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-Bishop David Oyedepo
International Youth Convention 2021: In Pursuit of Excellence
Day 6, Thanksgiving Service
*I will be alive to see you make news I never read.
*The ones who arranged this, no one in your generations will ever be stranded.
-May the joy of this season be forever in your life.
-May your connectivity to Christ remain unbroken all the days of your life.
I attended my first Christian conference 1970, there were no musical equipment, we were clapping and stamping our feet. A number of folks jumping that time are still jumping for Christ today.
-In the name of the Lord Jesus, you will keep going for Christ all your days.
Hear this from someone who went before you:
Going after Christ sets people free from crisis.
Being all out for Christ gets you all out of all forms of crisis.
I have been there 52 years, some others have been there before me: same experience of peace; experience of joy that money cannot buy; great family success, not managing it; blessed in their various careers. The fear of God not only makes high fliers, it does not demote people. Righteousness does not demote, it exalts.
-Therefore, in the name of Jesus, the same mouth thanking God today will be thanking God for life.
You can’t follow an excellent Master, His name is Jesus. He has done all things well, He is the only all-round God.
-Therefore, all things will remain well in your own life.
45 years ago, I signed up to make Matthew 6:33 my way of life, it became 45 years 12th of September (2021). 45 years after, I have not had the first regret.
-My prayer is that running after God will become the greatest delight of your soul.
-Not one of you will miss your step in the journey of life.
-You are not going to miss your step in your spiritual life.
-You are not going to miss your step in marriage.
-You are not going to miss your step in your career in the name of Jesus.
I want parents around the world to listen. I don’t care what quality of education you give your children, if they are not rooted in salvation, you have not achieved anything.
-May no parent in this Commission keep nursing their adult children.
-May no full-grown adult be found on his mother’s lap anymore.
-Each of you will be a blessing to your parents.
There was a divine plus to the Convention. Employers of labour came on your campus and interviewed a lot of people for jobs.
-The ones who arranged this, no one in your generations will ever be stranded.
Look up here, look at me: nobody has ever taken me by hand in my life, “please give him a job”, in my life.
Nobody has ever carried me, “you know this is my cousin, I want you to favour him.”

I got saved early so I got free on time.
No one has ever introduced me to anybody on this earth that, “look this is David, he is a very great man”: not one.
They ask me, “How do you get them to know them?” Ask them how they got to know me. I didn’t get to know nobody by any arrangement.
-In the name of Jesus, your Christ will be more than enough for you all your days. That shall be your experience.
-I will be alive to see you scale heights I never saw.
-I will be alive to see you make news I never read.
-Each of you will be great in the lifetime of your parents.
One admonition, Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you.” You can’t make yourself; I can’t make myself.

“But follow My instructions, I will make you”-Matthew 4:19. Follow His instructions, I will make you. He said to me, “my son, there is a place for you on top, if you are interested.”
I said: Lord, I am interested. He said, “whatever I tell you to do, do it.”

-You have heard so much in this Convention, grace to do them, receive it today.
Prayers: Lord Jesus, thank You again. You are behind it all. You are the One at work. We return all the glory to You in the name of Jesus Christ. So shall it be.

-Your journey back to your various places is declared covered.
-There shall be no issues, there shall be no evil reports.
-At school, your mark of excellence will be there.
-At work, you will bear the identity of excellence.
-Your business shall be excellent business.
-The same way companies are coming on here now to interview people, your company will come here next year in Jesus precious name.
Thanksgiving Seed: Jesus, we offer You all the glory due to you and we have brought you an offering to conclude our thanksgiving demand. Receive it of our hand in the name of Jesus Christ.





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