Thing only those who watched jenifa diary will understand

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The Nigeria entertainment industry  has really grown to the apogee, it has explored the whole world and it’s one of the biggest in the world.

Currently, the comic series, jenifa diary, produced by our endeared Funke Akindele is the talk of the town, it is really trending throughout Africa, especially in Nigeria.

The story line is about a lady, named suliat, who lived her life in the rural area but was fortunate to find her way to the city.

Having lived in the village for a long time and going to the city to reside became socially stressful for the cheerful jenifa As, its not always easy to acclimate to the city life.

She became a laughing stock in the city as her accent and her social life was vague and city life looked unpleasing for her, thus she named herself jenifa.

However, she was fortunate to mingle with some ladies who loved her originality and took her as a close ally. But some made fun of her as she lifts her lips to say a single word or engage in a chit chat.

This comic movie is a very interesting one, it has changed the culture and habit of social relationship among peers as most youths of today now use some of her expressions during conversation among themselves.

Word like “how is you” meaning how are you? And others made the film hilarious and accepted among the youths. Here are some things people watch Jenifa’s diary will understand:

  1. The sound track of the movie:

The soundtrack is like an anthem now, the chorus “anything she want she must to get oh”  , is something the youths can barely forget. It marks the ending of a particular episode and the beginning of a new one.


  1. The moment jenifa wants to cook jollof rice for toyo

Seriously you cant quantify the euphoria of toyosi when jenifa decides to cook this delicacy for her. You know the” village girls” are well cultured , especially in the kitchen. They are bred to cooking delicious foods.

  1. When Jenifa murders English and goes on to ask Kiki and Toyo “Why you laughing”

This is countless in the film, kiki and toyo are accustomed to the murdering already so they barely laughing at her but when she did this in public and people are laughing at her, she became confused because she couldn’t find any fault in her expression.

4. When manager Randy licks his lips 
Randy is the manager of the salon jenifa once worked. He’s was accustomed to licking his lips so much that he could do that like 100 times in a minute. This act disgusts jenifa as she finds it irritating.

5. Whenever Mercy lies, which is like all the time. 
Mercy is one of her friends but she’s someone that tell lies a lot. Jenifa is always enjoying the moments she does this as she makes fun of her boisterously.

6. When Adaku has a plate of food with her 
Adaku is one of her co workers in the salon. She is one funny being, jenifa makes fun of her name “Adaku” and her size.

7. When Sege refers to Jenifa as his girlfriend and tries to be cute. 
Sege, our falz, also featured in the film. He is also a comic actor, the way he talks makes everyone laughs even jenifa. He loved jenifa so much but jenifa was deterred by the way he speaks, calling him an imbecile. She often gets annoyed anytime sege calls her his girlfriend.

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