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-Pastor David Oyedepo Jr at CHoP

Our Father, this morning, we have come with voices of gratitude to give glory and praise unto Your name. We celebrate You for all that You have done. Thank You for the testimonies that we have heard. These are Your doings and they are indeed marvellous in our eyes. For every one of these testimonies, we say thank You. We have come this morning again, to thank You for the answers that You have given our prayers: Your Word says we should ask and we shall receive; that has been our experience, for it we give You all the glory. Accept our thanksgiving in the name of Jesus Christ. Now O Lord, our eyes are on You. We ask that You will speak to us today. By Your Word, let everyone of us be changed and let our lives be transformed. We give You all the praise and we give You the glory. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

We have been looking at this line of exhortation at our Covenant Hour of Prayer since Monday captioned:
From scriptures, we came to understand that the House of God is ordained a House of prayer. Jesus made that statement in Mark chapter 11 verse 17 and we are made to see from scriptures that our physical body is referred to as God’s building – 1 Corinthians 3:9
We are also made to see that our bodies are referred to as the Temple of the Holy Spirit – 1 Corinthians 6:19
Our body is God’s building, our body is God’s temple. In fact, we are told in 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 1, that our body is referred to as a tabernacle. A tabernacle refers to a place of worship, a tent of worship of exchange between God and man.

If you remember in the Old Testament, we are told when Israel was coming out of Egypt, God said to Moses to make a tabernacle after the pattern of the things that were shown to him upon the mountain.
The tabernacle became a mobile tent of worship, that everywhere it is that Israel went, the tabernacle followed. It became the place.

The Bible says that the camp of Israel was to camp around the tabernacle, so everything was around the tabernacle. Their entire life was around it.
For us who are Christ’s, God makes it clear that we ourselves become the tabernacle. We are mobile tents of His present. We are to continuously make our bodies as temples for exchange between divinity and humanity. That is God’s ordination.
That is why we are told 1 Peter chapter 2 verse 5, that we are lively stones built up into a spiritual house.
1 Peter 2:5
When God’s Word refers to spiritual sacrifices, it actually specifically refers to prayer.
Genesis 8:20-21; Revelation 5:8
Our sacrifice of praying on the earth with our physical bodies releases odours into Heaven. Our spiritual sacrifice is the sacrifice of prayer. Our engagement on the altar of prayer is one of the fundamental purposes for which God makes our bodies His tabernacle. You and I must come to understand that.
What that simply means is that we are ordained as prayer houses. We have said earlier that the house of God is the house of prayer; we have said that the body of man is the house of God. We have said that the body of man is the temple of the Holy God.
We have said that the body of man is the tabernacle of God and we have said that body of man is ordained for spiritual sacrifices. The spiritual sacrifices refer to the sacrifices of prayer.
That being said, it means everyone that is a child of God is ordained as a prayer house – Luke 18:1
Prayerlessness is a malfunction of that temple. Where a man is prayerless, where a woman is prayerless, that temple that God has ordained you to be is not functioning properly. That is why the Bible tells us in Romans chapter 8 verse 26 and 27
Romans 8:226-27
“The Spirit helpeth our infirmities”: so prayerlessness is a spiritual sickness because it is a malfunction of the purpose of that temple God has made us.
-I pray that for any one of us today that is still under any kind of spiritual sickness that is stopping our effective engagement on the prayer altar, may today be your day of liberty.

We are ordained to be prayer houses – Ephesians 6:18
Prayer is an always responsibility.
1 Thessalonians 5:17
It is an always responsibility because our bodies are ordained by God to be prayer houses. But we must come to understand that prayer is not a sacrifice until it is at a cost.
What do we mean by prayer being at a cost?
Don’t forget in 2 Samuel chapter 24 verse 24, David said, “I will not offer unto God that which not cost nothing.” So prayer must be at a cost, that means it must deprive, as it were, you of something. That is why the only prayer that can be counted as sacrifice is the prayer that is not targeted at personal benefits but at the advancement of the Kingdom. When a man puts himself aside, to push the Kingdom forward, he is now praying as a sacrifice.
Psalm 126:5-6
There is a cost to what he is engaging. It is not that he does not have what he requires, but that he pushes it to the side.
That is what you hear in all of these testimonies. People saying:
“I put aside my own request; I put aside my own desires and I began to push the Kingdom forward with everything that is within me.”
That is prayer at a cost.

When it is sacrificial, it becomes beneficial.
-For somebody here today, I see grace coming upon each one of us, to engage effectively and sacrificially upon the altar of prayer.

That is why we discover that praying Kingdom advancement prayer is God’s set priority for our prayer life. When a man puts his own aside, he needs his house rent, but he is praying for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. He needs a new job, but he is praying for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. He needs to have healing in his body, but he is praying for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. He is pushing himself aside and offering a sacrifice unto God.
Now hear this: anytime an odour that is pleasing reaches God, God remembers man for good. Every time.
Psalm 20:1-3
That is why you discover that there are those like God’s servant would tell us, he said, the Lord said to him that there are those who before they call, “I will answer. While they are yet speaking, I will say, here am I” – Isaiah 65:24
Why? They have put themselves aside, they have pushed the Kingdom forward so God begins to look towards them to see what needs His touch.
Hear this, when God is inspecting the life of a man, even that which the man does not know he requires, God gives to him.
When you are praying and asking God, His own responsibility is to give you what you ask.
But when you are praying and advancing His Kingdom, God looks at you and gives you beyond what you can ask – Ephesians 3:20
There is a realm where you are looking at your life and your life becomes so satisfied beyond what you could have even asked for.
You examine the corridors of your life and it is beyond explanation. You are just a wonder not only to all that behold but a wonder to yourself.
-That will be somebody’s testimony this year.

The secret is simple, make the Kingdom your priority on the altar of prayer. Ensure that the Heavens are full of odours that are reminding God of you and causing Him to remember you for good.
-This year, the God of this Commission will remember you for good.

One day, Solomon offered a sacrifice to God and God came down – 1 Kings 3:4
He said to Solomon, “What do you want?” – 1 Kings 3:5
Solomon said, “I just need wisdom to serve You better” – 1 Kings 3:6
God said, “you mean it!” He said, “I will give you what you have asked for, but the things that you didn’t ask for, I will decorate you with it, beyond every other person” – 1 Kings 3:13
They are all asking but I will decorate you with it, beyond it. He said:
“You didn’t ask Me the lives of your enemies; no enemy will survive.”
“You didn’t ask Me for riches and honour, I will give you beyond any other person.”
You discover in the life of Solomon, Solomon is the only King that never went to war. All through his reign, he didn’t see the warfront once. Enemies were killed before they could finish rising. By reason of a sacrifice that went into Heaven, he received blessing that he could not have asked for.
-For somebody here, the blessings that you cannot even ask for, you will receive them this year.

An example in scriptures is a man called Job. Job was a business man, a great one in his days. But God’s Word tells us that God recognizes Job as His servant.
Job 1:8
There are those who call themselves servants of God and there are those God recognizes as His servant. You see, it is one thing for you to describe yourself, it is another thing for God to describe you.

Stewardship in the Kingdom is not a position but a description. A description of a function that a person is carrying out.
Job was recognized by God as His servant and one of the places which distinctively was in prayer.
Remember when his friends were about to get into trouble, God said to Job, “now, pray for your friends” – Job 42:10
If you look at the Book of Job from chapter 2, all the way to about chapter 39, you will see Job as it were, exchanging both with God and with man, complaining about his situation: there was no change. But the moment he pushed himself aside and began to engage in what pleases God, God said, “these men are in trouble. Now pray for them, for their rescue” and as he began to do that, God stepped in and turned his captivity in a moment, by reason of that engagement.
Job made himself a servant of God, one that was committed to doing whatever God commanded including prayers and as a result of that, we saw his captivity turned.
-For somebody here, your captivity is turning.
-For somebody that is part of this Covenant Hour of Prayer this morning, your captivity is turning.

Quickly what are we to pray?
We are to continue to pray for all of our new converts and new members to be established in the faith and in the Church.
Take note of this, when we pray, we shut the door against the manipulation of the devil targeted at drawing these new converts and new members back from the faith.
Luke 11:24-26
Somebody says, “but not every new convert is possessed with the devil.”
There is what the Bible calls the spirit of disobedience. Every one that is not a child of God, that is disobeying God, that spirit is at work in them. When he becomes born again, the spirit goes away first until he is established in the faith. If he is not established in the faith, he (spirit of disobedience) comes back and his end is worse than the beginning. That is why we keep praying to see them established in the faith.
Colossians 4:12
Remember no one serves God for nothing. As you serve God, engaging secretly, He decorates you openly.
-This year will be your year of open rewards.
-God will decorate you beyond what you can presently imagine, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayers: Lord, I receive fresh grace from you today, to fulfill my purpose as a prayer house. I receive fresh grace.
My life must become an altar from which sweet odours continue to fill the Heavens. The strength required, the grace required, make it available to me.
Thank You mighty God, blessed be Your holy name, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
The grace you have called on God for is made available to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Don’t forget we have our morning prayer session, 8 am; our evening Midweek service takes place today, 6 pm. These two are taking place across our Zones, take advantage of them.
For those who are on their way to work, take advantage of every moment: Keep praying, keep advancing the Kingdom of God. Remember that to fast without praying is hunger strike, so engage the altar of prayer and watch God visit you supernaturally.
-This year is your year in the name of Jesus Christ.

Speak to the day right now. Make your decrees and declarations concerning the day. What you declare and decree, God will deliver. Speak forth, speak in faith.
Thank You Jesus, blessed be Your name, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
-This day is declared blessed.
-It is a day of encounters for you.
-As you are praying, God will be answering speedily in the name of Jesus Christ. So shall it be.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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