THE WONDERS OF THE CROSS – By Pastor W.F Kumuyi Evening Session Day 1

Tonight, as we begin, we will be talking about Christ, our Saviour, our Lord, our Healer, our redeemer, our deliverer, the all in all for us. We are going to start with the words of Jesus Himself and it’s in John 3:14.

Here is Jesus talking to you and you want to clear every problem between you and Christ. And you look at yourself that everything that Jesus said, the power that He manifested when He was here on earth, He will manifest in your life.
John 3:14-15
Whoever believes in Jesus i.e, keeps believing in Him, will not perish. But remember, those who will not perish are the people that believe in Him and they put their faith, and their trust and their confidence only in Christ as their saviour. If you’ve not done that before, you are going to do it tonight. And then the promise of God and the power of God will be manifested in your life
Verse 16 is the verse everybody should know, the verse everybody should embrace, the verse everybody should accept and the verse everybody should link up with and say, “that is mine!”.
John 3:16
God is telling you tonight that He loves everyone and is no respecter of persons. You are coming from the east or from the south. You are coming from the west or from the north. You are coming from here, Africa, or you are coming from America, anywhere you find yourself, it says “whosoever believeth in HIM”.

You single HIM out. He’s above all. He’s the only saviour. He’s the only redeemer. It’s not Christ and my religion, Christ and my tradition, Christ and my idols, Christ and my philosopher, Christ and my psychiatrist, Christ and any other person, Christ and Christ alone.

“That whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life”
Are you ready for that? Everlasting life? Abundant life? Real salvation in the Lord and the life of Christ in man. The life of Christ in man, the life that only God can provide. And He came from heaven, He came into this world and He came to provide that for you.

I congratulate you tonight that you are here and you fit in your name and identity to that ‘whosoever’ and that ‘whosoever’ will become meaningful in your life as you turn away from everything in the past and you turn to Christ, the saviour, that is being presented to you and you say, “He’s mine, I embrace Him, I believe Him and I have my faith and my confidence only in Him”.

Salvation has come tonight. Healing has come tonight.

I’m talking to you today on TOTAL HEALING FOR EVERYONE THROUGH HIS CROSS. Everyone there without exception, everyone there without partiality. Whatever you are going through, whatever problem you have, whatever challenge you have, you are that one He is coming to tonight. You are part of that ‘everyone’.


TOTAL HEALING – Healing for your spirit, healing for your soul, healing for your wounds, healing for you physically, total redemption and total recovery for everyone through His cross. Now you see Christ refer to a particular story and that story is read as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, Christ, the son of God, the son of man, the one that became (He came from heaven to earth) son of God became son of man so that sons of men will become the son of God.

A transformation takes place in your life because He came and because you accept and because you embrace and believe what He did when He came.

And so, He came down that He might identify with you and takes your sin (there’s a great exchange here), that He might give you His own righteousness and then your status, your stage, your identity, everything is changed even in the sight of Almighty God in Heaven.
I want to divide the story into three parts:


The children of Israel, they came out of bondage. They’ve been there for centuries, for many years and they came, it so happened that their corruption began to manifest and then, the consequence of that corruption.

And eventually they came and they confessed before the Lord. You know, if you are going to have this healing (total healing, heaven-sent healing, healing from the cross), it begins with a confession.

You know your doctor cannot do much until you say, “here is my problem, my challenge, here is why I’m having what I’m having”. If you keep quiet and say, “I’m alright” when you are not alright, “I feel good” when you are in pain, “I’m okay” when you’re not okay, the doctor will not be able to do anything but when you come and you say, “here is my challenge, my problem” and then, you confess that corruption of the heart and the consequence of that corruption, then, you go to the next step, healing will come. Salvation will come, deliverance will come. A change, a mighty change, a transformation will come in your life.


Yes, a saviour. Jesus, a saviour, but He is also a healer and as we bring those two words together is the healing saviour and He provided that and procured that for you on the cross of Calvary because of His compassion (not your merit, not what you have done because your tears forever flow and your zeal no respite know).

All these, no sin cannot atone. He, the saviour and He alone must save. And when you come and you say, “nothing in my hand I bring, simply to the cross I cling”, when you organise yourself and you reorientate yourself and you understand no matter who you are, no matter what you have done, all that cannot bring salvation, forgiveness or redemption to you.


When you realise, no matter how good, nice, religious or self righteous supposedly you are, when you push all that aside and you say, “simply to His cross I cling”, forgiveness, conversion and a new life will come unto you.


Conversion, when you are weak and become strong, when you are guilty and then, you are free from guilt, when you are powerless and become powerful, when you are in darkness and then the Lord transforms your life and you come to the light, when you are going on the long road that will lead you to eternal perdition and you turn around and the grace of God lifts you up and then you come to the right road, the road that leads to life eternal, when you are a sinner and now, the Lord turns you around and changes your life and you become a saved soul, a righteous soul and it starts from within – that’s conversion
He became our substitute and He suffered as if He was the one that committed your sin, and He takes away from that and then He makes a great exchange and He gives you His righteousness.

Point 1 Explanation
Now, I’m going to the story which you will find in Numbers 21:4-7
As they were moving up in the journey, discouragement came to them.

Now, discouragement comes to everybody and it is not a sin but what you do as a result of the discouragement, what you say as a result of the discouragement, how you act as a result of the discouragement.

There are some people that do some weird things, some even go to the point of taking their lives and they kill themselves because of discouragement. It is what you do in discouragement that will tell whether you’ll be at the right hand side of God or on the left hand side.

And it says, “and the people spoke (how could everybody begin to speak against God?)”. I want you to understand, picture yourself as if you are holding a candle and everybody holding a candle and one person lights a candle and other follows suit, lighting their candle from each others candle. Before you know what, everybody has light in their candle.

Discouragement is like that, it’s contagious. You have it, you speak out words of discouragement, criticism, despair and fear (what does the future hold?). Another one will hear and imbibe, get, receive, respond and react with that discouragement and it goes on and on.

We are copycats. What we see other people doing – they lie, we lie, they discourage, they pass it on, we are discouraged, they criticise, we criticise, they fight, we fight and as copycats, everybody now begins to do everything. That’s why the Bible says, “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”.

All those millions of people, thousands of people, one person picked it up and discouraged (what about this, what about that), and then, every person picks it up and it says, “and the people spake against God and against Moses”. They spoke against God, they broke the commandments of God and then they spoke against Moses and broke the commandments of Moses.

You know, everything you do is classified into two parts – one side is God, the other side is man. Moses – man, humanity. That’s why the commandments of God are divided into two. The first one relating directly with God and everybody without exception has broken the commandments relating with God because it says, “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”. If you look at the commandments of God, you have not loved God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.

You have not surrendered everything to God, your creator. You have not thought about God in everything you do like He wants you to do. We have sinned against God like they did and the people spake against God and the second part, they spoke against Moses.
We speak against our fellow man. How many of us have not spoken against father, mother, teacher, principal, other people in our community – we are the angels and they are the devil – and we say, “why is this?”.

If we are careless and we fail our exams, it’s the fault of so and so. If we are careless and we they fall sick, it’s the fault of so and so. If we are careless and we are not making it in the market, it is the fault of so and so, we speak against God and we speak against man.

Now, when we speak against our creator, when we lie against our creator, when we sin against our creator, it has consequence. When we speak against man, sin against man, against your neighbor, it has consequence.

This is what they said:

“Wherefore have you brought us out of Egypt (everybody was happy when they came out of Egypt, they have been in slavery all those many years, hundreds of years and they rejoiced and they even sang when they passed through the red sea but you know, we are creatures of forgetfulness.

We always forget what God did for me yesterday, last week. I’m only thinking of today. He had fed them all through that time until they came to that point but now they had forgotten everything)”.

Are you not forgetful? Do you always thank God? He created you, gave you life, gave you health, sustenance, He’s been taking care of you since you were born – even to be born in this world, you don’t deserve that. But God did that and every good thing, He has done. We have forgotten, they forgot and they began to say, “why have you brought us up out of the land of Egypt to die in the wilderness?”.

They forgot, He said He was taking them to the land of promise, the land of Canaan but because of discouragement, they forgot – that’s who we are, you are.

You are ungrateful and because of that ingratitude, we talk like this and like that, we forget ourselves, we are temporarily mad, we are insane temporarily, we even get angry and get angry against our fellow man and then they said, “in this wilderness where we are, for there is no bread…”

Do you remember they ate heavenly bread, heavenly meal – manna – that same morning, they were telling lies against God. There are people that tell lies against God, against themselves and against humanity, against everybody, ‘it’s like nobody has done anything good for me’ and they said, “neither is there any water”.

This is chapter 21 of Numbers. The Lord had given them water to drink out of the rock, “our soul loathed this light bread”. They said there was no bread and now they are talking about light bread. What I’m saying is from the story of this children of Israel, their corruption oozed out. But as you point one finger to them, the other fingers are pointing back to you.

Just like that, “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”. You have sinned and you have come short of the Glory of God. What is the consequence of that? Verse 6 says the Lord sent a fiery serpent amongst the people. Why? There is sowing and reaping. What you sow is what you reap. And there is the consequence of our action, that’s the judgement of our action. The judgement of God came upon them.

Would you know all those serpents where there in the wilderness before that time? But because they were walking in the way of the Lord, the serpents couldn’t bite them, couldn’t do anything to them but once the cover, once the protection of the Lord left them, the serpents came from nowhere and began to bite the people and much people of Israel died. Was that the will of God? No.

The people, when any bad thing happens (I’m sick, that’s the will of God, I’m dying, that’s the will of God, I’m penniless, that’s the will of God, I’m poor, that’s the will of God, I have incurable disease, that’s the will of God, I lived a bad life and now I have HIV, that’s the will of God), it’s not the will of God, we as a people have caused all those sins and the earlier we confess, the better. Confess today and you forsake your sins, mercy will come to you. Mercy is coming, forgiveness is coming, total healing is coming to you in Jesus name.

But we must recognise that we brought all these evils upon ourselves – much people of Israel died. It’s not God that wants you to sin, suffer and do those unprintable things in your life. Stop blaming God, Man and Moses. Come and say, “it’s my fault. I allowed this and that to make me go the wrong way. I am at fault, I am guilty”.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. He that covereth his sin shall not prosper but he who confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

When you come to the Lord and you confess and forsake, and you say, “I have done what I shouldn’t have done, I have said what I shouldn’t have said, I have gone the direction I shouldn’t have gone and I return, the mercy of God, the compassion of God and the salvation of God will come upon your life even tonight in Jesus name.

Verse 7 says, “therefore, the people came to Moses (there was no compulsion, nobody tied them in a rope, on their feet and said, ‘come’, they realised, ‘our problem started when we spoke against God, acted against God, sinned against God and if we are going to have the mercy and compassion of God, then we have to turn around’).

The people came around and said that they have sinned. They didn’t start with ‘serpent, serpentin, that one has died, Moses, don’t let us die’. You know, there are people that start with ‘heal me. I’m having this tumour, this blindness, this challenge, heal me”. They didn’t start with that, they started the right way. What brought us, what food and plant did we plant and we are reaping this evil thing? They knew it was their sin.

They said, “we have sinned”. Now, they didn’t confess the sins of other people – ‘Moses did not do this in time, that’s why we did that. The government did not do this in time, that’s why we acted that. My mummy and daddy did not do this for me, that’s why I acted that. My wife did not do this for me, that’s why I went to commit adultery.

My husband did this and then, to retaliate and teach him a lesson that that thing is painful, that’s why I did that’.

They didn’t confess other people’s sin. They said, “we have sinned”. At the end, they described the sin that they committed – “for we have spoken against the Lord and against thee”. After that they said, “pray unto the Lord that He takes the serpent away from us”, and Moses prayed for the people.

That’s why Jesus said, “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, the son of man, the son of God, our Messiah, Christ, the one that came to die for us, even so must He be lifted up on the cross of Calvary so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life”.

Point 2 Explanation
Join compassion and cure together because of the love of God, because He is not willing that any of us like any of them should perish, that everyone should repent and turn and come to life eternal. I’m sure you’ll remember the life and the story of a whole city, it’s called Nineveh. All of them had gone the wrong way from the top to the bottom, from the greatest to the least of them, they had gone the wrong way and the Lord sent Jonah to them.

You know the story, how Jonah went this way and the Lord then brought him back and then he said, “in 40 days, Nineveh shall be overthrown”. Now, Jonah did not understand the compassion and the love of God.

He thought, once God said, “the soul that sinneth shall die” and they had sinned, and because of that, they will die and because their cup of iniquity was already full and because their sin had God brought them to their destruction and because that destruction had been determined from heaven and because of that, Jonah thought that the end had come for Nineveh and so triumphantly, he went to declare and announce that the end had come for them.

And so he went and told them, ’40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed’. Jonah failed to understand, realise and accept that he didn’t have the revelation of God, that God will have mercy on the people that turned and so he expected that the moment he had said, ’40 days – Nineveh is gone’, he was waiting without compassion, without mercy, without the love of God and without the possibility of any repentance and any recovery and so he was waiting, ‘they will soon die’, but the mercy of God came from heaven when the king and the people from the greatest to the least, from the most sinful to those who are just starting the sinful life, they repented like it will happen tonight.

When you turn as they turned and you are not saying, ‘I’m a great man, I’m a highly placed man, I’m a popular woman, I’m a religious person, even though you know that you have sinned against God and against man, and you merit eternal destruction, if you are not sitting in your pride and you say, ‘Lord, I come, I’m the guilty one, I’m asking for mercy and compassion, I trust not in myself, I trust in the mercy, compassion and love of God like those people in Nineveh, like they repented and turned, like God has mercy on them, He will have mercy on you.

And so, they came and told Moses, they said, “we have sinned and we want to be forgiven”. Now with the forgiveness, they also wanted healing, they wanted all the bites and all the poisons of those snakes to get away from them. God is able, able to heal, to deliver, to set free, to turn your life around. And then, they were so healed. God did something, He told Moses to do something.

Here is it, look at this, and God said unto Moses, “make ye a fiery serpent and set it on a pole and it shall come to pass (that means, it will happen. Salvation, healing, deliverance and total renewal – it will happen).

It came to pass that everyone that is bitten, remember, those who had sinned, they were bitten. That’s the consequence of sin, that’s why they came, that’s why they confessed and that’s why God had compassion on them.

And it says, “everyone that is bitten, when he looketh upon it shall live”. I want you to picture in your mind that those children of Israel that were bitten by those snakes were dying as a result of their sin, not a fault of Moses, Aaron or of God but their own fault, because of their sin and evil. But everyone that looked up at the lifted up serpent as God had directed, they were not looking at their pain, they were looking at the brassen serpent lifted up and they were not asking their neighbor to look on their behalf.
Everyone wherever they were, they spread out in their millions, they were many and then from anywhere, they looked upon the serpent of brass and as they looked, Moses didn’t have to go and touch them one by one, he didn’t have to go and shake them or put anything on them, just looking. And as they looked, they were made whole.

And remember, Jesus said with this story exactly, “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, the son of man (the Lord Jesus Christ) will be lifted up on the cross” and everyone that looks believing-ly, everyone that looks accepting, everyone that says ‘that, he did for me.

That brassen serpent upon the pole was for me’, everyone without exception that believed and looked up to that brassen serpent was healed and that is what the Lord is going to do today. Christ became our substitute and healer by His stripes, we are healed.
And so, as you look up to the Lord and you say, ‘He is my saviour, He forgives all sins and He is the same yesterday, today and forever’.

What He did for other people, tonight, He will do for you. Anywhere they find themselves, the power is connected to them because they did what the heavenly father told to do.

‘Look on that lifted, brassen serpent and then, all your problems are over’. And Jesus made allusion to that when He said, ‘as it was done at that time, now that He has died for us, borne our pain, taken our guilt, as we look unto Jesus Christ, ‘look unto me, all ye the ends of the earth and be ye saved’, He will save you.

That’s why the psalmist says, “bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy name”. David says, “who forgiveth all thy transgressions. And then, David did not only say that He forgiveth all your transgressions, He also said, “who healeth all thy diseases”. Tonight, healing is coming to you.

The time that Jesus lived here on earth, a leper came to Him and said, “if you are willing, you can make me whole” and then, the Lord Jesus, our healer, redeemer and deliverer touched him and he became whole and it’s still the same today as it was at that time. His healing will come to you tonight.

The centurion came to Jesus and said, “Lord, my servant lies at home, sick of the parsley” and Jesus said, “I will come and heal him” and the man said, “I’m not worthy. I only came because I know you have compassion and because I know you have mercy. Speak the word only and my servant shall be healed”. And Jesus spoke the word and his servant was healed.

And Jesus Christ, our healer, redeemer, deliverer is still the same today. He will speak the word into your life for that infirmity to go away in Jesus name. The Bible recalled that everyone that came, He healed them all.

Point 3 Explanation
The way we should have been humilated, we are the people that should have died on the cross, we are the people that should have borne our punishment, He was sinless, spotless, righteous, holy, heavenly but we are the people that are earthly, sinful, guilty, condemned and then, He became our substitute. He took our place, where we should have been, that’s where He came, where He was, that’s where we are going.

He tasted all the punishment, suffering, pain for us. That’s why we call Him our substitute. But then, not just ordinary substitute, humilated substitute.

Did you see and hear how they tied him to the pole and they kind of beat him with many stripes and there were sharp stones or sharp metals at the edge of those whips and it tore his body and flesh. That’s why it says, “by His stripes, we are healed”.

And then He went to the cross, He fell down. He was so humilated for you. Now tell me, if He has borne all that shame, suffering, degradation, evil for you, as you come, I’ll say, ‘Lord, I recognise all that I should have suffered but you suffered for me and you bore that for my sake. Lord, I come”. He will not reject you.

He will take you, remake you, recreate you, transform your life and you will be able to say, ‘I’ve been to Christ and He forgave me, cleansed me, revived my life, rejuvenated my life, regenerated my life and I’m not what I used to be anymore’. And the things you were doing before, He will take that nature that wants to do evil, He will take that away from you.

He will make you a brand new man, woman, boy, girl, husband, wife, totally different from what you were before. He is able, He is willing.

John 3:14
When Moses lifted up the serpent because of the sins of the people, they were helpless, they couldn’t help themselves, they gaze the serpent in the wilderness and they said, “as Moses lifted up the serpent (even so, for same reason and not just for the people at that time, till the end of the world – for you, for me, for us) even so must (there’s no other way of forgiveness) the son of man be lifted up (there’s no other name given among men whereby we must be saved.

It’s only through the name of Jesus, He’s the only saviour, the only one that can bring us salvation and forgiveness, peace of mind, total turning around and can change our nature.

He’s the only one – the works of your hands, your activities, your self righteousness cannot save you – the evil works you have done before, before you did this good works, only Christ, our salvation in Christ alone, our redemption, the son of man must be lifted up and it says “whosoever (in verse 15) believeth in Him (the word ‘believeth’, it was through the time of Peter, James and John, believeth is through everyday and those who come to Christ today and you say, ‘today’, and that word believeth goes into operation and it will happen to you.

There are some people that think, ‘you know, my religion, church going, paying tithes and offering, paying the pastor’s due, self righteousness [external righteousness with inward corruption] will save me – no, no, no, in Him!).

That whosoever look at (big, small, educated, uneducated, being to church before, never being to church but you say, today, I wake up and realise that Jesus is my saviour, my only saviour, as you do that today that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, I will not perish. Why? Because I’m a preacher, because I know a bit of the Bible, because I’m religious?

That doesn’t save. I will not perish because I put my faith only in Christ, not the works I have done, not the zeal I manifest, not the money I give, not the works I’ve done but because I put my faith in Christ, He is my saviour and my only saviour and when the last day comes and I’m going to breathe my last and somebody ask me, ‘where are you going?’, I say, ‘I’m going to Heaven’, he says, ‘yes, you have understood because you have read the Bible, you’ve preached the Bible, you’ve done all these’ but you say, ‘no, wait a minute, not because of the works of my hand but because Christ died for me and I accepted that. I held unto that until the end and I know that He alone is my saviour, that’s how I will get to Heaven’.

The same thing with you, there no other way, avenue, sacrifice, thing, qualification, that except Christ and then you believe that, embrace that and you say, ‘yes, Lord, I believe that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish’.

Thank God you will not perish. If you believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, you will not perish. If you embrace Him and hold onto Him as your saviour, your only saviour, you will not perish. If you come and you say, ‘Lord, I know I’m suffering, is this and that but now, I give myself completely and unreservedly unto Christ, thank God you will not perish’. That’s why Jesus said, “go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature”. Look at what He said, “he that believeth and is baptised shall be saved”. “He that believeth not, (even though he’s baptised) shall be damned.

That’s why you need to come to the Lord today and say, ‘Lord, I believe, I accept, you died for me on the cross of Calvary and on the basis of that alone, your death, sacrifice and hanging there on the cross for me, I know I am saved’. And the moment you believe on the Lord with all your heart, soul and all your mind and you are not relying on any other thing to save you, that salvation will be there at that time.

That (you, that tonight) whosoever believeth in Him should not perish. He will write your name in the book of life among the people that have believed and among the people that will not perish, that will have everlasting life and you will live forever with the Lord in Jesus name. It says, “but will have, possess, own, eternal life” and eternal life will be yours personally.

And of course, you know, all those people that looked up to the brassen serpent on the pole, everyone that looked, believing and trusting, everyone lived. And for you tonight, you will live. Sickness, all that infirmity, all the deformity will vanish away.

He will open your blind eyes, will open your dear ears, will give strength to your body, and if you are impotent, paralysed and lame and you are staying there and will not rise up, once we pray and we mention the name of Jesus, power will be transferred to you there, you will rise up and walk in Jesus name.

And whatever it is you are suffering from, everyone that looked, lived, everyone and it’s coming your way, it will happen to you. Healing, deliverance, total freedom from all your infirmities and all your deficiencies, everything as you believe tonight is coming. But first of all, there is salvation.

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