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Gordon Robertson; “So what’s the Story behind the song (God will make a way)? Because the song is birthed out of tragedy”.
Don Moen; “That’s right, you know… I get to receive one of those late night songs, and my wife’s sister and husband had been involved in a tragic car accident. My mother-in-law called me and there had been 4 young boys on their way from Oklahoma to Colorado on a ski vacation and their van was broadsided by an 18 wheeler in the middle of Texas panhandle and when I heard the news, it was like all the scriptures that came to my mind fell short of what I really wanted to say to them and I felt so helpless.

I got on the airplane the next day, and I was just praying… “God give me something to say to this family, that will bring hope in a hopeless situation” and I opened my Bible, I was reading from Isaiah Chapter 43 and verse 18 & 19 jumped out on me, it says “don’t remember the former things, behold I would do something new and now it will spring forth will you not see it? I’ll even make a road way in the wilderness and a river in the desert”… and on that airplane, I wrote down the words and the melody of the song to sing to them at the funeral and I never even did sing it at the funeral, I sang it for them privately and I recorded it and I said to Suzan, put this above your kids and sing cos when everybody leaves, there are gonna be days when you need to hear that God will make a way where there seems to be no way and here’s the line He works in ways we cannot see, that’s what I wanted to say to them.
Gordon Robertson; “What a wonderful song, did you ever anticipate that it’ll go worldwide?”

Don Moen; “Oh no, I didn’t record it, I never wrote it to record, so it was a couple of years after, I sang it for Kreg and Suzan that erm… …the Lord brought it back to my mind, I was singing for our staff at integrity music where I was working then and I had to look through all my notes and find the words and I sang it that day and I think everybody came up to me that day and said, where’d you get that song?

They needed to hear God will make a way, and I said I wrote it for this private situation and they said you need to record it, and I thought I don’t ever intend to record it cos it was so personal but I eventually did and now it’s become probably my most well known song. It was written in a desperate situation, but it’s not a song of desperation, it’s a song of declaration”.

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