Some years ago in Enugu, a man came to my office to seek for welfare concerning his rent, I directed him to the minister coordinating that and encouraged him to follow the right procedure.

He applied as the custom was and was scheduled but incidentally the money available for welfare that month could not cover his own.

He came back to me angrily that the welfare department were partial in their disbursement of available funds. According to him, his case was more urgent than others.

Now I had told them that preference MUST always be giving to church workers with the following criteria:
Service in church.
Duration in church.
Investment etc.

I asked him, “how long have you been a member of the church?’ ‘Three months’ he answered. I asked him, ‘You are in church for three months and someone who has been in church for three years are having the same issues and the resources are limited, if you were in my shoes, who would you give attention to first?’
I told him to wait for next month.

One of the mistakes young Ministers make is to equally distribute their energy and time to different people and activities at the same ratio.
They try to be the nice guy to everyone and be involved in everything.

Now listen!
Good PR does not sustainably grow a church, it’s grace that powers growth. Grace is acquired at the place of PRAYER, FASTINGS, STUDYING, HEARING and SOWING to higher graces.

Jesus treated people respectfully but never the same.
To some, He spoke in parables, while to few He explained the parables. To some, He sent words, to others He followed them home and yet to another group, they were in their houses and sent for Him. Value determines attention.


Please know that in the ministry you run there are a minimum of FIVE CATEGORIES of people:

1. The mix multitude.
These group are in the church only for what they can get- miracles, welfare, connections etc. They are need driven but never committed to the church especially in finances. They are drainers.

2. The crowd.
This group are just in church because they enjoy the ambience, the church is close to them. They remain observers for a long time but no genuine commitment to you or the church. They are quick to find faults with the church and the service groups. In this group also falls the ‘over righteous’ They know who does not dress well and who does not sing well. They are Pharisees.

3. The real members.
This group are not perfect but are ever willing to learn. They go through the classes, make genuine contributions and tell people about their church and Pastor (When you are doing well o). They won’t also think twice to crucify you when they think you are not doing well.

4. The team members.
This group of people may not necessarily be leaders but they believe strongly in the vision. They may not be around all the time but participate in everything that adds value to the church. They are genuinely interested in the growth and health of the church. They make genuine, selfless and respectable suggestions and contributions to advance the vision or mandate.

5. The movement.
This group own the vision. They serve the vision with their time, skills and resources. They go out of their way to source for ideas that will enhance the well-being of the church and make huge sacrifices for the vision.

Now hear me!
Never take for granted people’s genuine loyalty and commitment to you or your cause just because you want to appear fair.
Even God is not fair sir!
God is JUST but never FAIR.
You must learn to prioritize your time, attention, energy and church resources according to category- never be sentimental about this.

May God give you wisdom!



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