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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Turning Your Reproach to Testimony- Part 1” at SMHOS First Service
Give him a big hand, you may be seated.

Turnaround is possible. Turning your reproach to testimonies is securing God’s intervention that makes every negative situation a stepping stone to experience pleasurable and pleasant things.

When reproach leaves, your testimony abounds. Reproach represents itself in several ways by making mockery of you and the God you serve. Turning reproach to testimonies is triggered by deliberate actions of a believer that commits God to intervene.

Throwing in the towel is not an option. Proverbs 24:10
There is no temptation you are going through that God has not made a way of escape. Mockery is one of the last steps before any promotion can come.

What To Do to Turn Your Reproach To Testimonies
We will be looking at the man Jephthah as case study. Judges 11:1-11, 29-32
Jephthah was mocked because of his funny background.

He was mocked, disgraced and pushed out of his father’s house. Matthew 21:42. God has not forsaken you. Jephthah was supposed to live in depression in the natural but instead he applied certain principles that gave him a turnaround.


  1. Don’t fight to stay where you are not accepted. Don’t stay where you a tolerated but where you are celebrated. He could have fought back a man of valour but he chose to leave since he was not accepted.

If you want your impact to be felt, go to where you are celebrated. It is time to ask yourself if you are in the right place.

Paul wanted to preach to the Jews but was not accepted and he moved to the Gentiles. If Paul had not moved to the Gentiles, nobody would have known him. Anytime people reject you, it means there is a place for you.

  1. Develop yourself. Jephthah chose to develop himself after he had been rejected. Utilize your time to build your capacity to face the challenges of life. In the process of time, Jephthah was strong and better by self development that made him return as a captain. If all he did was to murmur and wallow in self pity, he would have ended as nothing.

Develop yourself with the time you have now to make something meaningful out of the next opportunity. In whatever situation you find yourself, don’t waste your time doing nothing. If you have nothing to offer, reproach will continue.

The value you add to yourself will make you stand out and attract value. Daniel was relevant because he had great value. Improve yourself and learn the necessary skill that you need. 1 Corinthians 15:10. Grace without labour is frustration.

Paul had more impact because he laboured more. Grace does not encourage laziness and folding of arms. There is virtually no skill you can’t learn by going online to search. The admonishment now is arise and develop yourself so that the world will look for you. Nobody travels to under-developed nations; people only travel to developed nations.

  1. Accept Challenges. Jephthah accepted the challenge to fight the people of Ammon. It is time to accept challenges. Now is the time to face that challenge confronting you. People called successful are those who have taken the responsibility of facing their challenge.

Until the orange is squeezed, the juice will can’t come out. If there be any situation giving you pressure, face it. Until you apply pressure on yourself, you can never be successful. Caleb made a statement in Number 13:30.

This is the mentality of those that will overcome the reproach of their life. If you want to win, have a mentality that it is possible; it can be done.

No more will you be put to shame.
There is a story told in Canada where they were building and then to set the basement for the buildings was a problem. The men were to build but nobody was nobody was available to build. A man took up the challenge and tried it.

He got it at the first attempt. The man became the highest basement builder of his time. Every challenge before you is a potential miracle. If there was no need to face Goliath, there wouldn’t have been a crown for David.

The economic challenge in Nigeria is an opportunity for somebody to rise. Stop looking for cheap money, it cheapens destiny. The easiest way in this part of the world is politics. They think that is the best way out but that is not the way out. Politics has not been able to solve the problem of Nigeria. Build your capacity. Don’t look for cheap money.

There is no money anyone can give to you that can ever bring you out of poverty until you are able to work it out yourself.

4 Acknowledge the God Factor.

There is a limit the energy of the flesh can carry you. Prevailing over reproach is beyond strength, expertise and skills. Reproaches in most cases are spiritual. It will only take the supernatural power of God to overcome them. There are people that don’t know what favour is in their life.

There are people who know those in authority yet they never remember them for anything good.

There are beautiful sisters yet no suitor.

There are families where everyone is poor irrespective of their academic qualifications.
A family came to me, they had professionals but none of them could boast of anything.

They were prayed for and things turn. Something was sitting on their destinies.
No physical or intellectual approach can solve spiritual problems.

Jephthah knew he could not win in flesh, he quickly ran to God for help. Refuse to depend on the arm of the flesh, it will fail you. That help of God will locate you.

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