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John 12:24
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

Many a young minister unconsciously elongate their stay in the wilderness phase of ministry because they misunderstood and misused the demands of that season or phase. Many somehow failed to realize that ministry is like a book with different chapters, each chapter is somehow connected to the story of the next chapter.
Irrespective of where and how you start, it must cost you beyond prayer and fasting sir.
I remember when I was sent to Enugu to start up a new branch of the commission I served in, one of the first things I did with my wife’s consent was to sell the car I bought for her while we were in Abuja and used the money for ministry assignments. I had to defer my salary for one year while the church building was on after sowing my only car into the project. These are just few of the many sacrifices we had to make without the knowledge of anyone including my then Senior Pastors to gain by God’s grace the speed and momentum God gave us. My immediate family suffered self inflicted deprivation for a season for the work to take off and gain momentum.
Some ‘very wise’ people tried talking to me to slow things down since I am not the founder of the ministry and could be transferred anytime from there. My response to them was, “whatever I do, I am not doing it for The Senior Pastor or the commission, it’s an investment into the kingdom. If after the construction they choose to transfer me, I will proceed”.

You see, those who apply common sense in ministry end as common ministers whether you are a Lead pastor or an associate one.

Whatever has not cost you much will not pay you much!

Your degree of investment determines your season of rewards.

Now listen!
God does not forget!
The kingdom does not forget!
Men may not notice, God does!
Men may not reward you but God does!

1. Quality thoughts that produce strategic ideas.

2. Quality time is planning and execution.

3. Real and serious money in ministry materials.

4. Absolute loyalty (within scriptural limits) to your Lead pastor. As a Lead pastor, be absolutely sincere with your associates.

5. Your personal resources and lots of it into the work whether you are a Lead or associate pastor.

6. Time in n building strategic relationships. Don’t run after big names, connect with those in the same ministry direction with you.

7. Invest physical action. Be directly involved in outreaches.

8. Invest in development your emotional intelligence, you need this to manage the people around you. Many are labouring in outreaches but destroying through mismanagement of those around already.

9. Invest quality but strategic prayers especially against resisting forces.

10. Invest in sensible fastings.

I hope this helps you!

See you next Monday!

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