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*That you have to beg people to believe you means your evidence is zero
*Complaining is an indictment on God’s integrity
*Don’t rush seasons in your life.


Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia-Part II
Those who have truly passed through the school of the Spirit
understands, they can just pray and say “Look, relative to your
service, the result you’re getting is not matching”. God is doing
something. Just be patient.
There are times you see the actor in a movie beaten, you’ll even think
he’s dead, just when you’re about to sympathize with him you’ll see
his hands moving and it gives you a ray of hope but in the end of it
you’ll see victory.
Believers some of you may not like what I’m teaching you but the
making of a witness is not on the dinning table with tea and bread.
The furnace of affliction is how witnesses are made. There are prayers
you can never pray away. You can only pray for grace to pass through.
It is a baptism you must drink of and it is a cup that you must drink
of and be baptized with that baptism.
“Apostle I want power”. There is only a limit impartation can do. You
must dig Your own well. There are times when people are sleeping and
you’re awake. God is saying the anointing I’m giving you is not for a
local assembly. I’m sending you to the nations. You study your Bible,
you finish it, God says “Start again” and you say “God you’re not
fair”. I’ve read my Bible 5 times and I’ve not preached one sermon.
That preaching that is itching you, you will preach and be tired.
Thank God for the recipe of what you have now. He says “Eat for the
journey is far”.
There was a time in my life I would not spend up to two weeks except
during election, I didn’t spend up to two weeks at home because of
demand. Traveling and traveling. Don’t rush seasons in your life.
You’ll miss the season you’re trying to rush out of right now. Don’t
Man of God stop carrying complementary cards around, “invite me”, “God
called me”. The fact that you have to beg people to believe you is a
sign that your evidence is little or zero. The key to publicizing
yourself is to remain in the secret place. You’re studying Scripture,
you’re learning. The day they give you a microphone to preach in a
conference, you will so  represent the purposes of God in a way that
you’ll never go back.
While Joseph was in that prison, I imagine him just saying “You have
called me to be a great man but how will it happen? He says “Son we
have worked on this for so long, it’s time to use it”. Two people had
dreams and he interprets the dream and even when one tried to forget
him, God now gave the King a dream and shut the Heavens over the wise
men and the wine presser says “I remember my wrongs”, there is a young
God can bless you anywhere. God is the master of using situations to
move you to prophesy. He can use a discussion at the back of your car
to connect you to your destiny helper.
God can use a sick patient in the hospital and force you to get to
that hospital because someone in that hospital is connected to your
next level. It’s not about the hospital.
If Joseph was not in the prison, how will he have met the wine
presser? That’s why the Bible says in everything give thanks.
Complaining is an indictment on God’s integrity.
Your assignment can be to give birth to that prophet who will
sparehead a revival.
We did not come here by luck. Two things will happen here very
quickly, we’re going to pray and there is going to be very serious
impartations here. I sense in my heart that there are some of you who
are coming to the end of training. Listen it may not be everybody.
Somewhere in Zaria I used to go and pray every night and I didn’t know
what God was doing. Just go, pray like a fool and come back. I didn’t
know that it was an apostolic call to the nations. I just kept obeying
blindly. I will never forget one night, that was the first time I was
going to minister to someone, it was a lady, late in the night. Lifted
my hands on her and then she went under the anointing. I had seen this
with Benny Hinn, I had seen this with Kenneth Hagin, now this is
happening through my life.
I began to see the manifestation of God’s power.
For 4 years now God has been telling you to empty your account, you’ve
been emptying your account like a fool, “Lord what are you doing with
me? Now you will understand, that He’s teaching you because of the
kind of wealth you will be holding, equivalent to nations.
Please don’t think I’m just entertaining you, we’re going to pray and
you’ll receive something from Heaven. Do you know why Jesus Christ did
not do impartation from day one? When He had taught them, died and
ressurrected, He didn’t even have time to celebrate His victory, he
admonished them to tarry. There is one who has been sent who was
there. It is in partnership with Him that you can tell the world He
Today we’re able to tell the nations He’s alive not because we were
there when He died, we’re able to tell the nations that He can lift
you. We’re able to tell territories that when He speaks, He says what
He means and He means what He says.
Hear me, there are many people who do not know what God is making out
of your life. The Bible says “Now are we the sons of God”. There are
some of you, your assignment is not in this nation. You were only
trained in this nation. When God is through with you, He will shoot
you like an arrow.
The West still needs the power of God. They brought technology, we’re
grateful, they brought all kinds of things, we’re grateful but right
now with the kind of spiritual decadence I tell you there are saviours
that are arising and God will start shooting them to Asia, Europe,
Canada, United States because there is a harvest that must be
The move of God is not just the move of crusades alone. There are
people who when God is done with you, there is no power that can stop
you from winning that election. The reason is because God is the one
putting you there to do what He has trained you to do.
I’m available  available Lord make me usable. Don’t be distracted. Go
ahead and pray.

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