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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at SMHOS 1st Service


I Samuel 9:27, father show me the word that will make the anointing produce result.
It’s not the oil alone that produces result. Without the Word of God, the oil has no effect. It’s like carrying a gun without bullet, the Word of God is what makes the oil potent. People just think they have the oil alone, if you have the oil, it says “wait before I anoint you let me show you the Word”, the Word I will be preaching will give you the result. That is why two people in the same anointing service will have two different results, it is because of the level of their understanding.

It takes understanding and application of God’s Word to join the benefits of the anointing, for by strength shall no man Prevail- 1 Samuel 2:9b, so your strength is too small.

Hear me, never depend on your human strength If you just experienced the fullness of God throughout the year, many of you will agree with me that your strength could not have carried you to where you want to be – John 1:16, 1st Corinthians 15:10, the Grace of God is what triggers exploit and Grace is simply God in the race, Grace as to do with the Holy Spirit helping you to do things beyond your human strength.

One way to encounter grace for exploit is by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit – Zechariah 4:7, today the anointing of the Holy Spirit through this oil will bring a change in someone’s life. If you pour the oil on your head without the Word of God it will not produce result, the Word is what makes the oil produce result.

Be attentive to receive the word when it is coming.

-I don’t know whether you’ve been shattered battered, scattered and frustrated in life, today’s anointing will bring about a turnaround in your Life – Isaiah 44:32

-I am standing in the office that God place me even in the name of Jesus whatever you’ve lost shall be restored in Jesus name.

-Today shall be to you a day of restoration.

-You shall be restored on every side in the name of Jesus

-Joel 2:23-26, God will restore all the Months and Years that you have nothing to show for in the name of Jesus.

-You shall eat in plenty not in scarcity and be satisfied.

-After this anointing none of us will see shame, it is what you say amen too God confirms, the anointing of this Day.

In Gen 40:13, if you know that story, the Butler was in prison and Joseph interpreted his dream, Joseph told him, look this is what will happen that Pharaoh will restore you back to your office and it happened exactly as Joseph told him, many of you must have lost things.

I have shared a testimony with you here, one of our sons here was publicly disgraced on radio that he has been terminated from the office, I felt so bad and it grieved me in my heart, so he came to me and I told him must they embarrass you that way, go back you will be restored.

-The way we read in the scripture that same way he was restored in a miraculous manner, in that same way in the name of Jesus whatever office, position or contract you have lost I decree it restored right now.

-Just like Pharaoh’s Butler was restored as Joseph declared unto him, today I declare all that was lost be restored fully in the name of Jesus.

-Genesis 42:25, that money that has been tied down in the hand of debtors, individuals, corporate bodies who refused to pay you all be restored right now in name of Jesus.

-All the money you have been expecting to get will be restored to you in the name Jesus.

Say today is my day of restoration, all that I have lost including money shall be restored. Glory to God.

-2nd Samuel 9:7, every property belonging to you and I that is in dispute shall be restored today in the name of Jesus.

– I don’t know how that case has been in Court, it will be in your favour.

– 2nd Kings 8:6, By this anointing all that you have lost shall be restored, since you were born, from your father, from your generations shall be restored back to us.

– Anything that belongs to you and I, that was forcefully taken away from you shall be restored in full in the name of Jesus.

Proverbs 6:10-31, Lift your right hand one more time say, Satan in the name of Jesus I take my authority, whatever you have stolen from me, the minimum that will be restored back to me is sevenfold. Prophecy that in one minute over your life.
In Jesus mighty name, whatever that belongs to you that was taken by the Devil and his numerous agents shall be restored to you.

It does not just restore property he also restores health. Say with me, say my God restores health.
– Jeremiah 30:17, so every sickness in the name of Jesus today, your health will be restored, Numbers 23:19, when God’s speaks, he is speaking on his capability to perform today everyone health going down, there shall be restoration of your health, every sick at the reach of my voice all over the world today your health will be fully restored.

People are looking at you with sickness in your Body, saying you get sick all the time, today your health will bounce back, no matter the health issue you have, you will be healed in Jesus name, God will restore your health.
As you’re anointed i see every terminal disease including all forms of health complication are terminated in the Name of Jesus.

The Simplicity of God’s word should not make you doubt it, people like rigorous things, you know what we are taking looks too simple, you say what will restore my health just this thing, he does not understand what he is saying. Mark 9:23, all that God requires from you is your Faith and you see restoration begin to work in your favour, how many know that today their Faith will make things work, every prophetic word declared not one will fail in your Life, if you believe it say Amen.

In the New Testament there is a place called Goshen, in the Old Testament Israel was the Goshen and everything that happened to the Egyptians never happened to them, they were exempted from everything that ever happened to the Egyptians.

What he says to one he says to all, what he does for one he does for all, the word of God is never old, whatever worked for them will work for us today, because God word does not change, if you say God Word change that means God changes – Malachi 3:6. If he did it before he will still do it today, technology can change, everything can change but not the Word of God, Gods Word cannot change that is the only thing that cannot change but it has the power to change things, generation after generation it is still the same Word- Hebrews 13:8, Bible is the same edition, what he said to Abraham you can’t change it except you want to become a herbalist, “Thou shall be a blessing“, the highest any translation can do is to change the English to aid the understanding, but to say you will change the word, to say there is no blessing again that is another thing, God will rather change you than for you to change the Word.

So, if it works for them it will work for you, how many believe that it will work for you.

Glory to God!!! How many wants to exempted from all evil, Exodus 8:22-23, swarm of flies represent stench, decadence, now in the name of Jesus whatever represent stench and decadence in the world we will be exempted. Exodus 9:3-6, it implies collapse of Business, career, at that time cattle was the major kind of business. This Economic tragedy all over the world the anointing of today will exempt you in the Name of Jesus. Say with me: my business will not crash, if you’re a career man say my career will not crash, my academics will not crash, what they do for others they will not Will not do to me, Psalm 91:10.

When you’re expecting good things, when you’re called on your phone you pick the call actively, the way some of you are saying amen is like someone who is not expecting anything.

Don’t be tired, I slept for a very short time this morning while some of you slept from 8pm till this morning before you came to church. I slept past 2 AM. Psalm 9:6, that was the third exemption that God gave the Israelite, the hail implies fraud, losses, fire outbreak, such destruction of properties we will never be involved, God will exempt us and wherever we are, anybody that want to do such things God will judge them, there shall be no loss.

Including lives and property I decree none of us will die young, the car you enter will arrive safely, the plane you board will arrive safely, the boat you’re in will not capsize.

Finally for this Service, money failed in Egypt, the way Naira is failing now, it has failed before so it is not new, money failed in Egypt: Genesis 47:15,27, Egypt was the center of Civilization then, just like USA is now, that was how Egypt was, that people offered themselves for sale just so they find something to eat, it was that bad, but look at what God did in the midst of the failure in the world.

That you’re in a place where things are not working does not mean things will not work for you. In the midst of the hardest time that is when your testimony will begin to spring forth. I went to a Church on Monday and things were happening, I won’t shout again. If you like you say amen, is not how I shout that determines how God will work, you’ve been in this Church too long to know that, when a Man is anointed it’s not the shouting that determines he’s anointed. No matter how things are tough you will end this year well.
This implies economic crises, hardship in midst of all that – Job 22:29, it takes a humble person to say Amen, a proud man will say what are you talking about. The hardship will end in this time I am a professor of Economics, what is he talking about, leave all this pastor they don’t understand the economic philosophy of this times.

You’re quoting English, but me I am quoting the Bible which I know most of you believe, in the midst of hardship your case and my case will be different.

Let me share a testimony that will shock you.

When there was lockdown, there was no physical church so people were not giving offering, at that time the income of this Church was the highest, you were not coming to church to give offering most of you don’t do electronic offering it is only when you come to Church that you drop the cash, so how did the church income increase, it’s what you believe God will do, people who do E-Transfer are not up to 10 per cent. If you don’t say amen and you keep analyzing your Tomato market, you’re using your head to calculate tomatoes – Job 22:28. Today hardship in the Land you will not be a victim of it.

Stand to your feet and Say I believe it. carry your oil and say I receive it.
That settles it.

-Now all the prophetic words declared begin to find manifestation through this Oil.

-The Holy Spirit will rest his power upon this Oil for an accomplishment of all that has been declared not one word that has been said will fail in the lives of anyone who believes.

-To any one that believes and say amen and pour the oil on their head it will manifest instantly in the name of Jesus.
The anointing will be a seal of protection over you that evil will never befall you in the name of Jesus.
And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.


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