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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG London Festival of Life 2021, tagged ‘A New Dawn’
Let me focus on you as an individual, God is a God of individuals, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that ‘whosoever’, one person. Behold I stand at the door and knock, if ‘any man’ will hear my voice. Let me talk to you as an individual now, your New Dawn.

Coming for somebody who has been listening to me, it is a New Dawn of health.

  1. There is a difference between healing and health, you need to get a new understanding of that. Healing means you were sick and now are you healed. Health means you don’t even have to be sick anymore.

There are some of you who believe that sooner or later you will fall sick, you don’t have to be sick to die.

2 Kings 5:1-14, talks about Naaman, he wasn’t born a leper, he knew health before otherwise, he will not join the army because the army will not enroll a leper. He joined the army and rose to a general, he was a strong healthy man once. They didn’t tell us how leprosy came. The way cancer comes, you won’t even know how it came and in the name that is above every other name, I curse cancer in the life of every one of God’s children.
When Naaman was healed, the Bible told us that his skin became like that of a brand new baby, there is no record that Naaman was ever sick again, not only was he healed because if you heal a leper through medicine, the fingers that have broken off will not come back, the scars of leprosy will be there, in the case of Namaan, he wasn’t just healed, he was made whole so I am decreeing on the foundation of the Word of God that you will not just be healed, you will be made whole and you will never know sickness again.
Mark 8:22-25, the Bible tells of the story of a man who was blind, they brought him to Jesus, He touched him, spat on his face and asked him what can you see? He said I see men like trees this tells us that this man used to see, he had seen trees before, seen men before.

When the Lord touched him the second time he now became whole, he could now see clearly, he never had problems with his vision again.

It might be difficult for you to swallow, just say Amen in agreement with me that those of you who are using very specialized kind of eye glasses, you won’t need them anymore. In the name that is above every other name, whatever is blocking your eyes, the Almighty God will remove.
The Bible says the eyes are the light of the body, you as an individual can have. New Dawn of health.

  1. A New Dawn of Divine Provision: when we talk about financial breakthroughs, many at times, you sit down and try to figure it out, how can I ever get to that stage where I will begin to lend to nations, what will I be doing? When talking about divine provision, put your brain aside. Miracles can never really be explained, if they can be explained, it is not a miracle. I have seen God in action, I have been working with Him since 1973, I have seen things happen, some of the testimonies I can’t share because when I share people will say okay.
    It is like a man who left the Church in America because he was told that somewhere in Nigeria there is an auditorium where you can drive a truck through. He said a church where vehicles can be moving, he said these people are liars.

I want you to sink along with me with in the preparation of this New Dawn, that we are going to take God into consideration, we are not talking about how we will do it, we are talking about how He will do it.

Matthew 6:9-13, when the Lord was teaching the Disciples to pray, He made a statement that should teach you something, ‘give us this day our daily bread’ this means that without God’s assistance you can’t even get your daily bread.

You may say I have a job, I go to work, that is why they pay my salary and I get the money to feed myself and my family. Have you considered that you may get to the place of work and they will say they don’t want you anymore?

I know a man who had three PHDs and couldn’t get a job until we came to Jesus and prayed a simple prayer and before he got home, he got several phone calls, he had attended several interviews. How can he have three PHDs and people will not find one that he is worth?

Romans 9:15, it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy.
2 Kings 4:1-7, when that widow who was destitute came to Elisha and said creditors have come, they checked me out and found that there was nothing worth selling in my house except my sons, help me.

The man of God said what do you have in the house? She had I have only a pot of oil. He said go and borrow many empty vessels, lock yourself in with your children and begin to pour out the oil and set outside that which is full. How can one bottle fill a big pot? And you are talking about setting aside that which is full, how is that one going to be multiplied?

That is not your business, your business is to obey him, leave the rest to him.
When He told me when I was crying for a house, a boys quarter and He said son I am going to give you a city, what sense is in that? How much money must I have to build a city but that is not my headache, my headache is to obey him.

Do you know that if you allow God to move into your situation even before the end of the year you may be richer than you ever imagined. How is it going to happen? That is not your headache, leave that out.
I believe that somebody listening to me will soon have a testimony, the testimony will be like that joke we used to joke when we were younger that says my problem is not money, my problem is how to spend it, if you receive that, say Amen.

  1. Spiritual Intervention: there is no way anybody can believe without divine intervention the story in Mark 5:2-20, how can anybody believe that man so thoroughly mad and was living in a tomb will one day become an evangelist for God. Humanly speaking, it doesn’t make sense, he is mad and if he is that kind of mad he is supposed to die mad but God intervened.
    I am decreeing into the life of someone, this very moment, that divine intervention that will restore your destiny will take place tonight.
    It was a New Dawn of divine intervention that changed Peter who you could call a failure squared, he failed as a fisherman, the Lord intervened then he said okay I will forsake fishing and follow the Lord and then he fell. Well, let’s forget about following Jesus, he went back fishing and failed again, that is why I call him failure squared. The time God intervened in Acts 2:1-4, the same failure squared preached a gospel and three thousand souls were saved.
    Some of you listening to me now, you have done your best in your career and you have failed, you gave your life to Jesus Christ, things worked for a while and now they don’t seem to be working again so you consider yourself a failure before you came in, a failure after you came in, don’t rule out God, there is about to be a new beginning.
    The purpose of God for your life, just as it began to find fulfillment in the case of Peter when God intervened, the purpose of God for your life will begin to find fulfillment from now on.
    It was a New Dawn for Saul of Tarsus when he was on the road of Damascus, he was going to destroy those who are following Christ then God intervened and there was a New Dawn.

There was a light that shined and was brighter than the noonday sun and changed everything in his life.

The man who himself called himself the Chief of Sinners, 1 Timothy 1:15, ended up becoming the Chiefest of the Apostles, 2 Corinthians 11:5. He became someone whose handkerchief began to heal the sick in Acts 19:11-12.

When your own dawn comes, not only will you be physically whole, not only will you never borrow again, God will so anoint you that you will become a vessel unto honour in his hands, he will so anoint you that you will be able to heal the sick, set captives free and do might things.
I want you to really think big, enlarge your vision.
There was a time when if the whole RCCG will gather for Convention, on the Friday night of the Convention I will lay hands on everybody, you will know how many we were then, can I do that now? No
What has God done to take care of the situation? I saw a vision, I enlarged my vision that I don’t need to lay hands for the people to be healed, I don’t need to limit myself to unless I lay hands on you, you can’t receive a miracle, I can get to that stage where all I need to do is raise my hands. I lifted my vision higher and if you can see it, you can have it. Just include God in your calculations.
I said before, between every two days, there must be a night but it is possible for a day to last a thousand years which physically speaking means that if you move into a new day today, that day will still be there by the time you go to heaven to rest. In other words, it is possible for your sun that is going to rise now never to set, which is hidden in that statement in 2 Corinthians 5:17, therefore, if any man be in Christ, He is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things have become new. He didn’t say all things are become new for a while, it can become new forever which is why if your day has changed to night after you gave your life to Jesus Christ it means you backslid, you went back into night but you have another opportunity today, come back to light and if you have never given your life to Jesus Christ, you are in a night season, you may think you are enjoying yourself, ask the prodigal son, he was enjoying himself not knowing that the devil has set a trap for him, waiting for everything to dry up and then he will strike with a famine.
If you are listening to me wherever you are and you have not yet given your life to Jesus Christ, do so now then your own New Dawn will begin.

That is what happened to me, when I gave my life to Jesus Christ, everything changed, my health changed, I used to be sick every two weeks of malaria fever because I was a sportsman, I get well and get back into it again. When I gave my life to Jesus, things changed.

I was so poor even though I was a lecturer in the University, I had so many problems eating up my resources that by the middle of the month I will be borrowing money from my driver, the salary I gave him I will be borrowing out of it to buy fuel for my car. I gave my life to Jesus and everything changed. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and what do you see?

A mathematician now by the grace of God being used even to raise the dead, the same can happen to you. If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, do so today, let you also have a New Dawn. Backsliders, come back home, He is still willing, He can take you back into Fellowship, you can have a New Dawn.

I beg those of you who have already given their lives to Jesus Christ, please pray for these new converts that their salvation will be complete and absolute. Pray for the backsliders coming back home that the Almighty God will restore them fully.


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