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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG Special October Holy Ghost Service. Tagged ‘Exceeding Expectations’

I have told you this story before, one of the stories I heard as a young Christian that fired me up.

A newlywed couple came to a country in Africa to preach the Gospel as missionaries. They were newlyweds, they got to a place, they saw a big wall around a particular session.

They said, is there a village in there? They said yes, it is a leopard colony, everybody inside there is a leopard, we throw food to them over the wall.

The couple said has anybody preached Jesus Christ to them before?

The man at the gate said what are you talking about?

Maybe you don’t understand, anybody who goes in there doesn’t come out. They said but we want to preach to them, if nobody has ever spoken to them we will want to go.

The man at the gate said it looks as if you don’t understand, if you go in there you are not coming out.

The young husband looked at the young wife, darling what do you say?
The wife said all that Jesus Christ said is go, he didn’t say anything about coming back.

They turned to the gatekeeper, he opened it and they went it, the door was shut. That is one couple I am going to look up when I get to heaven.

You can exceed in commitment!


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