The Spiritual Aspect of Business


Many times we think of Profits, income and the benefits that come from Business, and other financial ventures that we can consider useful and necessary, this is good and needed, but today I will be sharing with you that, beyond the Business lucrativeness and potential, there is a spiritual side of doing Business, especially in Nigeria.

Some people will not be surprised at what am about to say, but others will be shocked at the reality, because it is strange to them.

I have been doing Business since I was in Campus, as a student in University, and so I have seen quite a number of things, I will try as much as possible to expatiate some of my experience in this write up, business owners need to know they need to be sensitive and spiritually alert too in other to survive some of the storms and stumbling blocks on the road.

I have heard of many funny experiences that people have in their Businesses that is spiritually inclined or orchestrated but I have also seen them at one point of the other, but like the bible says; Blessed be God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus, even the rock of our salvation – 2 Corinthians 2:14.

I pray for you today, that no matter what the enemy wish and deploy against you, you shall prevail and survive them. The major reasons why the enemy comes against people is because of Success, they do not come after you when you are not successful, but immediately you begin to make some milestone advancement and Progress, you become a prey and you are vulnerable to their attacks, and that is why you must not lose guard.

The Bible says, the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds (2 Corinthians 10:4 ), so you can engage the weapons of our warfare to prevail against known and unknown enemy.  I have also discover that many Christians are a victim because they do not know there is an existing enemy, whether you know it or not, there is an enemy that is operating against you, whether you like it or not, they are there, so the earlier you are aware, the better for you.

Business people need to know that, you are confronted with more forces of Darkness and demons in the Business world, than the pastor confronts in church and on the altar, you are face to face with the devil, because he is in charge of the financial systems, he always wants people to bow down to him un the cause of trying to lay hold of money, that is why the Bible says, you cannot serve God and mammon at the same time it is not possible.

You must make up your mind that you will serve the Lord and you will not compromise, even in the bid to get money and earn a living.

I will tell you some stories now, to show there is a spiritual reality that confront Business owners and that takes place in the Business world.


“There was this incident that happened in Ilorin kwara state, I witnessed it, a lady who works with her Boss for his POS Business, she is always at a particular location of the POS Stand, to withdraw for people and anchor the Business at that location, she gave a man excess money and fortunately, spoke with a servant of God nearby, and the man prayed with her that the fellow will return the money, blessed be God who answers prayers, the money was returned as expected that was 3days afterwards. Normally, the extra money is of benefits to the person, but God intervened and it was returned, imagine if she had not prayed?

What would have happened? Maybe the boss will decide that she remove that amount from her salary.

Now, another one happened, which is even more terrifying to the same lady at the POS Stand, someone came on a Friday, this person came in a white jalamia dress, the normal way the Alfas in Ilorin do their dressing, he met someone there, so he waited for the girl to be done attending to the first person, since he knew what he wants to do is evil, after the person left, he looked to the girl and said, give me all the money in the Shop, lo and behold, just like a spell (of course, that’s a spell or superficial thing), she entered the shop and brought out all the money inside, which was #69,000 and gave it to the man, without withdrawing or collecting his ATM as if she wanted to transact the POS service, the man as left and went away completely from the environment before the lady’s sense came back to her and she realized, what just happened, she screamed and shouted that all her neighbors in the environment, had to rush out and asked her what happened?

That was when she explained to them, the spiritual ones among them already know what happened and where its coming from, till today, the man as not returned the money o, and I don’t know if the boss arrested the girl or fired her, but the POS shop has been locked ever since that incident happened, can you see there is a spiritual side to Business now?

Let me share you another story, this one is from a Fish Farmer, I will narrate it shortly, I  want business owners to be sensitive and prayerful always, especially when they open their shop in the morning, before you do anything, make sure you pray first, settling the day in order to avert any evil orchestration by the enemy.

At the fourth month my fish had attained an average of 1kg and 0.9 kg.. I was so fufilled because of the size and weight of the fishes.. I started contacting buyers and eatries and joints some advised to sell at that time but I had a time of 5month.. Now, some farmers wait till harvest before they contact buyers and this is wrong because when the time of harvest has elapsed they keep feeding the fish and some may have depleted their money to feed the fished thereby allowing the fish to loose weight.. 

Some fish buyers ” iya eleja” are gold diggers.. They are very smart people that what to reap where they did not sow.. Most fish farmers have fallen prey to there heinous act..

I have had some bad experience with these exploiters.. Years back when they come to buy some of them bring charms (JUJU) along with them.. It sounds ridiculous but that’s some hidden truth.

There was this particular time I wanted to harvest some fish buyerrs came to my farm (iya eleja) and one of them told me she wanted to pee so I instructed my worker to take her to d toilet but unknowingly she went to do some ritual right there in the toilet when she came out she said she wanted to look at the fish so I took her to the pond.. After I completely drained all the water. They said that they can’t buy at the stipulated price again,I had to send them away but to my surprise when I wanted to pump water back to the pond guess what the pumping machine did not pump.. U may think its a coincidence but its not it was perfectly planned by them.. I began sourcing for water and I finally had to call them back.. Guess what as I was selling to them and needed water to add to there big bowls the pumping machine picked up.. 

I have heard so many stories by fish farmers about this women.. If u want to harvest look out for buyers before that time and check out the buyers in terms of character and composure.. Don’t allow any dick and harry into your farm all in the name of sale.. Before the buyers come u would have catch a fish as sample to show them and negotiate the price before anytin else… All what am saying may sound strange to some but its one of the hidden truth in catfish business.. Its better to get one good customer than a thousand.. 

At the fifth month with hard work keeping to details I attained 1kg and above.. The fishes where healthy and strong but it was not easy my brother.. 
I spent roughly 650,000 on feeding alone.. And I sold all for about 1,800,000.. BOY!!! I was fuffiled and very happy that yes I made it this time around.. So my net profit was roughly 1,000,000 if u substract salary, fuel,drugs etc.

My fellow farmers and aspiring farmers fish business is no joke.. It’s not what u toil with, its serious business.. Before u venture into it go and learn it practically.. Go to a good farm to see for youself.. Majority of the people that claim to be in the business are thieves.. They have sugar coated mouth to lure people into it and take their money..


So you can see this is real? That’s it, we live in a wicked world, but what is the way out?

Be Spiritual!!!

That statement some people make that “ O boy, this is Business, leave God out of this” is a major destroyer, that is why the Business as not been running at a good pace, you need to be spiritual enough to control and regulate things, this is very crucial, just like you need God to protect you, bless you and preserve you, you need the hand of god in your Business too, do not remove God, rather, invite God even the more to come and be the Lord over your Business, to come and stay with you in the Business, this is very important.

I remember, while I was a student in Lautech, as a Spiritual person, I was very prayerful and always in touch my friends and brethren to know how they are doing and their businesses too, there was this friend who runs a eatery and wanted to position a stand inside the school for sales of food on the convocation day, I volunteered to help him sell the food and he agreed, so we went into the school, while I was there, I did not get anybody to come and buy the food; eventually, I had to pray to God to please send people to come and buy the food, and fortunately people came and bought everything, and I was so glad that everything we brought to school was sold eventually, so it is necessary to pray to God and make things work out fine, because the world is full of wickedness and cruelty, I pray as you put this wisdom to work, you will experience great victory in every aspect of life, Amen!

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