lordship. Take her. Do you want others that I can help you kidnap” and you will save your head and just be going and just go and look for another wife that is not as smart or as beautiful so they don’t collect her again.

But everybody understood that the king…that’s why he could give sanctions. He will say, “I have increased taxes. I wanted 5 goats before but now I want 15”. And the people could do nothing about it because it literally belongs to a king. Now the difference between a natural king and our own king is that our King is a benevolent dictator.


So out of the kindness of His heart, He is consistent in thinking of how to do us good. So He wanted another kingdom, so that the very first thing you see in the Bible is God’s will. He says, “in the beginning…” God wanted a kingdom so God created the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Earth.

And He put citizens here. He said, “let us make man in our image. I don’t want robots. I want people who will serve me and love me of their own freewill”. So, you are citizen of this kingdom. Now what happened was when He now brought this people that were created in His image, Adam and Eve, Mama Eve thought it better to disobey God. And by disobeying God…okay.

I think I am jumping ahead of myself. Let me also show you something.

So, in a natural kingdom…and I want to use…for those of us who did history, maybe we would understand it through colonialism. When someone takes over a kingdom or when they are expanding their kingdom, what happens is that they institute a governor over that kingdom. And that governor cannot be a citizen of the kingdom that they are coming to take over. It has to be a citizen of the kingdom that they are trying to establish here.
So, when God created the Heavens and the earth, notice that He put a governor.

The Spirit of God began to hover. So the Spirit of God was in charge on earth. He was the governor. What was the Spirit of God to do? The Spirit of God was to bring everything that was in Heaven to earth. So Eden was literally supposed to be Heaven on earth. And that’s why God could come down and fellowship with man. And I believe that in those days, they were speaking the Heavenly language which is ‘Tongues’. He would come and He would speak to them and they will fellowship. God doesn’t speak English.

English is a natural language. It’s not…He understands you but that’s not His natural language.
So the Spirit of God was here as governor, teaching how we behave, how we think, how we act. Now, what makes a person independent? When we gained independence, what made us independent was the fact that that day, the governor that was instituted here by the British government, ‘Her Majesty – The Queen’, got on a ship and left and people were waving goodbye. You can watch the documentary; go to YouTube, you will see it.

They were waving goodbye, they brought down the British flag and lifted up our own flag and then they started singing our national anthem. They’ve said bye-bye.
What makes you independent is when the governor that was instituted leaves.

So when Adam and Eve sinned, the Spirit of God had to go and we lost communication with God. And God needed to get down back; and because God is a God of order, He couldn’t just say, “you know what? Satan came here illegally because Satan too understood that he is a spirit being. Spirits cannot reside on the earth.

What resides on the earth is anything that has a body. Once you have a body, you have the right to live on this earth. That’s why if your body breaks down, your spirit will go back and you will die. You wouldn’t have a right to be here again. That’s why demons, ghosts are illegal here and that’s why we have authority over them.

So Satan knew this and he knew that there was no way he would be able to…he can’t just go and tell eve “eeeeeveeeee”, she wouldn’t answer him. So he needed a body, so he told the serpent, borrow me your body.

That one did deal with him and borrowed him and he came and he deceived Eve. Did you notice that when God was cursing Adam, he didn’t curse Satan o, he cursed the serpent because you too you were in on this arrangement, this is your punishment – from now, you will be crawling on your belly.

So he had a punishment as well. But God knew that He couldn’t break His own laws, that’s why God is Holy.

If God ever breaks His own words, we can’t trust Him again.

So He knew that the only way for Him to win is to come back in a body. So He had to come back and be born with a body so that He could rectify the damage that had been done. When Jesus came, notice the first thing that Jesus said, Jesus first message was – ‘REPENT! For the Kingdom of God is here’. He didn’t come and say any other thing. He said that, “I came here to restore the kingdom that was lost.

I came here to bring back God’s influence on the earth”.

That’s what Jesus came for. He didn’t just come to die for your sins, He brought a kingdom. That’s why He came back.

And you see, He came with a message that the only way you can receive His kingdom is if you change the way you think. That’s what the word ‘repent’ means. Repentance has nothing to do with sin. It has nothing to do with, ‘I’m sorry I sinned, Lord’. No!

Repentance is change the way you think because the place where the real war is, is your mind. The reason why you are still sinning is because your mind has made excuse for it.

The reason why you are still fornicating is because you are telling your mind, ‘its a weakness and not a sin’. Rename it.

The reason why you’re still lying is because it’s acceptable. You have told yourself it’s a weakness. A sin is a sin. One of the things I always tell myself is, ‘never lie to yourself’. Never lie to yourself. Call a spade, a spade. If what you’re doing is bad, tell yourself it’s bad.

I was in car one day and someone was listening to a message. Erm, it was the season when Pastor K was preaching on Favour. And someone was listening to a message in the car. Another pastor who I like incidentally was preaching favour and was literally preaching everything Pastor K was preaching. And the first thing that came our of my mouth was, “awww, the Spirit of God is one”. And then the Holy Spirit said something to me.

He said, “but if it’s another Pastor you don’t like, you will say ‘dem too dey copy for this kingdom, they can’t get their own revelation'”. So I said it out. I said, “world people, if na another pastor now…”

And my P.A turned me and said, “mama, what did you just say?”. I said, “out of my own mouth, I judge myself before una go judge me”. That’s how it works. So, Jesus came and said, “Change the way you think.

Change the way you think because the Kingdom of God is here”. Interestingly, Kingdom culture is very opposite from natural culture. But like I said before, the only way you can understand kingdom culture is of you are conscious of the kingdom. Now there are certain things that govern any kingdom. And like I said, for this kingdom, there is no democracy o. God is in charge. God is the ruler.

And God expects that every influence He is bringing, will touch every area of life. It’s not something that we would say,”oh, the kingdom is here” and we would just enter church and you know, that’s sometimes what really breaks my heart; that we have reduced what Jesus really came to do, to a religion.

Jesus didn’t come to die for you to feel Christian of yourself. He didn’t even die for you to be able to blind…see we will be blasting tongues in church and blocking each other’s ear, it’s much more than that. What we have is actually a military regime. This is a political order. It is not a religion.

It is not just about laying hands on the sick. It is not just about, you know, prophesying to each other and calling each other’s phone number. And number of your house…you are wearing green… there’s somebody here, this morning you ate beans…God is saying…that’s not…we have reduced it literally to a mockery. What Jesus came for…and that’s why in those days, they didn’t understand because that word ‘messiah’ is a military term.

So in those days, what they were thinking was that, He will come and He will deal with the Romans and give the Jews their freedom.

And Jesus said, “I’m not going to do things the way you think I’m going to do them”. And that’s why God says, “your ways are not my ways; your thoughts are not my thoughts”. He says, “the way I think is the way Heaven thinks and until you change the way you think, you can’t fully appreciate the Kingdom”.

So your mind first of all, deal with your mind. Deal with your mind. Stop thinking it’s about us in church and who can quote the scriptures the most. Nobody cares what you can quote if you don’t live it.

You can know the scripture in every version, you can explain it away but until you start to live it, until you start to live with the consciousness that I live for a king and a kingdom, which is one of the reasons why I’m so strong on living for a audience of one, I say it all the time.

Because I’m not of this world. I’m in this world but I’m not of this world. So, they do not dictate to me how I live. They do not dictate to me how I dress. They do not dictate to me the songs that I listen to.

Everything they are doing is conditioning you. Everything. That is why God is interested in us understanding kingdom so that we can carry His domain everywhere. We can carry His influence into everything that we do. That’s why I love that scripture, Romans 12:1, very much, The Message Translation, that says you should take everything, your eating, your sleeping, your waking up life, your walking around life, and place is it before God as an offering. If you are conscious that you are living for a king and everything you do matters to Him, you will understand what kingdom is.

Kingdom is not my church. I’m telling you, it’s so heartbreaking what we have turned Christianity to. The Kingdom of God goes beyond David’s Christian Centre, erm, what other churches are there? Winners…we are one body.

Until we are one body until we understand that and that’s why until we understand that…if we understand that, we would understand that we cannot be fighting another Christian. Why are you fighting someone in your army? We are at war and you just turn say, “I no like this person…e no wear…e no cover her head, just shoot am”.

Meanwhile we are looking for more people in the army so that we can win.

Say, “the way sister blessing tear her two knees, I don’t think she’s very spiritual. Let’s shoot her, shoot her. And she will come up and worship, she didn’t even cover her hair. Is this worship even rising to the Lord?”. How did you know? Is the worship to you or to the Lord?

“I don’t know why she’s the one singing. I don’t even feel her worship”. That’s okay because she’s not worshipping you. Even though I’m still beefing her this morning. She will do revive t-shirt for everybody and go and buy bumper jacket; but we don’t kill our own. Even when…yes, I just judged her…even when the person on our side has offended, our job is not to kill them. Christians are so ignorant of this thing.

That’s why Jesus said, “the children of this world, they are wiser in their own dealing than the children of light”.

They will do something bad, they will not kill their own o. Sebi most of their musicians and stars, dem don born outside, see babymamas, I’m not saying it’s right but if we hear, if we even hear that a Past…not even Pastor…a mi…a Pa…let’s not finish the ‘stor’…let’s just know that a Pa did something wrong, we are the ones that will go to social media, forgetting that the media is where we should influence God’s kingdom, not destroy God’s kingdom.

So we talk about tithe – it is the Christians that will go there and will say, “it’s true… everything…” Sebi the other day, they were dragging themselves on Instablog that I said that you can’t be angry if a pastor is driving private jet because you don’t know the sacrifices he has made. You see, I’ve made up my mind, ehn, that it’s either they live social media for me or we will cohabit on that social media.

But that social media, God’s kingdom will be established there. See, it’s important you understand your sphere of influence and sit on it. That’s what kingdom is. We are kingdom citizens to expand the Kingdom.

When they came…when the British government and to colonize Nigeria, they came to expand their kingdom. Do you think they just like you, they brought their church and school and…are they joking?

They came to expand their kingdom. They will come in with good things but they will expand their kingdom. All of you here can speak English. Why? Because they came to bring their Kingdom influence, so they brought their language, it’s part of influence. See the way you are all dressed, even those that sewed Ankara, we sew am like oyinbo cloth. It’s influence.

They brought their kingdom influence. Even if your neck is paining you, you go still knock tie to go to office. Does it make you more productive? No! But they have influenced their kingdom influence. So even though they’ve left, they are still here.
And that’s what God is saying.

Don’t get so distracted that you don’t remember where you’re coming from. That you now become like this world. “Ah, we can’t say it o. We have to be politically correct…” And spiritually wrong? “Ah, you can’t say it o. They will drag you on social media”. So? As dem drag me, I don loose weight? If to say e dey help person loose weight, dem for dey drag me daily.

As they drag me, I don’t even notice the dragging because I don’t follow them. They are following me.
You must understand who you are. I’m a citizen of a higher kingdom, appointed by God. I didn’t just go – I’m sent. So till we get to that point that we are here to increase God’s influence, His kingdom must expand. It’s not a physical kingdom.

It’s an invinsible kingdom which is even better. And let me tell you, that’s what Jesus came with. Jesus came with an invinsible kingdom. Do you know that when they wanted to kill him, they didn’t recognize Him? They had to get somebody inside to show us the person. Kiss Him so we know who He is. An invincible Kingdom but His impact was felt.

That’s KINGDOM. That’s kingdom. Understanding that it goes beyond you and your church. There’s so much more to God’s kingdom than my church. It is the body. So we are after kingdom advancement and kingdom enhancement.

So if winners is doing something, I will pray in my bedroom like it’s DCC that is doing it. If Elevation is doing something, I will pray like it’s DCC that is doing it. And whether they invite me or not, I will attend. EHHHHHH, I don’t have to be a guest minister.

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