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One of the greatest sources of ministerial limitations is the following of patterns delivered to someone else out of which they have unconsciously established a dogma.
Someone hears Bishop Oyedepo say God told him to send for ‘my servant Adeboye to lay hands on you to impart you with the spirit of wisdom’ which he did and then you that God did not tell the same is tying your ministerial destiny to the fact that one ‘big man of God’ has not laid hand on you that’s why you are struggling. Sir, go and find out his work habits.

If laying on of the hand is the secret of ministerial success, every minister would have been very successful! Am I in any way undervaluing the place of impartation from higher vessels? God forbid! I believe in it and I teach it but it’s not a major determinant to ministerial outcome sir!
Without a good work habit, impartation will end in frustration!

When you hear a senior minister say, what God told them that they did for ministerial breakthrough, what they did is not the pattern sir, that God told them is the pattern. Find out what He has to say to you and stick with it!

Don’t shout because you see other ministers with large crowds are shouting. Papa Adeboye and Dr Sam Adeyemi do not shout yet people are gathering.

Don’t embark on any long fast because you saw or heard how a certain minister did same and got a breakthrough, you may breakdown in the process if you were not commanded.

Don’t use a certain pastor’s wife’s appearance, conduct or dressing as a yardstick for your own wife, you are not that pastor neither do you know the things are battling with. Modesty is the rule.

Do not expect the people you pastor to treat you like the way other church people treat their pastor, you don’t know what and how they have been taught.

If you have the rare privilege of founding a ministry, your mentor is to guide you not to lead you. What the Lord told you before you started the work should lead you and it’s superior to any instruction from a mentor irrespective of how anointed or experienced.

Never you forget this,
David was Saul’s armourbearer but when it was time, he did not use Saul’s armour, he used the sling.

Joshua watched Moses stretch his rod against the Red Sea for it to part but when it was his turn, he sent the priest to step into the water for it to dry.

Don’t copy patterns, copy processes!

Remain blessed!
You won’t fail God!


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