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  • Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor at Kingdom Wealth Conference, Day 3 Evening Session
    Wave your hands and shout Hallelujah!
    Amen! Wow! You know I was listening to Monique a while ago and I think in between one of her songs, she said something that I say every service. “I am alive” You know there are people who want you dead. They smile with you but they want you dead. But more than that, listen, every day when you go to bed, you enter a different world. When you wake up in the morning, who woke you up? If God does not wake you up, you are dead. It means you are finished. When you sleep, you wander, you are gone, you are somewhere else.
    I have known people, I know a friend, we talked one evening, we chatted, we laughed, we joked. Then we said goodnight. And he next day, I was called and told he was gone. But here you are. Don’t let the devil take the glory for anything. Here you are! You may not have this, you may not have that but who cares? What you don’t have is nothing; what you have is life. Sometimes, even people of the world will say certain things. They are not Christians but it is true. They say, “When there is life, there is hope”
    The Spirit of the Lord is very heavy here. Should I tell you the truth? He doesn’t even need me. I am glad to be here. But it is not about me. He doesn’t need me. He is here. You can get the whole of him. He is here.
    Pastor Olumide was saying to me “You got here too early” I said to him, “No, I didn’t come too early; this is God.” I don’t care if you are three people in this place. It doesn’t make any difference to me. You’ve got to learn that about me. It doesn’t make any difference. The last song was saying, ” Whom are we here to call upon?” It is him. God bless you. I came to join you to worship today. God bless you. Great Church, great people. I am just glad to be here.
    I want us to read from the Bible. 2 Kings 4:8
    Father thank you for your word. Bless us and bless your word. Use your word in our lives and take all the glory in Jesus Mighty Name.

I want to speak on what I have called ” God Has Remembered Me” No say that to yourself. I don’t think you really mean it yet. I want you say it to yourself more convincingly. Yes, you are beginning to get it.

Now, can you say it again. Now when you look at that verse, there are two important things there.
The first things is that name, “Shunem” That word has about two or three meanings but basically it means, ” A place of double rest”
God was ministering to me as I was getting ready to come here today that there are people in this hall. You are stressful, you are fretful, you are anxious. because of the troubles of life.

God says to tell you, “He is here to lift it from your life” Something is going to lift from your life. Something is about to lift from your life.
Oh my God! Life has a way putting pressure on you and if you are not careful, you will succumb to that pressure.

Many people come to church but they are not in church because of he pressure.

  • I speak to you now that in this season, when people are crying, you will be laughing.
  • When people are fearful, you will be faithful.
  • When people are doubtful, you will be thankful.
    If you believe it, shout a powerful Amen!
    Just about two weeks ago, in September. You know at this time, the devil is always so mad. You know some how, this season reminds him of his defeat. So, he doesn’t like it. And if you are not careful, he drags you into his madness.

About two weeks ago, I was told of a lady who was travelling from Warri and there was an accident.
They were about nine in the vehicle and everybody died except her.

Oh yes! When she gained consciousness, she started shouting, “Where is Papa? Let Papa pray for me” So, I sent some people to the hospital and I said she should be put on the phone. I began to pray for her.

Listen to me, you will not end up in the emergency ward. Some how, God is going to turn things around for you.
God has remembered me. The second thing in that verse, the Bible says, in this city of double rest,…

  • You will rest in the name of Jesus.
    Remember Philippians 4:6
    “Be careful for nothing ; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known unto God”
    Luke 24:38
    “And he said unto them, why are ye troubled? And why do thoughts arise in your heart’s?”
    2 Thessalonians 1:7
    “And to you who are troubled rest with us… “
    1 Peter 3:14
    ” But if ye suffered for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled”
    Now, in the city of double rest, the Bible says there was a great woman. Ladies and gentlemen, did you realise that this woman was actually stressful. You say, ” Man of God, how did you know?” When you go to verse 14, the Bible says she had no child. Now, if you are an African, you know what that means. Then, in that same verse, it says her husband is old. Don’t think it was mentioned by accident. It is intentional. It is to tell you that her case was hopeless. She was a great woman but she was under a lot of pressure. No hope!
  • Humanly speaking, it cannot happen. But I tell you what man cannot do, God will do it for you.
  • By this time next year, you will be here with your testimony.
    Go ahead and shout Hallelujah! If you believe it. Give God praise and let the devil be scared.
    I want you to shout it again, “God has remembered me”
    Numbers 23:19
    God is a not a man that he should lie…”
    1 Samuel 15:29
    “And also the strength of Israel will not lie nor repent: for he is not a man that he should repent”
    Hebrews 6:18
    “…it is impossible for God to lie…”
    You see, whenever the devil sees greatness, he brings something and attached to it to turn greatness to smallness. He doesn’t like greatness. A great woman could not just be left to be great. He had to put something in her life so that when people look at her greatness, they will see that something. And suddenly, her greatness is reduced.
  • Anything reducing you, if I be a man of God, if I be sent by God, I command that thing to be lifted from your life.
  • If it is a family disease, you will be the first to be healed of it.
  • If it is a trouble that someone put on you, I said you will be set free from it.
    Satan hates greatness. As I look out here, I see great men and great women. I am telling you man of God. I see great men and women that God already ordained to do great things but satan is putting something to take their eyes from their greatness and they are focussing on that something. God has sent me here to break those things distracting you from your greatness.
    There is a lady in my Church, so much pressure. I am telling you people are being set free. Your greatness will manifest. Before December 31st, greatness will.manifest in your life. As I was saying, a lot of pressure on this young lady’s life. All kinds of things happening but heavily talented. She was doing some of those things that she is talented to do but not known as such.
    You see these beads that I have on. It was made by this young lady. I like beads. I used to make them in Los Angeles. I like good things.

So, I make a lot of beads. Sometimes, they will tell me it can’t be available for months. But I didn’t know that there was someone in my Church that could do it better. Until somebody discovered her and a sample of her work was brought to me. And I said Wow! My God. What I am looking for in Los Angeles was with me in Warri.

One Sunday, I brought her out. There is another young lady that makes shoes. I call her the original shoemaker. She just made a pair of shoes.

I brought it out to the Church and I bragged with it. And I said if you want to make shoes, the best is here.

There is another young person that makes frames for photographs. Hers is unique. See, there are people in this your Church that are loaded but they are being distracted from their greatness.

They are just being distracted. I am telling you. I feel it in my Spirit. There are great people in this Church. God is getting ready to magnify you.

  • People will begin to look for you.
    The richest man in the world is not a believer. Ah! And we have an advantage over him. Yes he works the principles of success, but he doesn’t have God. So, if you who have God works the same principles of success, you have an advantage.

There are great men and women in this church.

  • That devil is a liar. I release your greatness in the name of Jesus!
    Pastor, there are some people who are not here that should be here. Let God have mercy on them. I am telling you there is so much greatness in this place.

In Genesis 8:1, when God remembered Noah, the flood ceased. In Genesis 30:22, when God remembered Rachael, he opened her womb. Something must happen when God remembers you.

In Exodus 6:5-6, when God remembered his covenant with Israel, he took them out of slavery of 430 years.

Nobody would have believed but it happened. In Acts 10:4, an angel said to Cornelius, he said your prayers and your almsgiving have come as a memorial before God.

The word memorial means what? “Remembrance” In other words, the angel was saying to Cornelius, God has remembered you.

because of your prayer and your giving. Something always triggers something.

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