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If a woman loves you one of the things you use to know is that she will be committed to you: she will be totally committed to you: you can tell that she is totally dedicated to you: she will be glad to post your picture: she will be glad to you know talk about you: there will be no sense of distance: there will be no sense of half commitment: you will see hundred percent commitment: why am I saying this? Because usually women have the capacity to run more than one thing at the same time.

Most guys don’t know: guys let me tell you the women’s dilemma: what happens to women is this: women have no choice but to wait until men approach them. On the men’s side it’s different: men are the one that choose who they want to approach: so this is what happens: most men go for women that they like: women have to wait for any man that comes: so sometimes a man they know might not really really like may come and they will say well; there’s no other person here now and this is the person that has come: let me first hold this one first while we are still hoping: men I’m giving you coding now oh: let me hold this one first while we are waiting for denzel washington to come: so they are running this program but they are still entertaining other chats from some other prospective guys and most time: see; most times that a woman cheats or double-dates is largely because they are not satisfied with who they are with.
Men cheat for a different reason: a man can be with a woman he loves very much and still be tempted to cheat: women are not like that: if a woman is really in love she has no time for another person: if she is really in love she doesn’t give any other person attention.

Nothing as horrible as toasting a woman that is in love: you are wasting your energy: what’s your name? I have a boyfriend: what’s your phone number? I have a boyfriend: where do you live? I have a boyfriend: don’t disturb me; she won’t give you anything: but if you see a woman that claims to be in a relationship and is entertaining you she’s not happy with the person she’s with: either she doesn’t think the person is her best option or she used to love the person but the person is messing up big time and she is getting tired of that person: so most times if you see a woman cheating it’s usually because they are not satisfied but a man can be very satisfied with who he has married but his roaming spirit is still making his eyes to be going up and down: is somebody getting what I’m saying?

A lot of the men that cheat they have great women at home oh: great wives that can cook; that is fine; that can do everything but their eyes is still outside: women is not like that: when you see a woman cheating it’s either her husband is neglecting her; husband is messing up big time or she married below her level because time was going she was desperate: she just married somebody and she has now found out that why did I even marry this person?

So she’s running and women have the capacity to run many programs: men cannot: if a man is running more than one program you will know because all his attention is one side: the moment he removes it from his wife to another person everybody will know he has neglected because he is always focusing here.

Men are like that because the way men operate their attention is usually one-sided so that’s why if a man is cheating everybody will know: if he wants to go and bath he will put his phone here; go and bath: his password has password: everybody will know he is cheating.

If a man is here now: he’s looking at fine girls; everybody will know the girl he is looking at: he’s scoping: he will be looking at her like this: everybody will know he is looking at the girl: if a woman is here and she is scoping a man; you can’t know.

The man is here: na here she go dey look but she dey scope the man. Women are smarter than you oh: many men think they are the one that toasted the woman: they didn’t know it’s the woman that toasted them.

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