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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG London Festival of Life 2021, tagged ‘A New Dawn’
When I became General Overseer, I tried everything in the Book to make the Church grow, nothing worked, every month end I had special seminars, seminars for healings, deliverance and prayers.

I became almost like a broomstick.
During these weekends, the people will come, they will be blessed, as soon as we finish they will disappear, I did everything I knew, I attended seminars, I was prayed for by people who carried anointing, nothing happened. When my time came, Your time will come!
A New Dawn came and it came and that is one of the things that makes London special to me. My New Dawn came at number 11.11, Temple Fortune.

I was sitting down there preparing Sunday School materials for the Church at home, it was February moving towards March when all of a sudden God spoke to me and said son what do you want for your birthday? My birthday was coming, it was March 2, I heard his voice, somebody is already hearing God.

To cut a long story short, that is the beginning of Holy Ghost Service which is now called Festival of Life here.

That was the turning point. Today if I have any problem is that I don’t have enough time to honour every invitation for Holy Ghost Service.

All of a sudden the Church began to grow. From today onward, every fruitless effort in your life is coming to an end because of divine intervention.

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