Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4: 7. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

Beloved, I welcome you to another Moment of Daily Encounter! Man is the most important entity amongst God’s creation because God kept His treasure in man. Yesterday, we looked at one of the treasures God kept in man and today, we shall yet consider another treasure!

Our anchor scripture reveals to us that we have treasures stored in this earthen vessel called man (2Cor.4:7)!

This leaves us with an information that no man is empty! Every man you see every day is useful in one way or the other, there is no man that is useless.
*What are the treasures in man?*
1. ideas and strategies (details of this is in yesterday meditation)

2. Wisdom: Inside every man is hidden the wisdom of God. Sometimes in answer to our prayers for wisdom God will give us a challenge because in that man is hidden the wisdom we need for that moment.

The Bible said:

Proverbs 8: 1. Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice?

The wisdom that is crying every where is man! To ignore man is to ignore wisdom. I often teach in leadership class that, leadership is ability to tap into the wisdom, the experience and skills of your followers to deliver results.

As a team leader you must see the importance of every team member and create a synergy for accelerated results. To ignore men is to ignore results!


When you embrace men, you embrace wisdom and the outcome are the results the Bible described as children birthed by wisdom:

Luke 7: 35. But wisdom is justified of all her children.

What are the children of wisdom?

1. Long life (Prov.3:16): God wants you to live long, hence He gives you wisdom to be able to escape untimely death. It is quite unfortunate that many are still dying young because they disregard wisdom! For Instance;

The wisdom of God – which is scripture said avoid the lifestyle of sin but mankind has remained adamant to sin! As long as you violate the word of God, the consequences will certainly catch up with you.

Hebrews 12: 15. Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;

Imagine you enjoying malice and bitterness! Don’t know you are inviting trouble when you allow bitterness in your heart? Do you know that permitting bitterness has a way of kiling you softly? Why the bitterness? Is it not because of unforgiveness! Wisdom say forgive and let go.

2. Riches(Prov.3:16): God did not make you poor! It takes wisdom to be rich. If you reject wisdom get ready for poverty.

Many in the body of Christy are aware of scriptural principles that bail out of poverty but are not ready to do anything about it. Until you are ready to do something, your story may remain the same. It is therefore wisdom to search for light and commit to do what has been reveaied to you, then you are on your way to wealth.

3. Honour (Prov.8:18): God does not want you to struggle for honour! So He gave the key as Wisdom! So there is a way you walk in wisdom and wisdom will promote you to honour.

Proverbs 4: 8. Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her.


Honour is a realm, but many think it is just a right, hence they fight for it and neglect the usher! The usher that will take you to honour is Wisdom.

4. A life void of frustration:

Ecclesiastes 7: 12. For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

When wisdom is on ground, your life is shielded from frustrating circumstances. Many believers are developing high blood pressure because of negligence of wisdom. Wisdom shows you the next thing to do, how to do it and when to do it. If it is absent frustration, struggle, hardship is inevitable.

Remember this : Heaven is real and hell is real, where do you want to spend eternity. Make your choice today.

Prayer points;
– Father thank you for your word to me today, I receive grace to receive men of wisdom sent to me in Jesus name.

Prophetic Declaration:

– I declare the last time you missed men of wisdom sent into your life shall be the last for ever in the name of Jesus.
– Receive the wisdom of healthy living and wealthy creation in the name of Jesus.

From your brother Alex
God bless you.

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