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November is usually harvesting period for farmers in my community and beyond.

At this same point in the market will be nothing less than 6 – 8 trailers, plus several 18 seater or what is normally called Mazda bus, plus several other small cars and trucks

Each will be loading yam and yam alone.
Right there you will see the market women that we termed Lagos Madam’s, in their short gown having a wrapper tied over it and the hand bag firmly hold under the armpit

The hand bag is tightly hold to prevent anyone snatching for its their yam money storage but actually they forgot the rural area are yet to mature into daylight bag snatching

Anyway… I can only see one trailer, I mean just one trailer parked in the yam section of the market of Sepeteri

Several yam stores are empty. No yam supply from the farm.

And we are in November. One of the harvesting months. But today there is no yam to load.

The trailer might stay several days with the owners moving from farm to farm searching for yam.

In the past, I have introduced people to the market to come and buy yam. We will just walk in to the market, price yam all around from different stores, while we select

Right there we get vehicles going to Ibadan, Lagos or wherever direction we choose to move.

You come in the same day and you buy askych yam as you want. Several trailers are daily loaded.

But not for this year.
There is no yam in the market at harvesting season

I hope you are planning to plant something no matter how small. That will help you to substitute the money you will be spending on food and to save those period that you might not get that food to buy

Food scarcity is just approaching
Start a backyard little farming
Sack farming is not a bad idea

Whatever you can lay your hand on
#farmritewithYinka by Yinka Adesola.

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