Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was born on May 9, 1907, in Concordia, Missouri.

Her parents were German and she was one of four children.
Her mother was a harsh disciplinarian, who showed little love or affection.

On the other hand, she had an extremely close and loving relationship with her father.

She would describe, as a small child how, her father would come home from work and she would hang on his leg and cling to him. She often said that her relationship with God the Father was extremely real because of her relationship with her own father.

Kuhlman was converted, when she was 14, at an evangelistic meeting held in a small Methodist church.

When she was 16 she graduated from high school, which only went to tenth grade in their town.

He older sister Myrtle had married an itinerant evangelist, Everett B. Parrott.


They spent their time traveling and asked that Kathryn could join them for the summer.

Her parents agreed and she went to Oregon to help out. She worked with them, and often gave her testimony.

When the summer was over she wanted to stay, and the couple agreed. She ended up working with them for five years.

The evangelistic team was made up of four people, Everette, Myrtle, Kathryn, and pianists named Helen Gulliford.

She had a wrong turn in life marrying a man but faith returned her path.

Kuhlman began preaching on radio broadcasts in Oil City, Pennsylvania on faith healing.

She began to preach about the healing power of God after divorce.


In 1947 a woman was healed of a tumor while listening to Kuhlman preach.

Several Sundays later a man was also healed while she was teaching on the Holy Spirit.

She was now convinced of God’s healing work.

One important thing to note is the context and timing of this breakout period in Kuhlman’s life.

1947 was the beginning of the Healing Revival (sometimes referred to as the Latter Rain Revival) that would last for the next 10 years.

She is believed to be the mother of the Charismatic movement though she never attended any bible school.

Most people don’t know that faith will make you divorce errors.

I have seen most people try to cover up their errors with faith, no you should repent and flee from it.

Faith gives us room to make amend for our errors, we shouldn’t be seen making it a theology.

What was happening in Kuhlman’s meetings was breaking out across the United States.

Kuhlman didn’t try to immitate anyone but stepped into the flow of what God’s Spirit was doing across the nation and the world.

Kathryn meeting were full of several healing experiences that even she can’t account for them all.

Faith can refurbished a messed up life, the choice to cry to GOD for mercy is left to you.

That you took a wrong turn in life doesn’t stop you from returning home to your father.

Untill other preacher, she was used by God to bring the charismatic message to many denominational churches, including the Catholic Church. (She received a lot of criticism over this and was accused of being a closet Catholic.)

Like Papa Idahosa, Kathryn combined the gospel with class.

She was able to minister to more people in all caste.

Hundreds of people were healed in her meetings, and even while listening to her on the radio or television.

Kathryn is assumed to be the greatest woman whoever grace the pulpit preaching Jesus.

Weakness are best handled through grace on faith.

People she prayed for would often be hit with the power of God and be “slain in the Spirit.”

The phrase became popular in her meeting even till date.

One thing she never stopped establishing in her meeting is that Jesus is the healer.

Great men used of God never claimed to be Christ or God, they know faith got them closer to the throne of grace not their effort.

Her life was sold out to God even she discovered she had enlarged heart, she kept walking with and working for God.

We often assumed that we are limited because of present challenges, faith is our advantage.

Jesus is always with us, we just must trust Him far about the manipulations of the devil.

When she was asked the cost of power, this was her exact reply:

“It costs everything. If you really want to know the price, it will cost you everything.

Kathryn Kuhlman died a long time ago. I know the day, I know the hour. I can go to the spot where Kathryn Kuhlman died.

For me it was easy because I had nothing. I know better than anyone else from whence I come, a little cross-road town in Missouri, a population of 1,200 people. I had nothing. I was born without talent. Most people are born with something. I didn’t even have hair on my head when I was born, just red fuzz.

One day I just looked up and said, “Wonderful Jesus I have nothing. I have nothing to give you but my love. That’s all I can give you. And I love you with all my heart. I give you my body, a living sacrifice. If you can take nothing and use it, then here is nothing. Take it.”

It isn’t silver vessels He is asking for; it isn’t golden vessels that He needs. He just needs yielded vessels.”

Faith makes you release yourself to God totally holding nothing back.

The walk of faith is the worth of faith.

We will do nothing and become without faith.

No one has ever seen God beyond their faith.

On February 20, 1976, in Tulsa, Kathryn Kuhlman went to be with the Lord.


Written by Prophet A.T Joel.

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