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Recently I have had a lot of young ministers open up to me about their battles with moral chastity. Many find themselves falling in and out despite fasting and praying for days against it. Others find themselves strongly attracted to a certain kind of women and are currently fighting off the temptation not to yield to the pull of the flesh.
In their sincerity and quest for a way out, they decided to seek out for help.

I am aware also that many out there are battling with same situation and may be confused as to what to do.

Now listen!
Attraction to the opposite sex is normal, being a pastor does not give you immunity from it. It’s an open secret that every virile man gets moved by certain features or gifting in the opposite sex because men are visual beings. This is a gift you can neither pray away or immunized from.

I told one of the young ministers thus, “see, this may shock you but, nobody outgrows this thing, we only manage the situation by God’s grace as they come. Anyone who is holding on has a strong reason beyond being a pastor to hold onto”

God will definitely forgive you for falling into sin if you repent but each fall weakens your spiritual force and lowers the authority of your voice.

1. Remember how God chose you amongst the billions of people in the world to work as His servant in His vineyard. Is betraying His love and trust on you the best way to say thank you for calling you?

2. Remember what you left for ministry.
If you were doing something very important before coming into ministry, you will always remember the consequences of the intended action on your calling.

3. Remember the effects of your intended action on the people around you when exposed.
Many times, the fall of the iroko tree is not the only tragedy the forest suffers but the many other trees it brings down on its way down. In all your actions and decisions be mindful of their effect on your protégés. The survival or otherwise of many may be tied to what you do with your life. Always remember that you are not just a person but a potential institution.

4. Remember the effect on your loved ones- wife, children, parents etc.

5. Never play the strong or spiritual man when you sense attraction, direct them to your wife or cut down physical interactions as much as possible. Get an accountability partner or a mentor.

6. Remember the future of the vision you saw and compare if it’s tradable for a few minutes of pleasure.

7. Remember the after effect of the action on the victim. Many times, those who get involved sexually with pastors hardly ever recover from the trauma either seeing themselves as the reason a man of God fell or the betrayal of someone held in high esteem Who they suppose should know better than them to ever serve God genuinely. Something dies in them.

8. Always remember, anointing, power, tongues, prayer and fasting etc are no substitute for ‘konji’, you play with it, it buries your future in shame.

9. If you are married, make your wife your friend and build a strong bond with your spouse both publicly and privately and make your intimate sessions a pleasant memory and a tingling expectation.

10. Always remember, you are not a strong man! Befriend The Holy Ghost and daily ask for grace not to loose guard. Only very few plan for immortality, others happen by chance. Pray that such a chance never locates you.

Hope this helps?

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