Beloved, there are 3 categories of people as far as living life is concerned:


These ones are instruments in the hands of the devil. I’m not talking of they are sinners. It is beyond being sinners. These ones are instruments in the hands of satan; they facilitate the agenda of the devil on the earth (John 10:10).

In this category, you have very terrible occultist, grand masters; they have seen satan, satan have seen them; they know each other. These are people who are on earth and they know why they are on earth. They want to see how many they can channel to hell. This is the group of ritual killers; they are full of demons, trading in human spare parts.

These are categories of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, witches and wizards. I heard the story of a woman who is stronger than all witches in her community because she draws her power from the grave of her children. These are people that are sold out to the devil. They serve the devil with impunity; they serve the devil boldly.


The people who live for themselves are focused on themselves and the things of the earth solely; what to eat, drink, wear, drive, the things that will make them happy on the earth; everything about their life is summarised on the earth. There is no eternal deposit, there is no eternity in mind. There is nothing like when I go to heaven, this is the reward I am expecting from God because this was what I did with my life on the earth. There is nothing like that in their agenda.

You know the way an animal wakes up in the morning, look for something to eat and then it just dies suddenly and there is no consequence; that’s how this kind of people live and unfortunately, there are many in church like that. There are not in church to work for God or to do anything; there are there for one prayer request or the other and when you say, lift up your hands and let us worship God, they are lifting up a prayer request, a picture of somebody they want prayer for. They are not interested in anything about God; it is just, “what can we get?” I was talking to some people the other day and said, when we came to the Lord in the seventies and early eighties, we didn’t know that there was a benefit in serving God.


The only thing we knew was that God created you and you must serve Him. You don’t have the right over your life. You must serve God and you must do it well so that you can go to Heaven and not hell. That I serve God I will get money out of it was not in the equation. It was later on that we discovered that you shall serve the Lord your God and He shall bless your bread and water. We didn’t know and it didn’t matter.

Today, it is that one that brought many people to church; the things that accompany the Gospel, the things that you want to get out of it. So, somebody sees a pastor and sees him driving a good car and he feels that that is what ministry is all about. He can’t get a job, so let him become a pastor. I told you the story of a “so-called pastor” before who approached a pastor in one of our locations that he wants to sell the church building. Why? Because he got a car on credit and he couldn’t pay for the car, so he wants to sell the Church building to pay for the car. Our pastor asked and said, “so, what will happen to the members?” He said, “can’t you people carry them?” That is a hireling, an armed robber. Members, human beings, he said “carry them.”

These are people who live for themselves. Eternity is not in the equation. Kingdom does not matter, investment on the other side does not matter. From almost 30 years ago, I began to calculate when I step into Heaven, the number of souls that were there before me that I led to Christ who went there ahead of me, who will come to the entrance and say; “Welcome Sir! I am here because of you.” I was a medical student then when a 74- year-old man sent his son to call me to pray for him.

So, I went there and then the first thing that I did was to lead him to Christ. I preached to him and then he breathed deeply; “thank you my son for giving me the peace that I’ve never had. Thank you, I’m grateful.” The next thing I heard, he slept overnight, he was gone. I had no cry to cry because I was excited; I was excited because he died in old age, I was excited because he was at the junction of eternity, he could have gone left and God sent me and he went right and in my heart, I said, “Lord, that is one of the first fruits that has gone ahead to wait for me.”

There are many who have nothing to look forward to, no eternity. That’s why most rich men don’t want to die because their investment is on the earth. Swiss bank and European banks have eaten a lot of our money; money of thieves who went to keep money somewhere and they tried to take it to where nobody can steal it even though they stole it themselves. These are those who live for self.

Question you will want to ask yourself; I am aware that 99 per cent of people here today, I’m not sure you are living for the devil, otherwise you will not be here. Except those that the devil sent to go and kill themselves as agents; go after that Church, go after that man to go and kill themselves.

You saw the bird that was trying to fly into the place here on Sunday. It was just flying and just dropped. No hand touched it, so stone stoned it. It came into an atmosphere, a no-fly zone. Except such, I am not sure there are people who will say I am living for the devil but the question is; are you living for God?



These are those whose lives revolve around God and the Kingdom (Matthew 6:33). These are people whose target is Kingdom enlargement, expansion and enhancement.

These are people who decided not to leave their generation the way they met it. If they are making money or have influence over people, they have Kingdom at the back of their mind. When I was going to the medical school, I entered an agreement with God and I said, “Lord, I am entering the University to study medicine and that is no big deal. I will not be the first medical doctor neither will I be the last. So, there is no big deal. What is the big deal is that the medical school has given me a platform to freely preach to everybody there. I said, “Lord, help me not to fail any exam and I’ll assure You that I will preach and fulfil ministry there brutally, aggressively.” It was a sealed deal.

So, I went into that sphere, not like a regular medical student with the regular medical student mind. From my second year, I began to pray hours at a time in the morning before going to class, like three hours before going for the 8:00am class and then pray another one hour in the afternoon during the break period. One of those break periods, I was behind the physiology laboratory, studying and praying. A young man who came there saw me and I began to share some little scriptures because when you are on fire, the only way for that fire not to implode you is to distribute it. So, I dropped a little fire on that man, he exploded. Next time he came again and he said, “you know what? What you are telling me is too much for only me. I am the President of Medical Student Fellowship; can you come and share this thing in the large house?” I said, with all pleasure.

I followed him, by the time I finished talking, I was in 200 Level, medical student, fire was everyone. I didn’t touch anybody; people were on the floor. What you are seeing today started since; people were on the floor. My wife then, sister Becky with her thick eyeglasses like coca cola bottle, that was what she was wearing at that time, she was in the congregation.

All of them opened their mouths wondering, where is this one from?

They were asking each other, which Guest Minister is this? From what ministry?

Because he didn’t come like a student and the things I was talking were not kindergarten talks.

That was how that fire exploded at that time and if you found me in the morning in front of the student’s hostel, it was preaching in front of hostels; inside the bus and taxi, it was preaching. After preaching from the hostel to the classrooms and lecture areas and the driver asked for the money, I’ll say, “you all don’t bother, I’ll pay the fare for you.” That is, I finished talking to you, I pay your transport fare as a student.

One of them told my secretary the other day, what you are seeing now didn’t start today. He said, he would preach and still pay our transport fare. There was a place the students usually go to read, I didn’t go to read there. It was as if there is an unwritten law; if you don’t go there to read, you can’t pass. But my reading pattern was different. My reading pattern is such that I am seated reading, deep worship is playing. I will not be able to do that there – Hosanna integrity, Don Moen, etc and then, when I read for about three hours, I broke into tongues and then after that, I dig back into the book again. So, I said I can’t organize my quiet time there, those who came here for the purpose of only book can go there. My own is book plus…
One young man in the medical school, he was in the class ahead of me and I will pray for hours. He said, “oh boy, is it Bible school you came or medical school?” I told him and said, “both.” He said, “take it easy ooo. The place tough ooo.” He repeated and joined my class. I went forward. He failed and was withdrawn. It was really tough for him. He was very concern but I had an agreement before I came. I am not saying this to impress nobody.

I am saying it to show you how to rub your life around Kingdom. Don’t just make money like unbeliever money-makers; let Kingdom be central to it. Don’t just occupy an office with the mentality that I am now a director; how many people have you directed to the Kingdom in your capacity as a director?
In my short practice of medicine, I made up my mind that my consulting table was also a pulpit. By the time we are done with the medical stuff, I’d say; “how are you doing, how is your life?

What is your relationship with God? Heaven is real, hell is real and I want to ensure that you don’t go to hell. I am your doctor; I should tell you the truth. I’ve told you the physical one, this is the eternal one. It is more important. I’ll like you to make your way right with Jesus.” I led them to Christ, not one, not two. I saw one girl here that I led to Christ at the consulting table in the Teaching Hospital.

I was just a house officer and this young lady came, she has done about twelve abortions. She had one fallopian tube gone from ectopic pregnancy. The uterine cavity was not there anymore from numerous D and C – terrible situation. I looked at her and said, “see how you wasted your life in a hurry. I want you to give your life to Jesus.” She said, “is there any hope for me still?” I said, “there is hope for you in God.”
I led her to Christ right there at the Clinic and then afterwards, I returned back to the University to preach. Some years later, I saw her in the Fellowship and she said she gave her life to Christ and since that time, she has not looked back. I said, “congratulations. I am happy for you.”

One day we were in Area One church and I was preaching and people came out for the altar call, it was after a night vigil. “New comers, come forward” and people stood, I was shaking hands with people and the lady saw me and said, “do you recognize me Sir?” She said, you preached to me in the Teaching Hospital. I said, wow! Tell me more.

She said, I have come here, I am in the Law School now, I came from the Law School to attend service here. I am married and I also have a son.” Service has ended, I said everybody wait! If this woman can give birth to a child, anybody can give birth to a child because I knew her story. One kidney was already going, everything was wrong with her system.Hallelujah!

How do you think I’ll feel after the night vigil on my way home? Oh Lord, I have not wasted my life and time. Many of us, we wasted so much opportunity. People God brought your way, you let them go and then go to hell. 

You wasted too much opportunity. Living for God means that every single opportunity has Kingdom consideration. There is something about the Kingdom that you are considering. Please don’t forget this; When you live for yourself, you live at a loss; but when you live for God, you live for gain, both in this world and in the world to come.
One woman was telling us with Dr (Mrs) Becky the other day, I think she trusted God for about 5-7 years before she gave birth to her first child and after that, the child is 6-7 years without any other child and then, God visited her again. You know what she said? She said, she remembered that evangelism gave her the first result of pregnancy. So after she had waited for a while, she said before I got pregnant, when the devil was trying to delay her, she went brutally into work for God, she remember and went again and the yoke was broken again.

This is why you see some people, they don’t care for anything; their roommate is a smoker, drunkard, everything; they’ve not for one day say, come to church or say, consider your life because their own life is centered around this earth and themselves. There is no centering on the life of eternity. 


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