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  • Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave Of Glory’ (Evening Session, Day 4)
  • Let us give the Lord glory and honour, praise His Holy Name.
  • Father, please fight my battles for me.
    I used to Introduce to you our guest speakers but someone told me I shouldn’t do that anymore because there are none of our speakers who is a guest because they are all members of the family.

Tonight, I have been asked to speak to us on ‘More Than Conquers’. Anytime there is a major gathering, there could be two distinct approaches to a topic. One approach is called ‘outreach’ when you are reaching out to people who are not yet in the Church. For example, the Congress in December is an outreach that is why every day, every topic is the kind that people will clap and shout.

The second type of gathering is an ‘in-reach’. When you reach onward to those who are already inside. The Convention is an in-reach where we look at ourselves and discuss issues about those of us who are Children of God on our way to heaven when we discuss how to be sure we will finish well.

The Convention is in-reach because the Bible says we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, we still throw in a little bit of outreach into the Convention. Tomorrow, for instance, Holy Ghost Night is an outreach, that is why the population is always more, by tomorrow, we will be moving to the New Arena.

The Lord has already told me the Theme for the Congress in December ‘THE SIEGE IS OVER’ if you can make it till December, you can continue to rejoice.

Tonight, I want to talk about More Than Conquers from the perspective of an in-reach, not an outreach. Life is war, from birth till you leave this world is war.

Even when you are being given birth to, it is war. Genesis 38:27, says when a woman is in labour, she is travailing.

After you are born, as a matter of fact, the moment you arrive on earth you begin to cry because as small as you are, you realize that that battle has started. If you are born and you didn’t cry, the midwives will pick you up and begin to slap your back.

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