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One of the greatest mistakes most young ministers make in their quest for a certain grace from a human carrier by way of submission or mentorship is the inability to filter the nature of a VESSEL from his VIRTUE.

Every grace carrier has a part of him you MUST INTENTIONALLY locate and carefully filter with your sieve if you have any.

Samuel served the Lord faithfully under the ministry of Eli but could not escape what happened to the children of Eli from happening to his own children. He probably didn’t pay attention as to why God abandoned Eli’s children for him so he didn’t take note not to repeat the same mistake.

Elisha served Elijah faithfully and connected with his spirit and mantle but could not filter out the temperamental nature of Elijah that made it impossible for all the sons of the prophet in all his ministry campuses to walk and work with him. God had to specially choose Elisha for him. Elisha swallowed everything hence, his inability to patiently groom Gehazi or anyone to take over from him, he died with his anointing and left a nation without a succeeding prophet.

It’s important to study people before you submit your head and ministry for impartation. The virtue maybe pure but the vessel’s nature is equally an important factor.

I have seen many ministers become a negative improvement of whom they served or submit to. The same things they complained against in a superior they have now improved negatively upon when dealing with their subordinates.

People have rechristened wickedness today with the toga of training the minister or making him prove his calling.

I have seen young ministers who started battling with lusts, terrible anger and marital issues after coming in contact with certain people.

When you come in contact with anyone who has made or is making a mark in ministry, CONSCIOUSLY learn what not to do as much as you learn what to do.

The things you see that you don’t want are not for public discuss but you MUST mention by name at the place of prayer not to be transferred to you.

Honour the grace, sow into the grace, celebrate the grace but beware of the nature of the grace carrier!

God bless you always!


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