Thanksgiving is predominantly showing appreciation for favour or help done to you by someone. It is an art of showing appreciation and anytime you appreciate, things appreciate in value.
Appreciation is firstly a show of good manners and good culture. Well mannered people are those who know how to be grateful to others for the assistance or help accorded them.
Appreciation is also a sign of humility and meekness. Proud people appreciate no one. Not God and not even man for what they do for them. They claim to be self made. Appreciation is a proof that you are humble enough to know where and how things happened.
Appreciation is also a virtue of trustworthiness or faithfulness. God and even man will not be able to trust you until you show appreciation. It is important to know that you will be qualified for more open doors and favors as you show gratitude for that which was done for you.
Appreciation is a sign of faith and confidence. To thank God is to be sure that your tomorrow will be secured. No matter what happens, you know and are use to the finger of God. You know the God who took you out will also preserve you and take you in.

    Thanksgiving is not just an end of year activity, it is a debt you and I owe God and we must pay it at all times.
  2. THANKSGIVING IS ONLY POSSIBLE WHEN CONTENTMENT IS PALPABLE (1 Tim 6:6). Contentment is what brings gain into your spiritual life. You will never enjoy God without being contented in Him. Many people murmur, grumble and complain and that is why they do not see the hand of God in their lives. We are commanded not to murmur so that the we will not attract the destroyer (1 Cor 10:10)
  3. THANKSGIVING IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO CAN REMEMBER WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM (Heb 6:10). It is a terrible thing to forget the past and what God has used people to do for you. You will never give God quality thanks until you remember the past. Always remember the Pastor who fasted for you when you knew nothing or had nothing. Always remember the one who prayed for you before God did what He did. The problem with disloyal people is that they always forget the past.
  4. THANKSGIVING IS APPLICATION FOR MORE (Papa Bishop Oyedepo). Your Thanksgiving today is your application for more tomorrow. When your thanks is empty, your tank will soon be empty. No matter how or where you are, thanksgiving can change your level over night.
  5. THANKSGIVING WILL BE AN ENDANGERED VIRTUE IN THE LAST DAYS (2 Timothy 3:2). As the age draws, many will be unthankful. The pride of modernization and development is gradually taking gratitude from the hearts of many. Many people will not like to recognize who has helped them to be where they are. When difficult times also show up, it causes people to be unthankful. It closes their eyes from how they use to be and what they have become. Refuse to be unthankful.
  6. The wonder of Multiplication (Jeremiah 30:19)
    No matter how small you are, multiplication is possible. But you must be thankful for the small you have now. Never permit your joy to be affected by your results. Keep shining and keep praising and the increase will come.
  7. The wonder of supernatural supply (John 6:11)
    Jesus used Thanksgiving to feed 5000 men without counting women and children with only 5 loaves of bread and two fish. Thanksgiving opened the doors for supernatural supply for already baked bread and prepare fish. Thanksgiving will make a way for you.
  8. The wonder of strange miracles (John 11:41)
    John the Baptist came out of the grave after 4 days by the prayer of Thanksgiving. Sometimes you don’t need to cast and bind, just wake up at midnight to offer thanks to God and watch how things turn around.
  9. The wonder of the peace and tranquility of God in you (Philippians 4:6-7)
    Many people have not understood the peace of God. This is a strange dimension of God. God is never restless, never shaking, never fearful and never confused. God has a peace that is unique to Him and when you pray with Thanksgiving, that peace is released to you. Hallelujah
  10. The wonder of Victory over the enemy at all times (2 Chronicles 20:21-22).
    Thanksgiving and praise was the method to fight the enemies. God told King Jehoshaphat not to fight the normal way, he hearkened to God’s voice and applied the mystery of Thanksgiving and praise and the enemies began killing themselves. This is the end of all your enemies in Jesus name.
    Prophet Joel Mayaba
    (Snr Pastor Power Embassy Worldwide)
    Headquarters at CanaanLand, Entre Isenberg, Bepele Block IV Douala.

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